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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Fletcher, Erastus
Fletcher, Ethel
Fletcher, Eula Mae (b. 29 Jan 1897 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 19 Jan 1979 at Canton, GA)
Fletcher, Evelyn L.
Fletcher, Florence Ella (b. 21 Jan 1908 at Hitchia, OK)
Fletcher, Francis
Fletcher, Francis
Fletcher, Gabriella (b. 8 Mar 1881) (d. 8 Jun 1929)
Fletcher, Gartrell M. (b. 8 May 1894 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 5 Feb 1970 at Cherokee Co., GA)
Fletcher, Gavin (b. 18 Dec 1992)
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, George
Fletcher, George Arthur John (b. 3 Nov 1995)
Fletcher, George Martin
Fletcher, Gladys Ora (b. 1898 at Callao Co., MO) (d. 1986)
Fletcher, Glenn
Fletcher, Hanna
Fletcher, Hannah (b. 24 Oct 1674 at Concord, MA)
Fletcher, Col. Henry (b. 1833) (d. 1879)
Fletcher, Henry (b. Abt 1600 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England) (d. Abt 1645 at At The Skirmish)
Fletcher, Henry (b. Abt 1577 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England)
Fletcher, Hezekiah Kelly (b. 6 Feb 1860) (d. 29 Oct 1926)
Fletcher, Isabel (b. Abt 1604 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England)
Fletcher, Jacob Fletcher
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, James
Fletcher, James Gordon
Fletcher, James W.
Fletcher, Jane (b. 5 Jun 1814) (d. 21 Aug 1903)
Fletcher, Jane (d. 7 Jan 1852)
Fletcher, Jane Ann
Fletcher, Janie Belle (b. 8 Jun 1910) (d. 22 Feb 1922)
Fletcher, Jennie (b. at Andulusia, Ala)
Fletcher, Jeremiah
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John
Fletcher, John Thomas "Buster" (b. 25 Apr 1930 at Summitville, Coffee Co., TN) (d. 23 Oct 1982 at New Union, Coffee Co., TN)
Fletcher, , Jr. John Thomas
Fletcher, Joseph (b. WFT Est 1840-1875) (d. WFT Est 1851-1955)
Fletcher, Joseph J.
Fletcher, Juanita (b. Abt 1905) (d. Abt 1960)
Fletcher, Kathryn (b. 25 Aug 1908) (d. 8 Dec 1996)
Fletcher, Launcelot (b. Abt 1575 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England)
Fletcher, Lester
Fletcher, Lisa A (b. 14 Aug 1963)
Fletcher, Lorena (b. 7 Mar 1883 at Oconee Co., SC) (d. 11 Aug 1971 at Greenville, SC)
Fletcher, Lorenzo (d. at Y)
Fletcher, Luella Elizabeth (b. 6 May 1871 at TN) (d. 22 May 1949 at Troup, TX)
Fletcher, Lydia (b. 26 Sep 1779 at Newburyport, , MA) (d. 15 Oct 1846 at Boston, Suffolk, MA)
Fletcher, Lynn
Fletcher, Maggie
Fletcher, Margaret
Fletcher, Martha Jane
Fletcher, Martha Jane
Fletcher, Mary (b. Abt 1604 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England)
Fletcher, Mary (b. at Cockermouth Hall)
Fletcher, Mary
Fletcher, Mary (b. Abt 1820)
Fletcher, Mary E.
Fletcher, Mary Ruth
Fletcher, Meagan Clare
Fletcher, Megan Karryn
Fletcher, Melissa (b. 1976)
Fletcher, Michael
Fletcher, Michael
Fletcher, Mike
Fletcher, Minnie Mae
Fletcher, Mitchel
Fletcher, Muriel (b. 1873) (d. 1955)
Fletcher, Nadine
Fletcher, Nancy (b. 1782) (d. 1863)
Fletcher, Nellie E.
Fletcher, Nettie (d. at New Zion Methodist Church, Easley, SC)
Fletcher, Orlean
Fletcher, Orville
Fletcher, Oscar
Fletcher, Paul (b. 1979)
Fletcher, Pauline (b. Dec 1820 at , , NY)
Fletcher, Peter
Fletcher, Phillip (b. Abt 1573 at Of Hutton, Cumberland, England)
Fletcher, Sir Bart R
Fletcher, Rebecca (b. Abt 1637) (d. 25 Jan 1715 at Middletown, CT)
Fletcher, Richard (b. Abt 1569 at Of, Hutton, Cumberland, England) (d. 23 Mar 1637)
Fletcher, Richard B
Fletcher, Richard B
Fletcher, Richard Dean (b. 16 Apr 1947) (d. 1 Jul 2000 at Greer, SC)
Fletcher, Rick Lee
Fletcher, Rosana A. (b. 1830 at NC) (d. 7 Dec 1916 at Hendersonville, Henderson Co., NC)
Fletcher, Ruth Helen
Fletcher, Samuel
Fletcher, Sarah (b. 19 Jan 1852 at Kirksville, MO) (d. 11 May 1932)
Fletcher, Sarah
Fletcher, Sarah Elizabeth (b. Abt 1846 at , , TN)
Fletcher, Sarah J. (b. 1818 at New York State) (d. 1912)
Fletcher, Stafford
Fletcher, Susan (b. Abt 1733)
Fletcher, Susan E (b. 21 Dec 1961)
Fletcher, Susan Elizabeth (b. 8 Jan 1851 at MS) (d. 3 Dec 1933 at MS)

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