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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Christine, Princess Of Saxony (b. 12 Feb 1735 at Warszawa, Wrszw, Plnd) (d. 19 Nov 1782)
Christine, Princess Of Saxony
Christine, Princess Of Saxony Weissenfe (b. 25 Aug 1656 at Halle, Sachsen, Prussia) (d. 27 Apr 1698 at Eutin, Schleswig Holste, Prussia)
Christine, Princess Of Solms Braunfels (b. 30 Aug 1744 at Of, Braunfels, Rheinland, Prussia)
Christine, Princess Of Waldeck (b. 23 Mar 1787 at Weil B. Basel, Lrrch, Baden) (d. 16 Mar 1806)
Christine, Countess Wied Sibylle (b. 1650 at Of Neuwied, Rhnlnd, Prss) (d. 18 Jul 1710)
Christine, Count Anhalt Sibylle (b. 11 Jul 1603 at Dessau, Anhalt, Germany) (d. at Hanau, Hessen Nassau, Prussia)
Christine, Countess Stolberg Sofie (b. 17 Aug 1698) (d. 14 Jun 1771)
Christine, Princess Anhalt Sofie (b. 16 Dec 1692 at Of Dornburg, Anhlt, Germany) (d. 3 May 1747)
Christine, Princess Anhalt Sofie
Christine, Countess Lowenstein Wilhelmine (b. 8 Jun 1695 at Gaildorf, Jagstkreis, Wurttemburg) (d. 8 Jun 1695)
Christine, Countess Limpurg Gaildorf Wilhelmine (b. 24 Sep 1679 at Of, Schmidelfeld, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Christine, Princess Of Saxe Wilhelmine (b. Bet 26 Dec 1656 and 1658 at Weimar, S W Es, Thrn) (d. 30 Jun 1712 at , Sondershausen)
Christisnsen, Susan Lynn
Christman, (Christmas) John
Christman, Aaron
Christman, Andrew Klepper (b. 24 Mar 1974)
Christman, Anthony Michael
Christman, Betty
Christman, Brad
Christman, Catherine (b. Abt 1825 at , Herkimer County, NY)
Christman, Dean
Christman, Dean Anthony
Christman, Don
Christman, Gary Richard (b. 1940)
Christman, Janelle Lynn
Christman, Jarrod Alan
Christman, Jason Scott
Christman, Joyce
Christman, Kandy Marie (b. 17 Feb 1981)
Christman, Katherine Bruce (b. 9 Oct 1976)
Christman, Kevin
Christman, Lester Lee
Christman, Martha
Christman, Mary Ann (b. 2 Dec 1839 at Stone Arabia, NY)
Christman, Melanie Ann (b. 30 May 1982)
Christman, Michael
Christman, Miranda Gayle
Christman, Rodney
Christman, Sarah Jolley (b. 30 Oct 1978)
Christman, Tom
Christman, III Webster March (b. 12 May 1942 at Hagerstown MD)
Christmas, Harrison Green
Christmas, John
Christmas, Nancy Ann Rice (b. 20 Mar 1802 at St Helena Parish, Louisiana) (d. 19 Mar 1872 at Baker, Louisiana)
Christmas, Susan
Christmas, Susannah (b. Abt 1839)
Christmas, William
Christmer, Harry
Christnesne, Severine (b. 1776 at Lendum, Hjorring, Denamrk) (d. at Y)
Christof, Count Of Gleichen (b. Abt 1483 at Of Kranichfeld, Sachsen Meininge, Thuringia) (d. Aft 1495)
Christof, Prince Saxony (b. 8 Sep 1497 at Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny) (d. 5 Dec 1497)
Christof, Prince Saxony (b. 27 May 1501 at Of Dresden, Drsdn, Sxny) (d. 27 May 1501)
Christof, Burgrave Of Dohna Schlobitte (b. 17 Jan 1583) (d. 1 Jul 1637)
Christof, Count Of Dohna Leistenau Albert (b. 23 Sep 1698) (d. 3 May 1752)
Christof, Burgrave Of Dohna Albrecht
Christof, Baron Of Puchheim
