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Family Sheet
Name: Isaac Stockwell [1] Note Born: Feb 1832 at Randolph Co., VA [2] Married: 31 Dec 1896 at Sutton, Braxton Co., WV Died: Other Spouses: Sarah Nester
Father: Joseph Stockwell Mother: Rachel Stockwell
Name: Jemima Keener [5] Note Born: Feb 1848 at WV [6] Died: Other Spouses: Oliver Keener

1). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 2). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 5). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle 6). 1735328.ged Compiled by James Miracle
1). 1735328.ged BeamandWilson.FTW 1860 STOCKWELL ISAAC Barbour County WV 024 Philippi P.O. Federal Population Schedule WV 186 0 Federal Census Index WV45181043 Isaac Stockwell and Sarah Nestor were married by G. A. Compton. Line 42 of Barbour Co. marri ages. On marriage record for Isaac and Sarah s marriage, it is reported that the parents of Isaac S tockwell are Joseph and Sarah Stockwell? Isaac Stockwell was a farmer, both were single. Isaac Stockwell and Jemima Keener were married by J. E. Hutchison Book 3 page 240 1880 Census Census Place Center, Gilmer, West Virginia Source FHL Film 1255402 National Archives Film T9 1402 Page 191B RelationSexMarrRaceAgeBirthplace Isaac SOCKWELLSelfMMW51VA OccFarmerFa VAMo VA Sarah SOCKWELLWifeFMW43VA Occ Keeping HouseFa VAMo VA Amanda M.E. SOCKWELLDauFSW17VA Occ At HomeFa VAMo VA Margret B.A. SOCKWELLDauFSW14WV Occ At HomeFaVAMo VA Doctor M.L. SOCKWELLSonMSW13WV Occ FarmerFa VAMo VA James F.R. SOCKWELLSonMSW11WV Occ FarmerFa VAMo VA Harriet A.R. SOCKWELLDauFSW9WV Fa VAMo VA Mary B. SOCKWELLDauFSW8WV Fa VAMo VA Melvina F. SOCKWELLDauFSW5WV FaVAMo VA John J.S. SOCKWELLSonMSW1WV Fa VAMo VA Lucy A. SOCKWELLDauFSW3MWV Fa VAMo VA 1900 Census of Braxton Co., WV Vol. 3 ED. 1 Sheet 6 Line 36 Birch District Isaac Stockwell b. Feb. 1832 age 68 WV Jimena Stockwell wife b. Feb. 1848 age 51 WV Cross Keys Other Names None Location Rockingham County Campaign Jacksons Shenandoah Valley Campaign March June 1862 Date sJune 8, 1862 Principal Commanders Maj. Gen. John C. Fr�mont US Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewell CS Forces Engaged 17,300 total US 11,500 CS 5,800 Estimated Casualties 951 total US 664 CS 287 Description Moving up the Shenandoah Valley in pursuit of Jacksons army, Maj. Gen. John C . Fr�monts army encountered Maj. Gen. Richard S. Ewells division at Cross Keys on June 8 . Brig. Gen. Julius Stahels brigade, attacking on the Union left, was stunned by a surpris e volley from Trimbles command and driven back in confusion. After feeling out other parts o f the Confederate line, Fr�mont withdrew to the Keezletown Road under protection of his batte ries. The next day, Trimbles and Pattons brigades held Fr�mont at bay, while the rest of Ew ells force crossed the river to assist in the defeat of Brig. Gen. E. Tyler s command at Por t Republic. Result s Confederate victory CWSAC Reference VA105 Preservation Priority II.2 Class B Isaac Stockwell Co. K Unit 31 VA Infantry Rank in Private Rank out Private Natl. Archives Microfilm Box 000382, Roll 0053, Record 00001798 Fought Confederate See Multi Media for the following letter 4 pg. 13. Abraham Lincoln Papers John C. Fremont to Abraham Lincoln, June 12, 1862 Military affair s The following are exerpts taken from the writings of Thomas Almond Ashby on the Civil War t o show what it was like for Isaac Stockwell in the Battle of Cross Keys, beginning from pag e 135 The Valley Campaigns Being the Reminiscences of a Non Combatant While Between the Lines in the Shenandoah Valley During the War of the States Electronic Edition. Ashby, Thomas Almond, 1848 1916 General Shields now reversed his order of march, and by one o clock was moving sout h by the Page Valley, to try and get in Jackson s rear at New Market. Jackson retreated slowl y up the Valley, followed by Banks in his rear, Fremont on his right flank, and Shields on hi s left. When he reached Harrisonburg he came to a halt and waited for the advance of Fremon t and BanksPage 136 he then took a position at