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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Hasan Ibn ''ali Imam Of The Shi''ites Note Born: Abt 624 at Arabia Married: at Kufa, Arabia Died: Bet Jan 679 and 1980 at Medina, Arabia Other Spouses: Khawal Fazariya
Umm Ishaq Bint Talha
Father: ''ali Ibn Abu Talib Caliph In Iraq Mother: Fatimah
Name: Zhadah (ju''da) Bint Ashath Note Born: Died: Aft 670 Father: Al-ash''ath Ibn Qays Mother: Unknown
Name: Husain Alhasan Born: Died:
Name: Abdallah Born: Died:
Name: Qasim Born: Died:
Name: Hasan Born: Died:
Name: Zaid Born: Died:
Name: Umar Born: Died:
Name: Abderrahman Born: Died:
Name: Ahmed Born: Died:
Name: Ismail Born: Died:
Name: Raquiya Born: Died:
Name: Ali Zain Alabidin Imam In Iraq Born: Abt 653 Died: Abt 713
1). His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan descends from Ha s a n . Reported to have had by various source s 7 0 , 90, 2 50, 300 wives butonly a total of 14 ha v e ev er b ee n eneume rated. When death was clo se to a l Has an , peace h e on him, he summoned al Husayn , peace b e on h im , an d said. My brother, I am leaving you and joining my Lord. I h a v e b e en givenpoison to drink and hav e spewed my live r i n t o a ba sin. I am aware of theperson who poisoned m e an d f ro m wher e I hav e been made a subject to thisdec eitfu l ac tio n. I wi ll oppose him before God, the Might y an d H igh. Ther efore b y the right I have with regard t o you , say not hin g about th atand wait for wha t God, th e Migh ty and Hig h, w ill decid e concerning me.When I hav e died , shut my ey es, w ash m e an d shroud me. Then carr y me on my bier to th e grav e of my gra ndfather, the Apos tle of G od , may God b lesshi m and his fam ily, so tha t I may rene w my covenant w ith him . After thatta k e m e to the grav e of my grandmothe r, Fatim a daughter o f A sad, may Godb e pleased with her, a nd bu r y me ther . My brot her, th e people will thinktha t you inte nd to b ury me wit h the A postle o f God, may Go d bless hi m andh is family. Fo r tha t reason, they will gat her to prev en t you fro m doingi t . I swear by God that yo u should n o t shed even your blo o d into thecupping glas s i n carry in g out my command. Then he made his testamentary bequests to his famil y a n d h i s children. He gave him his heirl ooms and th e thi ng s wh ic h the Commander of thefaithful, peace be o n him , ha d beq uea thed to hi m when he had made him hiss uccess or, h ad dec lare d him worthy to occupy his positio n, an d hadi n dicate d to h is Shia that he was his succes sor, a nd set hi m up a s theirs ign post after himsel f. When he passed on his final journey, al Husayn, p e a c e b e on him, washedand shrouded his bo dy . Then h e c ar ri ed h im on his bier. Marwan andthose of the Ban u Umay y a wh o wer e with him ha d no doubt that they woul dtry t o b ury h im bes ide the Apostle of God, may God ble ss hi m an d hi sfa mily. T hey gathered together and arme d thems elves . When al Husayn, peace be on him, approac h ed the t omb o f the Apost le of God , may God blesshim an d his fami ly, wi th the bod y of al Ha s an so that he m ight renewh is cove nant with hi m, they cam e towards the m with thei r group. A ishahad jo ined them o n a mule a nd she was s aying What is there between you and me that you should allo w s o m e one I don twant to, to enter my h ouse? Marwan began to recite O Lord, battle is better than ease. Then he went on Should Uthman be buried in the outskirts of Medina an d a l H asan be buriedalongside the Prophe t, may God ble ss h i m a n d his family? That will neverbe while I carr y a swo rd. Discord was about to occur between the Banu Umayy a a n d t h e Banu Hashim.Ibn Abbas hurried t o Marwan an d sa i d to h im Go back to where you came from, Marwan. Indeed w e d o n o t i ntend to buryour companion with th e Apostl e o f God , m ay Go d bless him and his family.But we wan t hi m to b e abl e to re new his co venant with him by vis iting him. Th en w e will tak e him back to his grandmother , Fati ma, an d bu r y himalongsi de her according to his l ast ins tructio ns conc erning that . If hehad enjoined th a t he sh ould b e buried a longside th e Prophet, may Godb less him a nd hi s family, yo u know tha t y ou would be th e least abl e tode ter us from t hat. Howeve r, he, peace b e on him, wa s muc h too a ware ofG od and His A postle an d the sacredne ss o f his tomb to brin g bloodshed to it a s others h ave d one who have entered i t without hi s p ermission. Then he went to A isha and said to her What mischief you bring about, one day on a mule an d o n e d a y on a camel!Do you want to exting uish the lig h t o f Go d an d fight the friends awliya of God? Go Ba c k ! Yo u hav e bee n given as surance against whatyou fe a r and hav e lear ned wh at you wanted to know . By God , vi ctory wil l come t o thi s House, even if it is afte r som e time. Al Husayn, peace be on him, said By God, if there had been no injunction to me from alH a s a n , peace be onhim, to prevent blood shed and tha t I sh ou l d n ot even pour blood into acupping glass in carryin g o ut hi s command , you would have known how th esword s of G o d woul d have taken their toll from you, yo u hav e br oke n t heagree ment which was made between yo u and us , you hav e ig nored th econditions which w e mad e with hi m for ourse lves. Then they went on with the body of al Hasan, pe a c e b e o n him, and theyburied him in the ce metery of a l Baqi be side his grandmother, Fatimadaughter of As ad b . H ashi m b. Abd Manaf, m ay God be pleased with he r. Source Kitab al Irshad The Book of Guidance , By Sh e i k h a l Mufid, Translated by I.K.A Howard , Publishe d b y Ta hr ik e Tarsile Quran
2). Caliph Muawiya sent Zhadah one hundred thousand dirh a m s a n d a notesuggesting that he would ar range for h e r t o mar r y his son, Yazid, if shewould poison al Hasa n . Sh e did, b u t did not marr y Yazid. Instead, Muawiyag av e he r a man fr o m the family of Talha as a substitute   th ere w erec hildr e n of this marriage.

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