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Family Sheet
Name: King Arviragus Of Siluria Note Born: at Abt. 15 Ad Married: at Abt. 45 Ad Died: at Abt. 74 Ad Other Spouses: Genuissa Claudia Of Rome
Father: King Cymbeline Of The Silures Mother: Unknown
Name: Genuissa (venessa) Claudia Of Rome Note Born: (suppressed / living) Married: (suppressed / living) Died: Father: Emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus Of Rome(41-54) Mother: Aemilia Lepida
Name: King Meric (marius Cyllin) Of Siluria Born: at Abt 65 80 Ad Died: Abt 3125 Wife: Princess Julia Of The Icenians
1). The Historia regum Brittaniae of Geoffey of Monmout h , e d . A cton Griscom London 1929 . Cambridge University Library, MS 1706 12th century, f o l i o s 38r 38v folio 38 recto Mandabat igitur ei concordiam daturu m q u e p romittebat sese filiam suam si tantum modo regnu m b ri tt ani e sub romana potestate recognouisset. Post po siti s e rg o deb elationibus suaserunt maiores natu aruira go pr omis sio nibu s claudii acquiescere. Dicebant autem n on ess e e i dede cor i subditum fuisse romanis cum totiu s orbis i nper io poti rent ur. His uero & pluribus aliis m itigatus p arui t consili is su orum & subiectionem cesar i fecit. Mo x claud ius misi t propte r filiam suam roma m & auxilio aru iragi ue rsus orca das & pro vintiales insu las potestati su e submisi t. Emens a hyeme dein de redieru nt legati cum fil ia foli o 38 verso eamque patr i tradi derunt. Erat aute m nomen pu ellae genui ssa eratque ta nt a pulchritudo ut as picientes i n ammiration e ducerat. E t u t maritali lege co pulata fui t tanto feruor e amoris s uccendi t regem ita u t ipsam sola m cunctis rebu s preferr et. Vnde lo cum quo e i primo nupser at celebrem ess e uole ns suggessit cl audi o ut edificaren t in illo ciuitate m q uae memoriam tantar u m nuptiarum in f utura tempora preb e ret. Paruit ergo claud i us precepitqu e fieri urbem qua e d e nomine eius kaerglo u i d est glouces tria nuncupat a usqu e in hodiernum diem i n conf inio kambri e & loegri e super ri pam sabrine sita es t. Quida m uero dic unt ipsa m traxisse no men a gloio duc e quem claudi us in il la gen erauerat cui pos t aruiragum g ubernaculum kamb rit du catu s cessit. Modern English translation of the above passage, as g i v e n i n Geoffey of Monmouth, The History of the King s o f Br it ain , trans. Lewis Thorpe London 1966 , p. 12 1 He Claudius therefore proposed peace to him Arvirar g u s , promising to give him his own daughter, if onl y h e wo u l d recognize that the kingdom of Britain was un de r the s w a y of Rome. His nobles persuaded Arvirargus t o a bandon h i s p lans for battle and to accept the propos al s of Claudi us . Th eir argument was that it could be n o di sgrace for h i m to su bmit to the Romans, since the y wer e the acknowled ge d overlo rds of the whole world. A rvirar gus was swayed b y t hese argu ments and by others o f a sim ilar nature. He a ccep ted thei r advice and submit ted to C laudius. Claudiu s soo n sent to R ome for his dau ghter. Wi th the help of Ar virarg us he subdue d the Orkne ys and th e other islands i n that ne ighbourhood. At the end of that winter the messengers returned wit h C l a u dius daughter and handed her over to her father . Th e g ir l s name was Genvissa Genuissa . Her beaut y wa s suc h th a t everyone who saw her was filled with ad mirat ion. O nce s h e had been united with him in lawful m arriag e, sh e inflam e d the King with such burning passio n tha t he pre ferred h e r company to anything else in th e world . As a re sult of t hi s Arvirargus made up his min d to giv e some spe cial mar k o f distinction to the plac e where h e had marrie d her. H e sug gested to Claudius th at the tw o of them shou ld foun d ther e a city which shou ld perpetu ate in times t o come th e memor y of so happ y a marriage . Claudius agree d and order ed a tow n to b e built which s hould be called K aerglou or G louceste r . Down to our ow n day it retains it s site on th e ban k of th e Severn, bet ween Wales and Loegr ia. Some, how ev er, say tha t it too k its name from Duke Gl oius, whom Cl a udius fathere d in t hat city and to whom h e granted con tro l of the duch y o f the Welsh after Arvirar gus. !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH Our Family Tree, Our Family Tree, Jordan & Kimble , 1 929 !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH PrenticeNet A Lineage to Caesar, PrenticeNet A Li n eage to Caesar, WWW !DEATH Gedcom File G675, Gedcom File G675, http pedigree . cgi bin pedview.dll?&ti 0&fi l e G675&ind3 8 302 !DEATH Sweet Greene.FTW, Sweet Greene.FTW
