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8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Family Sheet
Name: Jonathan Brooks [1] Note Born: Abt 1700 Married: 1728 Died: 1773
Name: Rebecca Totten [5] Note Born: 1707 at Fishkill, Dutchess Co, New York Died: at Y Father: Benjamin Totten Mother: Rebecca Springsteen

1). Pedigree Resource File CD 5 5). Pedigree Resource File CD 5
1). mytree.FTW NYC Wills 1771 1776 on Page 442. In the name of God, Amen. I, JONATHAN BROOKS, of the Precinct of Rumbouts, in Duchess County, December 30, 1772, bein g weak in body. I leave to my son Jonathan 5 shillings, for ful l payment and because of his Birthright. I also leave to my son Jonathan all that part of my land where I now live that is on t he north side of the road, with all the house and buildings and he is to pay legacies. And he is to have possession after the d eath of my wife. To him and his heirs, and in default of heirs, to my daughter Elizabeth and her heirs. I leave to my daughter E lizabeth �35. My executors are to sell all lands on the south si de of the road, commonly called Ver Planck s road, and all my mo vable estate, except what my wife Elizabeth thinks proper for he r use. I leave to my wife the use of the estate left to my son J onathan, during her life. I make Joseph Thurston, John Miers, Jr ., and John Low, executors. Witnesses, John Kip, William Brooks, John Langdon. Proved, April 16, 1773. From NYC Wills 1706 1790 In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN CURWIN Corwin , of Southold, Suffolk County, Gentleman, being very sick and weak. I leave to my wife Sarah, my westermost dwelling house, where I now dwell, during the time she remains my widow, and no longer. I also leav e her 1 horse, 2 cows, 8 sheep, and all household goods, to be b y her disposed of to my daughters when and as she pleases. I lea ve to my son John, 1 2 of my lands lying near Mattituck, that is to say, the eastward part, with the houses on the same. And 1 2 of the meadow at Cutchogue, and westerly from thence. And 1 2 m y lands at Aquebauk. Also a young horse and a pair of oxen. I le ave to my son David, 12 my lands near Mattituck, the west half and 1 2 my meadow at Cutchogue, and westerly from thence. And 1 2 my lands at Aquebauke, and a horse and a pair of oxen. I leav e to my son Joseph, all that part of my home lands, on the south side of the street or highway that is, lying westerly of a dit ch in the meadow, and containing about 20 acres. And 1 3 of my f resh and salt meadows, lying near the mill meadows, so called. A nd one lot of Creek Thatch at Indian Neck, and all my Creek That ch in Toms Creek. I also leave him 2 oxen and a horse and one fa lling ax. Also all the wood and timber growing on 6 acres of the southermost part of my north side lot of land lying between the inlet and Duck Pond. I leave to my son Samuel, all my house, la nds, and buildings where I now live, as the same are lying on bo th sides of the highway or street, except what is given to my so n Joseph. I also leave to my son Samuel, my North side lot of la nd lying between the inlet and Duck Pond. And 2 3 of my fresh an d salt meadows lying near the mill creek meadow so called . And two lots of Creek Thatch on Indian Neck, and a horse, and a yok e of oxen. I leave to my sons, John, David, and Samuel, all my f arming implements. To my son John, my best pistols and holsters, and my worst sword. I leave to my sons, David and Samuel, my tw o guns, and my other sword and my bagonet bayonet . I leave to my three daughters, Sarah, Anna, and Patience, one cow each. I l eave to my daughters, Martha and Experience, one cow, one heifer , and 6 sheep, each. I leave to my grandson, the eldest son of J onathan Brooks, 10 shillings. All the rest of estate to my sons, John, David, and Samuel. My son John is to pay to my son David, �10. And my son Samuel is to pay to my son Daniel, �10. My sons , John, David, and Samuel, are to keep my wife s horse, cows, an d sheep, and they are to pay her yearly 3 1 2 bushels of wheat3 1 2 of Indian corn, and 4 loads of firewood. I make my wife Sa rah, and my son John, executors. Dated December 9, 1729. Witnesses, Samuel Hutchinson, Silvanus D