Cross Keys and waited for an assault of the enemy. On the 8th of June Jackson defeated the Federals under Fremont and the following da y he crossed the south branch of the Shenandoah and at Port Republic gave battle to the arm y under General Shields. After a hard and bloody fight he defeated Shields and forced him t o retreat north by the same route along which he had advanced. The brigade commanded by Gener al Carroll was engaged in the battle of Port Republic and suffered heavy losses. A few days l ater General Carroll returned from the front and as he passed my home, where Mrs. Carroll wa s still staying, he sent a courier to the house with the following message Tell Mrs. Carroll to join me in Washington. Tell Mrs. Ashby that old Jackson gave u s hell. He was tired, his clothes were torn and muddy, and his morale completely broken. In h is pitiable condition he had not the courage to face either his heart sick wife or my mother , though he passed within one hundred yards of the house. He hurried to the depot and took th e first train for Washington. This was the last we ever saw of General Carroll. Mrs. Carroll , a pitiful little woman tied to a great big bear, joined her husband a few days later. Shields retreated north by the Page Valley,Page 137 and Fremont and Banks followed the main Valley. Their forces were demoralized by the rough ex periences they had had in following Jackson. When Shields reached our village his men were wo rn out, ragged, and half starved. He had taken little time for rest, for he thought that Jack son was following on his rear. He was pursued by a small body of cavalry that kept annoying h im until he was safe under the wings of McDowell, who was still encamped near our village. After the battles of Cross Keyes and Port Republic, Jackson withdrew his army to a sa fe encampment near Mt. Meridian. Here he rested his men for five days, then he crossed the mo untain and took the railroad that carried his army to within easy reach of Richmond, where h e joined his forces with those of General Lee to fight the battles of the Peninsula, battle s that resulted in the defeat and retreat of the army under McClellan. On May 19th, Stonewall Jackson had begun his Valley Campaign, a campaign that resul ted in a brilliant success for the Southern cause. With the defeat of Fremont on June 8th an d of Shields on June 9th, he had been on the march for 23 days had covered nearly 200 miles had driven Banks across the Potomac had withdrawn McDowell s forces from Fredericksburg, w herePage 138 they were on their way to reinforce McClellan before Richmond had seized valuable supplies a t Front Royal, Winchester, and Martinsburg, and at length, although surrounded on three side s by 60,000 men, had escaped the snares set for him and brought off his prisoners and capture d goods without losing a wagon. And he had done all this with a comparatively small loss of m en. The battle of Port Republic was his most costly victory, but its results were so brillian t that it was a fitting close to a scene of warfare that will live in history with the grea t campaigns of the world. It raised the fame of Jackson to the highest pinnacle of military r enown, giving him a position among the greatest soldiers of the age. Having followed Jackson to his union with Lee before Richmond, I must now return to th e situation of affairs as they were presented in my own home. After the battle of Port Republic the Federal troops were encamped in and near our vi llage until about the 20th of June. During the greater part of this time we lived in daily ex pectation of an attack from the Confederate forces. The Federals were kept in anxious suspens e, since Jackson s whereabouts were not known. Strong guard was kept on the outposts, and eve ry preparation was made for an attack. Jackson s union with Lee was not known until the engag ementPage 139 with McClellan on the Chickahominy was announced. Large bodies had been retained in the Valle y to protect Washington, and he had slipped quietly across the mountain to co�perate with Lee .