Christof, Margrave Of Baden Hochberg Christopher I Of Baden (b. 13 Nov 1453 at Of Hohenbaden, Baden, Baden) (d. 19 Apr 1527 at Hohenbaden, Baden, Baden)
Christof, Count Of Hohenzollernhaigerloch (b. 20 Mar 1551-1552 at Of Schloss Sigma, Hohenzollern, Prussia) (d. 21 Apr 1592 at Schloss Haigerlo, Hohenzollern, Prussia)
Christof, Count Of Leiningen (b. 30 Sep 1757 at Schloss Westerbu, H Nss, Prss) (d. 1635)
Christof, Count Of Mansfeld
Christof, Count Of Oldenburg (b. 1504 at Of, Oldenburg, Oldenburg, Germany) (d. 4 Aug 1566)
Christof, Count Of Solms (b. 17 Dec 1575 at Of Laubach, Oberhessen, Hesse Darmstadt) (d. 24 Jan 1596)
Christof, Count Of Solms (b. Abt 1508 at Of Braunfels, Rhnlnd, Prss) (d. 1517)
Christof, Count Of Stolberg (b. 10 Jan 1523-1524 at Of, Stolberg, Sachsen, Prussia) (d. 8 Aug 1581)
Christof, Count Of Werdenberg (b. Abt 1472)
Christof, Count Of Werdenberg
Christof, Count Of Wertheim (b. Abt 1455 at Of Breuberg, Strknb, H Dr)
Christof, Duke Of Brunswick Lunebu
Christof, Count Of Furstenberg Franz
Christof, Prince Anhalt Zerbst Joachim (b. 7 Jul 1582 at Of Zerbst, Anhalt, Germany) (d. 16 Jul 1583)
Christof, Count Salm Johann (b. 20 Oct 1555 at Of Dhaun, Rheinland, Prussi) (d. 3 Aug 1585)
Christof, Count Puchheim Johann
Christof, Baron Of Falkenstein Johann
Christof, Count Hohenzollern Haigerloch Johann
Christof, Count Solms-Lich Ludwig
Christof, Count Lichtenstein Philipp
Christof, Count Solms Philipp (b. 1495 at Of, Braunfels, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 1515)
Christof, Prince Of Baden (b. 21 Jul 1477 at Of Hohenbaden, Baden, Baden) (d. 29 Mar 1508)
Christof, Prince Of Bavaria (b. 23 Jan 1569-1570 at Friedberg, Oberbayern, Bavaria) (d. 23 Jan 1569-1570)
Christof, Prince Of Bavaria (b. 6 Jan 1448-1449 at Of Munchen, Oberbayern, Bavaria) (d. 8 Aug 1493)
Christof, Prince Of Brunswick (b. 1487 at Of Wolfenbuttel, Braunschweig, Germany) (d. 22 Jan 1557-1558)
Christof, Prince Of Leuchtenberg (b. Abt 1513 at Of, Grunsfeld, Mosbach, Baden) (d. 14 Mar 1553-1554)
Christof, Prince Of Palatine (b. 13 Jun 1551 at Simmern, Rhnlnd, Prss) (d. 14 Apr 1574)
Christof, Prince Solms Wilhelm (b. 20 Jun 1732 at Of Braunfels, Rhnlnd, Prss) (d. 8 Dec 1811)
Christof, Prince Isenburg Birstein Wilhelm Emich (b. 5 Oct 1708 at Birstein, Hessen Nassau, Prussia) (d. 31 Jan 1741 at Wenings, Oberhessen, Hesse Darmstadti)
Christoffel, Anna Margaretha Barbara (b. 5 Jan 1702 at Patersbach, Pfalz County, Bavaria)
Christofferson, Catherine (b. 29 Oct 1922)
Christofsdottir, Agnes
Christofsdottir, Heilwig
Christofsdottir, Margaret (b. Abt 1305)
Christofsson, Erik (d. 1332)
Christofsson, Erik V Klipping Of Denmark (b. 1249) (d. 22 Nov 1286)
Christofsson, Otto
Christofsson, Atterdag Valdemar IV Atterdag (b. 1320) (d. 24 Oct 1375)
Christoph, Cora Webb (b. 5 Nov 1878) (d. 28 Oct 1918)
Christoph, Hjordis Helen
Christopher, Adam (d. Abt 1796 at Worcester Co., MD)

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