avis, Benjamin Hutchinson. Proved before Brinly Sylvester, Esq., February 11, 1729 30. JOHN PARSONS, of East Hampton, Suffolk Co., leaves to son Samuel , house and home lot, 8 1 4 acres, and 9 acres on east side of H ook Pond, and meadow at North West, and 2 acres on Eastern Plain by land of Richard Brooks and John Kirby, and 1 3 of his Common age. To son John, 9 acres on Eastern Plain, west of the Indian W ell, bounded west by Mr. Schellenger, and 6 acres on Eastern Pla in, east of the Two mile Hollow, bounded west by John Miller, an d 1 1 2 acres, east of the Two mile Hollow, bounded east by Enoc h Fithian. And meadow at Ackabonack Neck, by Thomas Chatfield an d Richard Strattan. To son Robert, land on North West woodland P lain, and bounded by good man Garlick and John Miller, and meado w at Napeague. To sons, John and Robert, the rest of my Commonag e at town and Montauk. Wife not named to be comfortably suppor ted. March 5, 1685 6. Proved, March 16, 1685 6. John Brooks, East Hampton, died intestate, March 16, 1685 6. Wif e Hannah administrator. He was son of Richard Brooks, and had so n John Brooks, Jr. In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN MULFORD, SR., of East Hampton, Suffolk County. I leave to my wife, 4 acres of land out of the additions to the Home lots, at the end next to town, and 2 acres of my home lot, and 2 acres out of the lot I bought of Thomas T hompson. If she leaves the town, then the same is left to my son s, Samuel and John. They are to pay for it. I leave to my son Sa muel the Home lot I bought of Thomas Thompson, with buildings. A lso 8 acres lying west of Little Pond, and 2 acres by Hook Pond, and my land on the Eastern Plain running south to the Beach, an d 1 4 of my division of land in the woods north of the Indian We ll, and 3 4 of the Division that belongs to Thomas Thompson s lo t, lying in the woods eastward, and 6 acres east of the Little P ond, bounded west by Stephen Hedges, and 1 2 of my land east of the Indian Well, on the Plain, and 1 2 of my meadow at Napeake, and salt marsh meadow at Ackabonack neck, by the sea side, and meadow at North West. To my son John my home lot with additions and housing, and my close west of the town, called the Girdled Trees, and my wood land lot I bought of Thomas Thompson, bounded east by the lot that was Mr. James, and 1 4 of my lot in the wo ods north of the Indian Well, and 1 2 my land in the Eastern Pla in, beyond the Indian Well, and my meadow at Accabonack, and my meadow at the harbor at North West. I leave to my daughter Heste r 10 shillings, and to her three children 5 s. each. To each of the children of my daughter Hannah, wife of Benjamin Conkling, 4 shillings. I leave to my daughter Mary, wife of Jeremiah Miller , 20 acres of land north of the Indian Well. I make my son John, and Mr. Thomas James and my brother, William Mulford, executors . December 4, 1683. Witnesses, Thomas James, Richard Brooks, Katha rine James. Proved, October 19, 1686.
2). mytree.FTW  Rebecca Totten  s first husband was a Churchill. She is mentioned  in her brother John  s Will.  NYC Wills 1771 1776  Page 16.  In the name of God, Amen. I, JOHN TOTTEN, of Rombout P recinct, Duchess County, farmer, being weak and infirm. All debt s to be paid. I leave to my wife Lovinee  or Sovinee  �250 and t wo negro girls, and two cows, one horse, saddle and bridle, a be d, and 12 of household goods. I leave to my sister, Rebecca Bro oks, �120,  but if she should die before she gits it, then to he r children.  I leave to Thomas Southard, my sister  s son, �10, a nd a horse and 1 2 of my apparell.  I will give �5 to Trinity Ch urch at Fishkill, to buy a Bell.  I leave to Phebe Weekes, my si ster  s daughter, �5. To Jeremiah Cooper, �5. I leave to my broth er, Jonas Totten, 5 shillings, and 5 shillings to his oldest son , Benjamin. All the rest of my personal estate to be sold, and t he money paid to my wife and to Isaac Southard, David Southard, and Lovina Whiteman, my sister Phebe  s children, and to Sarah Va n Wyck, my wife  s sister  s daughter. I make my wife and my siste r, Rebecca Brooks, Jonathan Brooks, and Jeremiah Cooper, executo rs.

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