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Family Sheet
Name: Barnabas Kelet Henagan Note Born: 7 Jun 1798 at Marlborough District, South Carolina Married: Died: 10 Jan 1855 at Marion District, South Carolina Other Spouses: Mary Savage Gibson
Father: Darby Henagan Mother: Druscilla Sweeney
Name: Ann Maria Wickham Ellebre Note Born: Died:

1). Had nine children by Mary Savage Gibson. Barnabas Kelet Henagan was a Senator from Marlboro and Marion Districts as well as Lieutenant Governor and Governor of South Carolina. Barnabas Kelet Henagan was widely known in the political history and life of South Carolina, having taken a decided part in politics and filled various important offices. In 1834, he was elected by the District of Marlborough to the State Senate, and in the year succeeding the conclusion of his term of office, was elected by the General Assembly of South Carolina Lieutenant Governor under Governor Patrick Noble. On the death of Governor Noble April 7, 1840, he acceded to the executive office and discharged its duties until December 10, 1840, the remainder of the term. He afterwards moved to Marion District, South Carolina, and in 1844 was elected to the State Senate from this district. In 1846 he was elected Secretary of State of South Carolina, the duties which he discharged for four years, and on retiring from this, devoted himself to the pursuits and occupation of the planter, physician, and private citizen, without ceasing however, to take an active interest in all events and occurrences affecting the body politic. His attachment to the principles of Jeffersonian Democracy was decided and marked, and he was an ardent admirer of John C. Calhoun, whom he considered the best exponent of those principles. Governor Henagan was educated as a physician, thought to have been a graduate of Heidelberg University, Germany, and in the earlier period of his life devoted himself to the active duties and toils of his profession with such success as to command a large share of patronage, and conciliate general approval in Williamsburg, Marlborough, and Marion Districts of South Carolina. In all the relations of life he was simple hearted, unostentatious and faithful, cultivating the good will of all who came within his circle of intercourse. Source Notes of John C. Henagan, Major General, NGUS Ret.1960. As a result of Major Henagan an effort was undertaken to provide a marker on the grave of Barnabas Kelet Henagan and his wife Mary Savage Gibson Henagan in 1960. At this writing May, 2002 , an effort has not been made to substantiate whether or not this was actually done. Dr. B.K. Henagan was not only prominent as a practicing physician fifty years ago, but as a politician also. In 1834 his people elected him to the State Senate and the Legislature elected him Lieutenant Governor, and upon the death of Governor Noble, he was sworn in and filled out the unexpired term. He subsequently moved to Marion and was sent to the legislature again. Source A History of Marlboro County by Rev. J.A.W. Thomas, The Foote & Davies Co. 1897The only Marlboro physician to serve as Governor of South Carolina, Barnabas K. Henagan was born June 7, 1798, the son of Darby and Drusill Henagan. Family tradition states that he attended the Parnassus and Brownsville Academies in Marlboro and completed his medical training at Heidelburg University in Germany. Dr. Henagan married first Mary Savage Gibson of Marion, South Carolina on April 21, 1831. They had nine children James Hamilton, Mary Frances, Lucius Quintius Cincinnatus Calhoun, Andrew Barnabas, Robert Young Hayne, William Lowndes, Alice Caroline, Mary Rhoda Rugledge and Samuel Gordon Gibson. In 1851, Dr. Henegan married Ann Maria Wickham Ellerbe, widow of John C. Ellerbe. Dr. Henagan was President of the Brownsville Minerva Academy in 1826. He was elected to the state senate in 1834. As Lieutenant Governor under Governor Patrick Noble, he became Governor when Noble, died November 7, 1840, and served the remainder of the term until December 10, 1840. After moving to Marion District, Dr. Henagan was elected to the state senate again in 1844. In 1846, he became Secretary of State for South Carolina. He died January 10, 1855. Source Medicine Men in Marlboro County 1736 to 1980 by Suzanne C. Linder, 1980Governor B.K. Henagan, speaking to the legislature in 1840m stated that a distinction must always be maintained between the educational riff raff who taught in the pauper schools and those splendid men and women who taught in the private, church, and society owned schools. His observations of the teachers in the free schools were that they, with few exceptions, were very ignorant and possessed a very easy morality, but with the poor pay allowed them we could not expect better. To be a teacher in a free school was a reproach. He continued by stating that the men who were in charge of the public schools were those who could not get employment otherwise and were willing to accept the miserable pittance offered to them for their services. SourceThe History of Education in Marlboro County, South Carolina, 1737 1895, 1986 35 19 BARNABAS KELT HENAGAN HOME SITE State of South Carolina Historical Highway Marker Intersection of SC 38 and Road 18, Bristow Marker states Governor Henagan 1798 1855 , son of Drusilla And Darby Henagan, planter and physician, lived about one mile northwest of this site senator, Marlboro District 1834 38 Lieut. governor of S.C. 1838 40 governor of South Carolina 1840 moved to Marion District 1843 senator, Marion District 1844 46 S.C. secretary of state 1846 50. Erected by Marlboro County Historic Preservation Commission 1974. Gravestone reads as follows Barnabas Kelet Henagan, M.D. June 7, 1798 January19, 1855 Senator Marlboro District, S.C. 1834 1838 Lieutenant Governor of S.C. 1838 1840 Governor of South Carolina 1840 Senator Marion District, S.C. 1844 1846 Sec. of State of South Carolina 1846 1850
2). Widow of John C. Ellerbe, of Marion District, SC.

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