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I'm Rob Salzman of 8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133 Beaverton, OR, 97008 USA.

E-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been shared with me.

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at e-familytree dot net.
This website updated on May 24th, 2013.

Comstock, Hugh Barton (d. 24 Sep 1970 at Van Buren, AR)
Comstock, Jakie K (suppressed - may be still living)
Comstock, Joseph
Comstock, Kenneth
Comstock, Jr Kenneth (suppressed - may be still living)
Comstock, Laura (b. 23 Mar 1887 at Warren, CT)
Comstock, Leonard Hy (d. 30 Apr 1902)
Comstock, Leslie (suppressed - may be still living)
Comstock, Minerva
Comstock, Miranda Ethel (d. 4 Aug 1938 at Van Buren, AR)
Comstock, Randolph (d. 27 Jan 1924 at Uniontown, AR)
Comstock, Randy (suppressed - may be still living)
Comstock, Samuel
Comstock, William
Comte, De Pol Camille Henri Melchior De Polignac
Comte, Louis De Mailly (d. 6 Apr 1699)
Comyn, Agnes (b. Abt 1265)
Comyn, Agnes (b. Abt 1225 at Altyre, Morayshire, Scotland)
Comyn, Sheriff Of Aberdeen Alexander (d. 1305 at Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Comyn, Earl Of Buchan Alexander (d. 6 Apr 1290)
Comyn, Alexander
Comyn, Earl Of Buchan Alexander (d. Unknown)
Comyn, Countess Of Buchan Alice (d. Bef 10 Aug 1349 at Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Comyn, Alicia Mrs (b. Abt 1229 at Of, Altyre, Morayshire, Scotland)
Comyn, Aymer (d. 1316)
Comyn, Aymer (d. Bef 1316 at Young)
Comyn, Catherine (b. Abt 1250 at Buchan, Aberdeen, Scotland)
Comyn, David (b. Abt 1156)
Comyn, Dornagilla
Comyn, Elizabeth (d. 20 Nov 1372)
Comyn, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1267 at London, Middlesex County, England)
Comyn, Elizabeth
Comyn, Elizabeth (d. 1267)
Comyn, Countess Angus Elizabeth Agnes (d. 17 Feb 1327-1328)
Comyn, Francis
Comyn, George
Comyn, Idonea (b. Abt 1148)
Comyn, Isabel
Comyn, James
Comyn, Jean (d. 1274)
Comyn, Joan (d. Bef 24 Jul 1326)
Comyn, John (d. 1306 at , Murdered)
Comyn, John (d. 1314)
Comyn, Sir John (d. 1303)
Comyn, John
Comyn, John
Comyn, Earl Of Buchan John (d. 1308 at Spm, England)
Comyn, John (b. Abt 1146)
Comyn, John Of Badenoch
Comyn, Margery (b. Abt 1246 at Buchan, Aberdeen, Scotland)
Comyn, Marjory
Comyn, Odinell (b. Abt 1150)
Comyn, Richard
Comyn, Richard (d. Bet 1176 and 1182)
Comyn, Richard (d. at Tynedale, Morayshire)
Comyn, Simon (b. Abt 1152)
Comyn, William (b. Abt 1254 at Ovingham, Nottingham, England)
Comyn, William (d. 1233)
Comyn, William (d. 1233)
Conan, Duke Of Brittany (d. 1148)
Conant, Daniel
Conant, Georgia Ann (b. May 1855)
Conant, Hannah (d. 26 Sep 1764)
Conant, Jeremiah (d. 21 Jan 1825)
Conant, Jerusha (d. 24 May 1767)
Conant, John (d. 19 Feb 1816 at Bridgewater, MA)
Conant, John Owen (suppressed - may be still living)
Conant, Josiah (d. Bef 11 Oct 1721)
Conant, Kristin Marie (suppressed - may be still living)
Conant, Lot
Conant, Lydia
Conant, Martha Walton (d. 2 Jan 1754 at Plympton, MA)
Conant, Mary (d. 16 Aug 1795 at Middleboro, Plymouth, MA)
Conant, Milissent
Conant, Nathaniel
Conant, Prudance
Conant, Sean Ryan (suppressed - may be still living)
Conant, Susanna (d. 17 Apr 1801 at Middleboro, Plymouth, MA)
Conarroe, Abigail
Conarroe, Alice Bonita (suppressed - may be still living)
Conarroe, Alva A. (b. 21 Jan 1869)
Conarroe, Amy Diane (suppressed - may be still living)
Conarroe, Andrew (b. Abt 1740)
Conarroe, Andrew (d. Abt 1775 at Northhampton Twp, NJ)
Conarroe, Andrew (b. Abt 1758)
Conarroe, Belle
Conarroe, Bethsheba
Conarroe, Charles (b. Jan 1892)
Conarroe, Clara Joyce (suppressed - may be still living)
Conarroe, Clara Nell (d. 1993)
Conarroe, Collen (suppressed - may be still living)
Conarroe, Daniel (b. Abt 1663)
Conarroe, Darling (d. Abt 1778 at Chester Twp., NJ)
Conarroe, Darling
Conarroe, Deby J (b. Abt 1844)
Conarroe, Della (b. 29 Jun 1876)
Conarroe, Dilley
Conarroe, Edna Jane (d. at McAllen TX)
Conarroe, Eleanor
Conarroe, Elizabeth

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