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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

(none), Esamon Of Ireland
(none), Esau (Twin Of Jacob) (Edom) Ibn Isaac (b. at 1862 BC)
(none), Esau (b. private)
(none), Eschiva
(none), Esdron
(none), Ese
(none), Esla (b. Abt 411 at , , Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany)
(none), Esli (b. at Lk 3 25) (d. 1807)
(none), Esli Ben Nagge
(none), Espriota (b. Bet 904 and 949) (d. Bet 938 and 1031)
(none), Esru
(none), Estelle (b. 1940)
(none), Ester Y (b. 15 Apr 1886) (d. 3 Aug 1958 at Ashland, Clay, AL)
(none), Esther
(none), Esther
(none), Esther
(none), Esther (b. Bet 1628 and 1648) (d. Bet 1663 and 1732)
(none), Esther (b. Abt 1770)
(none), Esther (b. at Abt. 519 BC)
(none), Esther
(none), Esther (b. 1809-1810 at of Eaton, Madison, New York) (d. Aft 1850 at of Eaton, Madison, New York)
(none), Esther A. (b. 1829 at New York)
(none), Esther E. (b. 1833 at New York) (d. 1889)
(none), Esther G
(none), Esther Or Hester
(none), Ethan (b. at Abt 1713 BC Rameses, Goshen, Egypt) (d. at Abt 1613 BC Rameses, Goshen, Egypt)
(none), King Of Kent Ethebert
(none), Ethel
(none), Ethel (b. 28 Apr 1900) (d. 12 Jun 1965 at Benton County, Arkansas)
(none), Ethel
(none), Ethel M. (b. 5 Dec 1879) (d. 29 Aug 1922)
(none), Ethelbald
(none), King Of Mercia Ethelbald (d. 757 at Murdered By Retainers At Seckington Warw)
(none), King Of Wessex Ethelbald (b. 834) (d. 860)
(none), Ethelbert
(none), King Of Kent Ethelbert I (b. Abt 552) (d. 24 Feb 616)
(none), Ethelburga (d. 647)
(none), Ethelburga
(none), Ethelburga
(none), Ethelburga
(none), Ethelburge
(none), Ethelburh
(none), Abbess Of St. Audrey Etheldreda
(none), Count Of Dithmarschen Etheler (b. Abt 1005)
(none), Ethelfled (d. 12 Jun 918)
(none), Queen Of England Ethelfleda
(none), Princess Of England Ethelfleda (b. Abt 869 at , , Wessex, England) (d. 12 Jun 918 at , St. Peters, Gloucestershire, England)
(none), Ethelfleda Of Domerham
(none), King Ethelfrith (d. 617)
(none), Ethelhun
(none), Ethell
(none), Eald Of The Gainai Ethelred "Mucil" (b. Abt 825 at Of, , Mercia, England)
(none), Ethelred
(none), Ealdorman Ethelred (d. 912)
(none), Ethelred (b. Bet 837 and 848) (d. 871)
(none), King Of Bernicia Ethelric (d. 572)
(none), Ethelswida (Alfthryth) (Elfrida) (b. Bet 862 and 895) (d. 7 Jun 929)
(none), Ethelthryth
(none), King Of Deira Ethelward (d. Aft 654)
(none), Ethelwine (d. 937 at Killed At Battle Of Brunanburh)
(none), Of Wessex Ethelwith
(none), King Of Wessex Ethelwulf (b. Abt 806 at Of, , Wessex, England) (d. 13 Jan 857 at , , , England)
(none), King Of Ireland Ethrial Of Ireland
(none), Count In The Breisgau Eticho (d. Abt 910 at Ettal, Ammergau)
(none), Duke Of Alsace Eticho I (b. Abt 643 at Of, Alsace, Lorraine, France) (d. 690 at France)
(none), Etta
(none), Etta
(none), Etta
(none), Etta (b. 25 Jan 1902) (d. 3 May 1996)
(none), Count Of Troyes Eudes (Odo) (b. Abt 1026 at Troyes, Champagne, France) (d. Aft 1096)
(none), Count Of Blois Eudes II (b. 990 at Blois, France) (d. 15 Nov 1037 at Bar Le Duc)
(none), Duke De Burgundy Eudes II (b. 1128 at Champagne, France) (d. 17 Aug 1190)
(none), Count Of Chartres Eudes II Of Chartres (b. Abt 868 at France)
(none), King Of Toulouse&Aquitain Eudes Of Aquitaine (b. Abt 646 at Aquitaine, France) (d. Abt 735)
(none), Count Of Cambrai Eudes Of Cambrai
(none), Count Of Troyes Eudes Of Troyes (d. Aft 870)
(none), Eudes Viscount Of (b. Bet 1017 and 1037) (d. Bet 1062 and 1123)
(none), Of Rome Eudoxia (b. Abt 438)
(none), Euergetes II Ptolemy VIII Of Egypt (b. at Abt. 184 BC) (d. at Abt. 117 BC)
(none), King Of Egypt Euergetes Ptolemy III (b. at Abt. 282 BC , Egypt) (d. at Abt. 222 BC)
(none), Princess Of Kujavia Eufemia (b. Abt 1266 at Of Dobrzyn Nad Wisl, Bydgsz, Poland) (d. 18 Mar 1305-1306)
(none), Princess Of Ratibor Eufemia (b. Abt 1296 at Of Raciborz, Opole, Poland) (d. 17 Jan 1358-1359)
(none), Princess Of Kalisch Eufemia (b. Abt 1224 at Of Poznan, Poznan, Poland) (d. Aft 15 Feb 1280-1281)
(none), Princess Of Czersk Eufemia (b. Abt 1393 at Of Sochaczew, Warszawa, Poland) (d. Bef 18 Sep 1447)
(none), Princess Of Troppau Eufemia (b. Abt 1319 at Of Opava, Opava, Czechoslovakia) (d. Bef 1362)
(none), Princess Of Kosel Eufemia
(none), Princess Of Munsterberg Eufemia (b. Abt 1370 at Of, Oppeln, Schlesien, Prussia) (d. 17 Nov 1447)
(none), Princess Of Breslau Eufemia (b. Abt 1312 at Of, Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland) (d. Aft 1383)
(none), Princess Of Oels Eufemia
(none), Princess Of Oppeln Ratibor Eufrozyna (b. Abt 1211 at Of, Opole, Opole, Poland) (d. Aft 4 Nov 1291)
(none), Duke Of Narke Eugene (b. 1865) (d. 1947)
(none), Prince Of Cumberland Eugene (b. Abt 899 at Of, , , Scotland) (d. at Y)
(none), Of Greece Eugenia (b. 1910)
(none), Eugenia (b. 1881)
(none), Eugenia
(none), Euldean
(none), Euneda (b. 13 Feb 1903) (d. 14 Apr 1993 at , Rutherford, NC)
(none), Eunice (b. 1754)
(none), Eunice (b. Bet 1791 and 1810) (d. Bet 1826 and 1895)
(none), Eunice

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