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Family Sheet
Name: Hasan Ibn ''ali Imam Of The Shi''ites Note Born: Abt 624 at Arabia Married: at Medina, Arabia Died: Bet Jan 679 and 1980 at Medina, Arabia Other Spouses: Umm Ishaq Bint Talha
Zhadah (ju''da) Bint Ashath
Father: ''ali Ibn Abu Talib Caliph In Iraq Mother: Fatimah
Name: Khawal Fazariya Born: Died: Aft 670
Name: Hasan Muthanna Born: Died:
1). His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan descends from Ha s a n . Reported to have had by various source s 7 0 , 90, 2 50, 300 wives butonly a total of 14 ha v e ev er b ee n eneume rated. When death was clo se to a l Has an , peace h e on him, he summoned al Husayn , peace b e on h im , an d said. My brother, I am leaving you and joining my Lord. I h a v e b e en givenpoison to drink and hav e spewed my live r i n t o a ba sin. I am aware of theperson who poisoned m e an d f ro m wher e I hav e been made a subject to thisdec eitfu l ac tio n. I wi ll oppose him before God, the Might y an d H igh. Ther efore b y the right I have with regard t o you , say not hin g about th atand wait for wha t God, th e Migh ty and Hig h, w ill decid e concerning me.When I hav e died , shut my ey es, w ash m e an d shroud me. Then carr y me on my bier to th e grav e of my gra ndfather, the Apos tle of G od , may God b lesshi m and his fam ily, so tha t I may rene w my covenant w ith him . After thatta k e m e to the grav e of my grandmothe r, Fatim a daughter o f A sad, may Godb e pleased with her, a nd bu r y me ther . My brot her, th e people will thinktha t you inte nd to b ury me wit h the A postle o f God, may Go d bless hi m andh is family. Fo r tha t reason, they will gat her to prev en t you fro m doingi t . I swear by God that yo u should n o t shed even your blo o d into thecupping glas s i n carry in g out my command. Then he made his testamentary bequests to his famil y a n d h i s children. He gave him his heirl ooms and th e thi ng s wh ic h the Commander of thefaithful, peace be o n him , ha d beq uea thed to hi m when he had made him hiss uccess or, h ad dec lare d him worthy to occupy his positio n, an d hadi n dicate d to h is Shia that he was his succes sor, a nd set hi m up a s theirs ign post after himsel f. When he passed on his final journey, al Husayn, p e a c e b e on him, washedand shrouded his bo dy . Then h e c ar ri ed h im on his bier. Marwan andthose of the Ban u Umay y a wh o wer e with him ha d no doubt that they woul dtry t o b ury h im bes ide the Apostle of God, may God ble ss hi m an d hi sfa mily. T hey gathered together and arme d thems elves . When al Husayn, peace be on him, approac h ed the t omb o f the Apost le of God , may God blesshim an d his fami ly, wi th the bod y of al Ha s an so that he m ight renewh is cove nant with hi m, they cam e towards the m with thei r group. A ishahad jo ined them o n a mule a nd she was s aying What is there between you and me that you should allo w s o m e one I don twant to, to enter my h ouse? Marwan began to recite O Lord, battle is better than ease. Then he went on Should Uthman be buried in the outskirts of Medina an d a l H asan be buriedalongside the Prophe t, may God ble ss h i m a n d his family? That will neverbe while I carr y a swo rd. Discord was about to occur between the Banu Umayy a a n d t h e Banu Hashim.Ibn Abbas hurried t o Marwan an d sa i d to h im Go back to where you came from, Marwan. Indeed w e d o n o t i ntend to buryour companion with th e Apostl e o f God , m ay Go d bless him and his family.But we wan t hi m to b e abl e to re new his co venant with him by vis iting him. Th en w e will tak e him back to his grandmother , Fati ma, an d bu r y himalongsi de her according to his l ast ins tructio ns conc erning that . If hehad enjoined th a t he sh ould b e buried a longside th e Prophet, may Godb less him a nd hi s family, yo u know tha t y ou would be th e least abl e tode ter us from t hat. Howeve r, he, peace b e on him, wa s muc h too a ware ofG od and His A postle an d the sacredne ss o f his tomb to brin g bloodshed to it a s others h ave d one who have entered i t without hi s p ermission. Then he went to A isha and said to her What mischief you bring about, one day on a mule an d o n e d a y on a camel!Do you want to exting uish the lig h t o f Go d an d fight the friends awliya of God? Go Ba c k ! Yo u hav e bee n given as surance against whatyou fe a r and hav e lear ned wh at you wanted to know . By God , vi ctory wil l come t o thi s House, even if it is afte r som e time. Al Husayn, peace be on him, said By God, if there had been no injunction to me from alH a s a n , peace be onhim, to prevent blood shed and tha t I sh ou l d n ot even pour blood into acupping glass in carryin g o ut hi s command , you would have known how th esword s of G o d woul d have taken their toll from you, yo u hav e br oke n t heagree ment which was made between yo u and us , you hav e ig nored th econditions which w e mad e with hi m for ourse lves. Then they went on with the body of al Hasan, pe a c e b e o n him, and theyburied him in the ce metery of a l Baqi be side his grandmother, Fatimadaughter of As ad b . H ashi m b. Abd Manaf, m ay God be pleased with he r. Source Kitab al Irshad The Book of Guidance , By Sh e i k h a l Mufid, Translated by I.K.A Howard , Publishe d b y Ta hr ik e Tarsile Quran