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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Emperor Julius Caesar Of Rome Note Born: at 12 Jul 100 BC Married: Died: at 15 Mar 44 BC Other Spouses: Queen Cleopatra Vii Of Egypt
Father: Gaius Julias Ii Caesar Mother: Marcia
Name: Tertulla Born: Died:

1). Caesar, Caius Julius, 102? B.C. 44 B.C., Roman stat e s m a n and general. Although he was born into the Julia n g en s , o ne of the oldest patrician families in Rome, C aesa r w a s alw ays a member of the democratic or popula r party . I n 8 2 B.C. , SULLA proscribed Caesar, who fle d from Rom e 8 1 B. C. . O n Sulla s death, Caesar returne d 78 B.C. to R ome a nd bega n his political career a s a member o f the pop ular p arty. I n 69 B.C. he helped P OMPEY to obta in the sup reme co mmand fo r the war in th e East. He himse lf returne d to Rom e from Spa in in 68 B. C. and continue d to suppor t the enact ment of pop ular me asures and to pr osecute sena torial extor tionists. I n 6 3 B.C., as pontife x maximus, h e undertook th e refor m o f the calendar wit h the help of S osigenesthe r esul t was o ne of his great est contribution s to history, t h e Julian CAL ENDAR. In 6 0 B.C. he organize d a coalition , kn own as the Fi rst Triu mvirate, made up o f Pompey, co mmande r in chief of t he ar my Marcus Liciniu s Crassus see CRASS US, family , th e w ealthiest person i n Rome an d Caesar him self. In the ye a rs 58 to 49 B.C. h e firml y established hi s reputation i n th e GALLIC WARS. C aesa r made exploration s into Britai n in 5 5 and 54 B.C. a n d defeated the Britons . By the en d of the w ars Caesa r ha d reduced all Gaul to Ro man contr ol. These cam paign s prov ed him one of the greates t milit ary commander s o f all tim e and also developed the p erson al devotio n of th e Roman l egions to Caesar. Crassus s de ath 53 B .C. ende d the Fir st Triumvirate and set Pomp e y and Cae sar at odds . In 50 B .C. the senate ordered Caes a r to di sband his army , but tw o tribunes faithful to Cae sar , Ma rc ANTONY and Quin tus Ca ssius Longinus, vetoed th e bil l . They fled to Caesar , wh o assembled his army an d got t h e support of the soldie r s against the senate. O n Jan . 19 , 49 B.C., Caesar crosse d t he Rubicon, the stre am b oundin g his province, to ente r Ital y, and civil wa r beg an. His m arch to Rome was a tri umphal p rogress. A t Phar sala in 48 B .C., Caesar defeate d Pompey, wh o fle d to Eg ypt, where he w as killed. Caesar , having pursu e d Pompe y to Egypt, remaine d there for som e time, livin g wit h C LEOPATRA and establish ing her firml y on the Egyp tian th r one. On his return to Ro me, he set a bout reformi ng th e livi ng conditions of the pe ople by pas sing AGRARI AN L AWS and b y improving housing acc ommodation s. In 44 B .C . he became di ctator for life. His d ictatoria l power s h ad aroused great r esentment in his enem ies, bu t wh e n a conspiracy was forme d against him, it wa s mad e u p o f his friends and protégés , among them Cimbe r , Casca , Ca ssius, and Marcus Junius Brut us see BRUTUS , fa mily . O n March 15 the Ides of March , 4 4 B.C., h e was st abb e d to death in the senate house. His wi ll le ft everyth i n g to his 18 year old grandnephew Octavia n later AUGUS TU S . Caesar made the Roman Empire possibl e b y uniting t h e st ate after a century of disorder, b y establi shing a n a utocr acy in place of the oligarchy , and by pacify in g Ital y an d the provinces. He has alwa ys been one of t h e most c ontro versial characters of his tory, either cons ider ed th e defen der of the rights of t he people agains t an olig arc hy or re garded as an ambiti ous demagogue wh o forced hi s w ay to pow er and destroye d the republic. Th at he was gift e d and vers atile ther e can be little doubt . His commentari e s on the G allic W ars seven books an d on the civil wa r th ree books ar e literary masterpiec es as well as clas sic mil itary do c uments. He was marrie d three times to Co rnelia, t o Pomp e ia, and to CALPURNIA . Source The Concis e Columbia E nc yclo pedia is license d from Columbia Univers ity Press. Co p yrigh t c 1995 b y Columbia University Pres s. All righ ts re serv ed. In his will he left three fourths of his estate to Ga i u s O c tavius Augustus , one eighth each to the other t w o g rand so ns of his sister Julia, Lucius Pinarius and Q ui ntu s Pedi us . At the end of the will he adopted Octavi u s int o the Ca esa r family permitting him the use of t h e surnam e Caesar . Ca esar also left his gardens on th e b anks of t he Tiber R ive r to the general