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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Family Sheet
Name: Triumvir Marcus Antonius Of Rome Note Born: at Abt. 82 BC Married: Died: at Abt. 30 BC Other Spouses: Octavia ''the Younger''
Queen Cleopatra Vii Of Egypt
Father: Marcus Antonius Crecitus Praetor Of Rome Mother: Julia
Name: Fulvia Note Born: Died:
Name: Antyllus "the Younger'' (marcus Antonius) Born: Died: at Abt. 30 BC Wife: Julia Iii Augusta
1). Antony or Marc Antony, Lat. Marcus Antonius, c.83 B. C . 3 0 B.C., Roman politician and soldier. He was of a d is ti ng ui shed family related to Julius CAESAR, who mad e h i m a pro tég é. In 49 B.C. Antony became tribune. H e and Q ui ntus Cas siu s Longinus see CASSIUS, family , a nother t rib une, veto ed t he bill to deprive Caesar of hi s army. C aesa r then cro sse d the Rubicon, and the civi l war began . Afte r Caesar s assa ssination 44 B.C. , An tony, then c onsul , aroused th e mob a gainst the conspira tors. Octavia n lat er AUGUSTUS joined f orces with him , but they soo n fell o ut. However , Octavian a rranged th e Second Triumv irate wit h Antony an d Marcus Aemil ius Le pidus see LEPID US, family . At Philip pi, in 42 B.C. , A ntony and Octavia n crushed t he republican s, and the tri u mvirate ruled th e empire fo r five years. An tony met CL EOPAT RA in 42 B.C. , and thei r love affair began . When A ntony s w ife, Fulvi a, died 4 0 B.C. , he married O ctavi an s sister , OCTAVIA . In 37 B.C ., Antony settled in A le xandria as th e acknow ledged love r of Cleopatra. In 32 B . C. the senate de prive d Antony o f his powers, thus maki ng c ivil war inevitab le . In the fo llowing year Octavian s forc es defeated Anto n y and Cleopa tra in the naval ba ttle at Ac tium, and Anto ny r eturned t o Egypt. When Octa vian came the re 30 B.C. , Anton y commi tted suicide, an d Cleopatra kill ed hersel f soon afte rward . Of the man y dramas on the trage dy, th e best known b y fa r is SHAKE SPEAREs Antony and Cleo patr a. Source The Co nc ise Colu mbia Encyclopedia is licens e d from Columbia Univ e rsit y Press. Copyright c 1995 b y C olumbia University P re s s. All rights reserved.Anton y or Ma rc Antony, Lat. Ma r cus A ntonius, c.83 B.C. 30 B.C ., Romanp olitician and s old ier . H e was of a distinguish ed family r elated toJul ius C AESAR, wh o made him a protg . In 49 B. C . Antony be came tr ibune.He an d Quintus Cassi us Longinu s see CASSI US, famil y , another t ribun e, veto ed the bil l to depriv e Caesar o f his army. Caes ar then c rossed theRu bicon, a nd the civ i l war began. Afte r Caesa r s assassinat ion 44 B.C. ,Ant ony, then consul, aro use d the mob agai n s t the conspirato rs. Octavian later AUG U STUS joined fo rce s with him, bu t they soon fell ou t . Howe ver,Octavia n arra nged the Seco nd Triumvirate wit h Antony an d Marcu s Aemiliu sLepidus s e e LEPIDUS, famil y . At Philipp i , in 42 B.C. , Antony and Octavian crushe d the republican s , an d the tri umvirate ru led the empire for five years . Anto ny met CLEOPA TRA in 4 2 B.C., and the i r love affa irbegan. W hen Antony s wife , Fulvia, died 40 B.C. , h e married Octav ian ssiste r , O CTAVIA. In 37 B .C., Anton y settled in Alexan dria as t heac knowledged lov er of Cle opatra. I n 32 B.C. th e senat e dep rived Anton y ofhis po wers, thus making civil wa r inev itab le. In th e f ollowi ng yearOctavian s forces defea ted A nto ny and C leopatr a in the naval battle atActium, a n d Ant on y retur ned t o Egypt. When Octavian came there 3 0 B.C. , A nton y comm itted suicide, an d Cleopatra killed her self s o o n after ward. Ofthe many dramas on the tragedy, th e be s t k now n b y far is SHAKESPEARE sAntony and Cleopatra . S ou rc e The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia is licensed f r o m C olum bia UniversityPress. Copyright c 199 5 by Co lu mb i a Unive rsity Press. All rights reserved. !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged
2). Fulvia is described as an ambitious woman of charac t e r w h o married  asher third husband , Mar k Antony, a n d wh o w a s active in the politicaldisputes between hi m an d Oct avia n . In Shakespear   s Antony and Cleopatra,s he i s refer re d t o as   shrill tongued  .

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