2). 1735328.ged  BeamandWilson.FTW  1880 Census Census Place Holly, Braxton, West Virginia Source FHL Film 1255400  National Archives Film T9 1400     Page 411D RelationSexMarrRaceAgeBirthplace Oliver KEENERSelfMMW71VA Occ FarmerFa  VAMo  VA Jemima KEENERWifeFMW30VA Occ Keeping HouseFa  VAMo  VA Elizabeth JACKSONOtherFMW21VA OccBoarderFa  VAMo  VA  Oliver Keener  b. 1818 Braxton, VA WV Jane Davis b. 1822 Braxton, VA WV  Son of John & Phoebe Keener  Phoebe Jane DeMoss  Born 1818 Braxton County, WV   I, Sandy Beam Gifford, believe Oliver was born 1809 per censu s that  follows for both 1850 and 1880  Died ?  Married Jane Davis 1840 Virginia  Year Surname Given Name  s  County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type Database ID  1850 KEENER OLIVER Braxton County VA 202 District 4 Federal Population Schedule VA 1850 Feder al Census Index VAS5a956120   1850 Braxton County W.VA. Census Keener Surname  Oliver Keener   41 Va. Farmer  Jane            34 Va.  Margaret         8 Va.  Sarah A.         7 Va.  Alvira           5 Va.  Maria L.         3 Va.  also William Keener was born to Oliver and Jane  according to Gencircles.com  Braxton County,W.VA Deaths 1853 1890  Jane Keener  D.July 26,1853  1880 W.Va. Census Keener Surname Braxton County  Keener,Oliver    71 Jemima           30  BRAXTON COUNTY, WV   1840  VA  U.S. CENSUS  PART ONE  245 KEENER, OLIVER 1 1  Braxton County,  WEST  VIRGINIA  1850 Census Index  KEENER 202B 206B 207B 209B 211B 214B  Sandy, Braxton Co. 1860 Census lists  Oliver Keenre 49 Jane  44 Margaret  18 Sarah  16 Elvira  14 Maria  10 William 8  Lewis Keener  38 Margtet 35 David 18 Joseph  16 Calvin  14 Samuel 12 Thomas  8 Jesse 9 mo.  William A. Keener  27 Harriet  25 James 6 Lucinda 4 Adison 2 Elizabeth 5mo  Andrew Keenre  39 Julean 38 Araminta 9 Mary 3 Sarah 5 mo   William Keener   38 Evaline  20 Benjamin  3 Mary 8 mo Hiram 44   Samuel Keener 27 Sarah  26 Rebecca 7 George 3 Delila  11 mo.  George Keener  60 Elizabeth 56 Rebecca 33 Phebe 30 Hulda 19 Mary 16  James Keener  42 Elizabeth 39 Nancy 26 Nathaniel 20 John A. 16 Henry 13  John F. Keener  37 Margret  38 George 12 Samuel  10 Charles 9 Elizabeth 6 John 2 Jane 82  Charles D. Keener  35 Heding A.  24 Felix 4 Rebecca 2 Elizabeth 4 mo.  Jacob S. Keener  39 Catherine  30 Julean 10 William 9 Sarah J. 9 Susanah M. 7 John A.  5 Leonard D.  3 Robert W. 2 mo.  Michael Keener  30   Ireland Rosan 28 Mary 6 Maergret 4 John 3 Ann 2  Could any of these be yours???? those are the ones listed with children.   take a close look at the ones who have a J. in the ir names. The 1870 does have Oliver Keener 62 as head of household with Jemima 22 living with him Keepi ng house.......Jemima should have been 12 in 1860 if this is she....   Original Message       From  Sandy Gifford To  ngregory@neumedia.net Sent  Tuesday, March 27, 2001 12 48 PM Subject  1860 Census Lookup   Hi Nettie,  I am hoping that you can look up a name for me on the Braxton Co., WV 1860 census.  I am look ing for a Jemima Keener.  Some think she may be a daughter of Oliver Keener and be about ag e 10 or 12 at the taking of this census.  Thank you so very much.  Sandy  Beam  Gifford  1870 KEENER OLIVER Braxton County WV 414 Franklin Township Federal Population Schedule WV 187 0 Federal Census Index WV56950819  Letter written by Sandy Gifford  to Braxton Co. Lookup volunteer  I am wondering if you could look up a marriage for me.  This would have been sometime after 1 860 and before 1880 since they show up in the 1880 Braxton Co. census together.  Jemima    maiden name unknown  b. 1848 and  Oliver Keener b. abt. 1809 1818  Thank you very much.  Sandy  Beam  Gifford   Hi Sandy,  I could not find a marriage for Oliver Keener in the Braxton Marriages of 1836 1875 or the Br axton Marriages of 18761932. Nor could I find him listed in the Lewis Co marriages  of 1817 1880.  However, I did find a marriage for Mrs Jemima Keener, age 48 to Isaac Stockwell, age 66. They were married on 31 Dec 1896 in Braxton Co.  When they use the term  Mrs  it usually means she was  widowed.  Claud Gillespie  Unknown Keeners  Clermont Cemetery, Marion Co., WV Carpenter, Mable Keener, b. 1906, d. 1967,  NK  Nicholas Co., WV marriages  KEENER, JAMES      DEMOS, ELIZABETH 02 FEB 1832  Hi again Sandy     This is what i have on Oliver Keener he was married to Jane Davis thier ch ildren are, Margaret, Sarar Anges,Maria L , William and Elvira Jane Keener         I Wi ll have to check thecourthouse records for his 2nd marriage and see what i an find out on Jem ima Keener.    Oliver was a brother to my G G grandfather there father was Jonn Keener  bor n in 1770.     This is the only Oliver Keener that i have a record of. I will work on the oth er.     Bye for now James M.Keener  425 Flatwoods Run RD, Sutton Wv 26601

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