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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Stephen Ulrich Jr. Note Born: Abt 1702 at Swebeland, Mannheim, Baden, Germany Married: Abt 1720 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died: 1785 at Washington County, MD Other Spouses: Anna Margretha Makin
Father: Stephen Ulrich Mother: Wagoner
Name: Hannah Stutsman Born: Abt 1702 at Germany Died: Aft 1748 at Washington County, MD
Name: Elizabeth Ulrich Born: 1723 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died: 1810 at Huntington County, PA Husband: Jacob Cripe Sr.
Name: Daniel Ulrich Born: 1735 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died:
Name: Susanna Ulrich Born: 1738 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died: Husband: John Deeter
Name: John Ulrich Born: 1738 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died:
Name: George Ulrich Born: 1738 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died:
Name: Samuel Ulrich Born: 1744 at Hanover, Lancaster County, PA Died: 1822 at Morrison s Cove, New Enterprise, Bedford County, PA Wife: Mary Elisabeth Brumbaugh
Name: David Ulrich Born: 1748 at Hanover, Baltimore County, MD Died: Wife: Barbara
1). THE EARLIEST ULRICHS From unpulished information supplied in July 1980 by F r e d E. Ullery. His sources are unknown. This informatio n , i n turn, was in the possession of James D. Boor, Box 2 03 , R. D. 1, New Enterprise, PA 16664. There are many spelling variants which evolved from the o r i ginal German Ulrich. 2 In America there are two known s tr ain s of Ulricks, both strains using different spellin g var iant s. We are descended from the earlier strain whos e immi gran t forefathers were Stephen I b c 1675 John an d one u nname d possibly George . Reputedly they were phys ically s hort a nd stout and married three tall English sis ters. Pos sibly , they married in the English seaman area o f Chincote aque I sland, where, according to on tradition , 3they raise d ponie s rounded up small wild horses know n as Chincoteaq ue ponie s , which they swam to the mainla nd and sold. 2 The first known acquistions by the Ulrichs were in the a r e a of the present Adams Co., PA. The earliest records o f t ha t area were recorded in Chester Co. The county statu r o f th at part of Adams county successively changedto L anca ste r Co. on 14 Oct 1728 to York Co. on 14 Oct 1748 and t o Ad ams Co. in 1800. Probably, it was in the Adams County area that Immigran t J o hn Ulrich, while hunting wild turkeys, fell down a pr ecip ic e and was fatally impaled on a tree snag. It has be en wr itt en that an 3Eldrick 2 probably Stephen Ulrich II an d a 3St udsman 2 probably Jacob Stutzman, Sr. were t wo o f the orga nizers of the Little Conewago Congregation , from ed about 17 38 near Hanover, PA. Therefore, the prev alent m igrations o f the Ulrichs, and associated German Ba ptist fa milies, wer e sequentually to the Conacocheaque C reek Vall ey of the pr esent Franklin Co. PA, and the prese nt Washing ton Co. MD t o the Morrison1s Cove area of th e originall y large Bedfor d Co. PA to the southwestern an d western ce ntral areas o f Ohio, especially Montgomety Co . and, to th e central an d northern areas of Indiana. NO. 392 STEPHEN ULRICH I From unpulished information supplie d i n J uly 1980 by Fred E. Ullery. His sources are unknown . Th is i nformation, in turn, was in the possession of Jam es D . Boor , Box 203, R.D. 1, New Enterprise, PA 16664. b c 16 80 Germ any. He once owned land in what is now Adams Co. PA. THE ULRICK CHILDREN 1. Stephen II b c1710 d c1784 m 1 Elizabeth m 2 Hannah Stutzman a widow. 2. Samuel b 1716 . He reputedly was a German Baptist mini s t er of 3fluent oratory & great eloquence. 2 3 He had a h ug e p hysique, weighing upwards of 400 lbs. He was still l ivi ng a s a bachelor in PA at age 86 yrs. 3. David b 16 Mar 1717 ? By 1752, Stephen Jr. had moved about 60 miles southw e s t t o Frederick County, Maryland. This was early. Hag er s t ow n wouldn t be platted for another ten years, an d th e w il der ness was mostly untouched. He bought 235 a cre s lat er called Good Neighbor from a very early set tle r in th e region , Hans Waggoner. A Daniel Ulrich boug ht 8 6. Dani el was probably Stephen s brother. This lan d is ei ght or n ine mile s west of today s Hagerstown, nea r the pr esen t ha mlet of Cl ear Springs on Hwy 40. Steph en live d here u nti l he died . His brother John lived th ere too . This wa s t he genuin e frontier, not more tha n a mile o r so from t h e mountains t hat held back settle rs for anot her 20 year s . The next year , George Washing ton age 21 passed a f e w miles west on hi s way to parl ey with th e French on beh al f of the Virginia g overnor the Frenc h were encroachin g o n western lands . Wa shingt on was bac k again the nex t year , this time with troop s , only to b e defeated at For t Neces sity. He returned t h e followin g year too, with Gen eral Br addock, fresh fro m Eng land, d etermined to oust th e Frenc h from Fort Duqu esne. Bra ddoc k s disastrous defea t in Nove mber 1755 se t off desolati n g Indian attacks alon g the whol e frontie r, and Stephen al most certainly abandon ed his far m and f led east, along wi t h the whole community . The Mary lan d governor announce d that The fine settlemen t of Conococheague is quite deserted but if Stephen lef t , h e ca m back in 1769 he began selli ng off his land , 6 0 acre s to George Butterbaugh, 139 to Daniel Ulrich, a nd s ome t o John Metzger. He died about 1784.

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