public for us e a s a recreat ion ground , an d three gold pieces a man.C aesa r, Caius J ulius, 102 ? B.C. 44 B.C., Roman statesm an an d general.Alt hough he wa s bor n i nto the Julian ge ns, on e of the oldes t patricianf amilie s in Rome, Caesa r was al ways a memb e r of the democr atic o r popularpart y. In 8 2 B.C., SULL A proscribed Caesar , who fl ed from R om e 8 1 B.C. .On Sul la s death, Caesar r eturned 78 B. C. to R ome and began h ispolitical caree r a s a memb e r of the po pular party. I n 69 B.C. he helpedPOMPE Y t o obtai n the su preme comma n d for the war in the Eas t . He himselfr eturn ed to Rome f rom Spain in 68 B.C. an d con tinued t o sup po rt theenactme nt of popular measure s and t o prosecute sen a torial extort ionists.In 63 B. C. , as ponti fex maximus , he u ndertook th e reform of the c alendarwith t he help o f Sosigen est h e result was on e of his greatestc ontribu tions to his tory , the Julian C ALENDAR. In 60 B.C . h e or ganized acoalit io n, known a s the First Triumvirate , mad e up of Pompey, co m manderi n chie f of the army Marcu s L icinius Crassus se e C RAS SUS, family , thewealthiest pe r son in Rome a nd Ca es a r himself. In the years 58 to 4 9 B .C.he firmly establ i she d his reputation in the GALL I C WAR S. Caesar madeex plo ratio ns into Britain in 55 and 5 4 B.C . and defeate d the B ritons . Byt he end of the war s Caesa r had reduce d all Gau l to Rom an control. Thesecam paigns pr oved hi m on e of th e greates t military commande rs of all t imea nd also develo ped the per sonal devotio n o f the Roma n l egions to Caesar .Crassuss de ath 53 B. C. ended the F i rst Triumvirate an d set P ompey a ndCaesa r at odds. I n 50 B .C. the senate or dered Caesar to d isba nd his army , but tw o tri bunes faithf ul to Caesar, Mar c A NTONY an d Quintus Ca ssiusLonginus, ve toed the bill. Th e y fl e d to Caesar, wh o assembled his ar myand got the su ppo r t of the soldiers ag ainst the senate . O n Jan. 19, 4 9B .C. , Caesar crossed th e Rubicon, the st ream bounding h i s provi nce, toenter Ita l y, and civil wa r began. His m a rch to Rom e was a triumpha lprogress. At Ph arsala in 4 8 B .C., Ca esa r defeated Pompey , who fled toEg ypt, wher e h e was killed. C aesar, having pu rsued Pompe y t o Egyp t,re mained there for s ome time, livin g with CLE OPATRA a nd es tablishing herfirml y on th e Egypti an throne . On h is ret urn to Rome, he set ab outreforming th e livin g con dition s of th e people by passin g AGRARIAN LAW Sand b y i mprovin g housing accommodations. I n 44 B.C. he be c a m e dictator for life. His dictatorial powe rs had arou s e d great resen tment in hisenemies, but wh e n a conspir ac y w as formed a gainst him, it was made up ofhi s friend s an d pr otégés, a mong the m Cimber, Casca, Cassius , a nd Marcu sJuni us Brut us see BRUTUS, family . On Marc h 1 5 the Id e s o f March , 44B.C., he was stabbed to de ath i n the sen ate ho use . His will lefteverything t o hi s 18 year old gr andneph e w Octavian later AUGUSTUS .Cae sar made th e Roma n Empi r e possibl e by uniting the stat e after acentur y o f diso rde r, by establishing an autocr acy in place of t h e oliga rchy , and by pacifying Italy a nd the provinces. He h a s a lway s beenone of the most con t roversial character s o f h istory , either consideredth e defender of the right s o f th e peopl e ag ainst an olig archy or regardedas an a mbit ious d emagog ue who forced h is way to power and dest r oye d therepu blic . That he wa s gifted and versatile the re ca n be littl e dou bt. Hisco mmentarie s on the Gallic W ars s even books an d on th e civil war threebooks ar e literar y masterpie c e s a s well as classic military doc uments.H e was marrie d th r ee times to Cornelia, to Pompe ia , an d to CALPURNIA . So ur ce The Concise Columbia Ency clopedi a is licensed fr o m Colu mbia UniversityPress. Copy right c 199 5 by Colum b ia Unive rsity Press. All right s reserved. In his will he left three fourths of his estate to Ga i u s O c tavius Augustus , one eighth eac h to the other t w o g rand so ns of his sisterJulia, Lucius Pinarius and Qu in tu s Pediu s . At the e nd of the will headopted Octaviu s i nt o the Cae sa r family permitting him the use of the surn a m e Caesar . Ca esar also left his gardens on the b ank s o f the TiberRi ver t o the general publi c for us e a s a recr eation ground , and t hreegold pieces a man. !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !BURIAL edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged

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