2). The probable source of this link suggesting that t h e w i f e of Aviragus of the Britons is the daughter of E mp ero r C la udius is Geoffrey of Monmouth.As a historian , h e ha s pro ve d to be an unr eliable source which casts doub t o n his re put ation as a genealogist.  It is possible that Genuissa  Venessa  was an illegit i m a t e daughter theEmperor Claudius. Clau dius was, hims e l f , i n Britain at the capture ofColchester. It is mor e p ro ba bl e that Geoffre y of Monmouth  s account ofthe t radi tio n w a s   improved  , that is, the tradition that Av iragu sm a rri e d a   relative   of Claudius became adaugh ter   o f Cla udiu s.  If Roman naming conventions were followed, then Vene s s a m a y have been thedaughter of Marcus V inicius and J ul i a Liv il la, making her a grand nieceof Claudius.  We will probably never know for sure.  The probable source of this link suggesting that th e w i f e o f Aviragus of the Britons is the daughter of Em per o r Cl audi us is Geoffrey of Monmouth. As a historian , h e ha s pro ved t o be an unreliable source which cast s doub t o n his re putati on as a genealogist.  It is possible that Genuissa  Venessa  was an illegit i m a t e daughter the Emperor Claudius. Claudius was, hims e l f , i n Britain at the capture of Colchester. It is mo r e pr ob abl e that Geoffrey of Monmouth  s account of th e tr aditi o n wa s   improved  , that is, the tradition tha t Avir agus m ar rie d a   relative   of Claudius became a   d aughter    of Cl aud ius.  If Roman naming conventions were followed, then Vene s s a m a y have been the daughter of Marcus Vinicius and J ul i a Liv il la, making her a grand niece of Claudius.  To the best of my knowledge, everything that can be k n o w n a bout Genuissa  aka Venissa or Venus Julia  is t o b e f ou nd i n Geoffrey of Monmouth, the 12th century Br itis h ch ron icle r who wrote the Historia regum Brittania e.  Below, I reproduce the transcription of a passage wh i c h , i n 1929, Acton Griscom made from the Latin of a 12 t h c en tur y manuscript of the Historia. The orthograph y o f th e La ti n is consistent with what Griscom found i n th e manu scrip t . I also give Lewis Thorpe  s modern Eng lis h transla tio n o f this passage and, furthermore, I gi ve R obert Elli s Jo nes   s translation of the Welsh abridg emen t of the Lat in te xt, t aken from a manuscript copie d in t he 15th centu ry.  Neither Tacitus, Suetonius, nor Dio Cassius, the Roma n h i s t orians, have anything at all to say about Genuiss a. B u t G ri scom, in his lengthy introduction to the Hist oria , i s mu c h concerned to defend Geoffey  s credibility . And , i f Geof fr ey, who relied upon sources to which w e may n ot n ow hav e ac cess, can be believed, then ground s may ex ist f or sayi ng th at Genuissa was the daughter o f Claudiu s an d the spou se o f Arviragus. Thorpe agrees w ith Grisco m tha t, on the w hole , Geoffrey is likely to b e somethin g bette r than a fab ulist.  The historicity of Arviragus himself has some suppo r t f r o m this passage from Juvenal, the 2nd century  AD   R oma n s at irist  Satire 4.124 128  . . .  ingens omen habes,  inquit,  magni clarique triu m p h i   regem aliquem capies, aut de temone Britanno exci d e t Ar vi ragus. Peregrina est belua, cernis erectas in t er ga s sud es?    Veiento addresses the Emperor. . .   A mig ht y presa ge h ast thou,  he says,  of a great and g loriou s v ictory . Som e king will be thy captive  or Arvi ragus w il l be hurl ed fro m his British chariot. The brut e is for eig n born  do st tho u not see the prickles brist ling upo n hi s back?  !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged