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Family Sheet
Name: King Cymbeline Of The Silures Note Born: at Abt. 25 BC Married: Died: at Abt. 17 Ad Father: King Tenuantius Of Britain Mother: Unknown
Name: Born: Died: Father: Mother:
Name: Caratacus King Of Britons Born: Died: at Abt. 54 Ad
Name: Togodumus Born: Died:
Name: Eppillus Born: Died:
Name: Guiderius King Of Britons Born: Died: at Abt. 44 Ad
Name: King Arviragus Of Siluria Born: at Abt. 15 Ad Died: at Abt. 74 Ad Wife: Genuissa (venessa) Claudia Of Rome
Name: Adminius Born: Died:
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