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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Family Sheet
Name: John Grayle Note Born: Abt 1614 at Stone, Gloucestershire, England Married: Abt 1645 at London, Middlesex County, England Died: Abt 1654 at London, Middlesex County, England
Name: Bridgett Scudder Note Born: Abt 1625 at London, Middlesex County, England Died: Father: Henry Scudder Rev. Mother: Elizabeth Hunt

1). !MARRIAGE Will of Henry Scudder, 12 February 1651 , C o l l ingbourne Du cis, Wiltes, England. John Grayle or Graile , puritan minister, was t h e s o n o f John Grayl e, priest, of Stone, Gloucestershi re , wh er e h e was born in 1614. A t the age of eightee n h e ente re d Mag dalen Hall, Oxford, as a batler , and p roce eded B. A . in 163 4 and M.A. on 15 Jun 1637. Wood sta tes t h at i n 1 645 he su cceeded George Holmes as maste r of th e free s choo l, G uildf ord, but this is erroneous . The J ohn Grayl e wh o then becam e mas ter held the pos t until h is death , at th e age of eigh tyeight, in Jan u ary 1697 8 , and wa s burie d in Guildford C hurch AUBREY , History o f S urrey , iii, 50 2 . Brook Live s of the Pu ritans, iii , 229 stat es tha t G rayle, having ma rried , in the end o f 1645, a da ughter of o ne Mr. H enry Scu d der, went in th e next year , probably a s minister, to li v e a t Collingbo urne Ducis , Wiltshire. H e subsequentl y beca me rector o f T idwort h in the same coun ty, where , says Wo od, h e was much fo llowe d by the prec ise an d godly party. H e was a man o f much erudition , a n d a pious, faithfu l , and laboriou s minister, muc h belove d by his p arishi oner s. Whil e a strict presbyt erian Grayl e as apparentl y charge d wit h Arminianism an d defend ed hi s principle s in a work , whi ch was publish ed after his deat h wit h a pref ace by Co nst antine Jesso p, minister at Wimbo rne , Dorsetshire, entitl e d A Mo de st Vindication of the D o ctrine of Condition s i n the Cov enant of Grace an d the D e fenders thereof fro m th e Aspe rsions of Arminianism an d Pop ery, whic h Mr. W . Eyr e ca st on them. London, 1655 . Th e preface dated 1 5 Sep t . 1654 says that the boo k had be en delivered to E yr e in t he authors lifet ime . Grayle die d, aged 40, ear l y in 1654 . after a lingerin g illness . H e was buried i n T idworth Chu rch, and a neig hbouring minist er, Dr . Hu mphr y Chambers, pr eached his f uneral sermon be fore th e breth ern , who were p resent i n great numbers. I t i s publishe d with the Mode s t Vin dication. A son o f t he same name s, educated at Exet e r College , Oxford , was re ctor of Bli ckling, Norfolk, a nd p ublished man y sermon s. Woods At henae Oxon. Blis s , iii , 362, i v, 501. in 169 9, bu t the inscription is c orrect l y pres erved in Dingleys Histor y in Mar ble C amden Soc . A daughter married J ohn Gray le q.v. in 16 45. Scudd e r was author if a celebra ted dev otional work e ntitle d Th e Christians Daily Walk e in Hol y Securitie a nd Pe ace. Th e sixth editi on, issue d in 163 5, has an E pist le to the Re ader, by John Davenpo r t q. v. , date d fr om Coleman Street , 25 April 1627. Dav enpor t writ e s th at the first coppi e was more briefe but ? , upo n occas ion of a s econd letter , wherein some othe r c ase s wer e propounded, the judicio u s author not only ha nd le d th ese arguments largely in hi s public minis tery , b u t als o added more particulars for hi s friends full s atis fa ct i on in a second coppy. The title page describ e s i t a sfirst intende d for private use no w throug h im port unit ie published for the commo n good. A Germ an tr ansla tio n by Theodore Haak appeared at Frankf u r t in 163 6. Th e boo k was frequently reissued. the edit io ns of 16 90 an d 17 6 1 have commendations by John Owen , D.D . q.v. , who se po rtrait is prefixed , and by Rich ard Baxte r q .v. . The la tter could not remember an y book whi c h i s writ ten to b e the daily companion of C hristians , to guid e the m in t h e practise of a holy lif e, whic h he preferre d t o it . A fifteenth ed ition wa s issued i n 1813. The fin a l edi tion of 1826, containin g Dave npor t s epistle and Ow e n an d Baxter s recommenda tions, has a n introdu ctory ess a y b y Thomas Chalmers 1 7801847 q. v. Scudder also pub lis he d 1. A Key o f Heaven the L ord s Praye r opene d and a p plyed, 1632 , 12mo dedicate d to Mr. Thomas Crew , an d t o all h i s hopefull children , and has a preface b y R . Sibb s o f Gray s Inn, wh o des cribes it as writted w itho ut aff e ctation. 2. Prototy pes, o f the Primarie Pr ecede n t Presi dents out of the Bo oke of Genesis, Wit h Mr . What e lyes Lif e and Death, 16 40, fol., and 1647. Her e Scu dd e r had th e assistance o f Edward Leigh q.v. , wh o wa s, li ke himself , o ne of Wh ately s executors. A port ra it was e ngraved b y Sherwin i n 167 4. Authorities cit e d Fuller s Hist. o f Cambrid ge University, 1655 , p . 92 Mitchell an d Struther e s Mi nutes of the Westm inster Ass embly, pp. 10 3 , 252, 346 , 4 07, 483, 502Hod gson s Entri es in Parish R egisters o f C ollingb ourne Du cis, reprinte d from the Wilts hire Arc haeolo gical Magazi ne, xxvi, 320 private informati on Gr angers B iogr. Hi st., ii, 183 B roo k s Lives of th e Pur itians, ii , 504 , 505 Bromley an d Evan s Cat. o f Eng r . Portraits.
2). !BIRTH   Will of Henry Scudder, 12 February 1651  pr o v e d 3 1 May 1652 , London , Collingbourne Ducis, Wiltsh ir e , E ngl and.  The will names w ife Joyce  daughters Ja ne , M arth a, B ridgett, and deceased daughter, E lizabeth   g rand daugh ter , Elizabeth  and brother   Thomas Scudder , a n d al l hi s sonn es and his daughter Elizabeth now i n Ne w Englan d...     T h e will also names   cousins Bridge tt Gi les, an d Joh n Scudde r and Eliz abeth Lathrop now i n Ne w England.  !MARRIAGE   Ibid.  !DEATH   Ibid.e who then became mas ter held the pos t u n t i l his death, at the age of eighty eight, in Jan u ar y 16 97  8 , and was buried in Guildford Church  AUBREY , Hi sto r y o f S urrey, iii, 502 . Brook  Lives of the Pu ritan s, i ii , 22 9  states tha t Grayle, having married , in th e en d o f 1645 , a daughter of one Mr. H enry Scud der, wen t i n th e next ye ar, probably as minister, to li ve a t Co llin gbour ne Ducis , Wiltshire.  He subsequentl y became re cto r of T i dworth i n the same county,   where ,   says Wood ,   h e was muc h follow e d by the precise an d godly party.     H e was a ma n of muc h erudition, a n d a   pious, faithf ul, a nd laboriou s ministe r,   much bel oved by his p arish ioners .  While a s trict pres byteria n Grayle as apparentl y charg ed with Armin ianism an d def end ed his principle s in a wor k, which was p ublished a f ter his death wit h a pref ace b y Constantine Je ssop, min is ter at Wimborne , Dorsetshire , entitled   A Mo de st Vin dicati on of the Do ctrine of Cond itions in the Covena n t of Grace a n d the D efenders thereo f from the Aspersio n s of Arminianis m an d Popery, whic h M r. W. Eyre cast o n th em.   London, 165 5 .  The preface  dat ed 15 Sept. 165 4   say s that the boo k h ad been delivere d to Eyre in th e author   s lifet ime . Grayl e died, aged 40 , early in 16 54. afte r a lingerin g illnes s . He was burie d in Tidwor th Church , and a neig hbouring mi nister, Dr . H umphry Ch ambers, prea ched his f uneral sermo n   before th e brether n , who were pr esent i n great numbers.    It is pu blishe d with the   Mode s t Vind ication.    A son o f the sam e na mes, educated at Exet er C ollege , Oxford, wa s recto r o f Blickling, Norfolk, an d p ublished many sermon s .   W o od  s Athenae Oxon.  Bliss   , iii, 362, iv, 501. in 16 9 9 , bu t theinscription is co rre ctl y preserved in Ding ley    s   History in Mar ble    Ca mde n Soc.   A daughter ma rrie d Jo hn Grayle  q.v.  in 164 5. Sc udder was author i f a cel ebrate d devotional work en title d   The Christian   s Daily W alke i n Holy Securitie an d Peace .   The sixth e diti on, is sued i n 1635, has an   Ep istle t o the Reader,    by John Dav enpo r t  q.v. , dated f rom Colem an Street , 25 April 1627 .  Dave nport write s th at   the fir st cop pie was more brie fe  but?  , upon occasi on of a s eco n d letter, wherein som e other cas es were pr opounded, th e j udiciou s author no t only handle d these a rguments la rgel y in his public mini s tery, but als o adde d more par ticular s for his friends f ull satisfacti o n i n a secon d coppy.     The title page des cribes it as   fir s t intend e d for pri vate use  now throug h importunitie p ubli she d for the comm o n good.   A Germa n translation b y Theod o re Haak appeare d at Frankfur t i n 1636. The boo k was f reque ntly reissued .  the editions o f 1690 and 17 6 1 hav e commend ations by Jo hn Owen, D.D.  q .v. , whos e portra it is prefixe d , and b y Richard Baxte r  q.v.  .  The lat ter could not rem ember   a ny book whi c h is wri tten to b e the daily companio n of Chr istians, t o guide t hem in t h e practise of a holy l ife,   w hich he p referre d to it .  A fifteenth ed ition was i ssue d in 1813 .  Th e fina l edition of 1826, containing Dav e npo rt  s epi stl e an d Owen and Baxter  s recommendations, ha s a n intro d u cto ry essay by Thomas Chalmers  1780 1847   q. v.   Scu dd e r also published   1.    A Key of Heaven  the Lord    s P ra y e r opened and applyed,1632, 12mo  dedicated t o    M r . Th omas Crew, and to all h is hopefull children,    a n d h a s a preface by R. Sibbs of Gray  s Inn, wh o des crib e s i t a s   writted without affectation.   2.   Prototy pe s , o f t he P rimarie Precedent Presidents out of the B oo k e of Genes is, W it h Mr. Whatelye  s Life and Death,    164 0 , fol., an d 1647 .  Here Scudde r had the assistan ce o f Ed ward Leig h  q.v., who was, like himself, o n e of Wh ately   s executo rs.  A po rtrait was engraved by S herwin i n 16 7 4.   Author ities cite d  Fuller  s Hist. o f Cambrid ge Un iversity, 1655 , p . 92  M itchell and Stru there  s Mi nute s of the Westmins ter Assembly , pp. 10 3 , 252, 346, 4 07, 4 83, 502  Hodgson   s Entries in P aris h Registers of C olling b ourne Ducis, rep rinted from t h e Wiltshire Archae ologica l Magazine, xxvi, 3 20  privat e inf ormation  Grang er  s Bio gr. Hist., ii, 183   Broo k   s Lives o f the Puriti ans, ii , 504, 505  Bromley a nd Eva n  s Cat . o f Engr. Por traits.

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