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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Horry, Margaret Louise (b. 11 Jul 1945 at Greensboro, North Carolina)
Horry, Mary (b. 1694 at St. Thomas And St. Denis Parish, South Carolina) (d. 3 Dec 1759 at South Carolina)
Horry, Mary Lynch (b. 29 Jan 1791) (d. 1869)
Horry, Mary Shubrick (b. 22 Jul 1872 at South Island, South Carolina) (d. 21 Jun 1948 at Richmond, Virginia)
Horry, Mary Shubrick (b. 1870) (d. 1950)
Horry, Michael Lee (b. 21 Nov 1962)
Horry, Nathan Isaac (b. Abt 1768)
Horry, Nicholas (b. 1681) (d. 1775)
Horry, Paul Trapier (b. 17 Jun 1829 at South Carolina) (d. 21 Oct 1878 at Santee, South Carolina)
Horry, General Peter (b. 13 Mar 1742 at South Carolina) (d. 28 Feb 1815 at South Carolina)
Horry, Peter (b. 1711 at South Carolina) (d. 7 Mar 1739 at South Carolina)
Horry, Petrus (b. 1682) (d. 1769)
Horry, Phenie (b. Abt 1863)
Horry, Richard Alexander (b. 1741) (d. 1768)
Horry, Richard Shubrick (b. 19 Sep 1823)
Horry, Roger (b. Abt 1811)
Horry, Seth Lake (b. Oct 1995)
Horry, Templer Shubrick (b. 25 Jan 1878 at St. James Santee, South Carolina) (d. 26 Nov 1954 at Charleston, South Carolina)
Horry, Templer Shubrick (b. 19 Nov 1911 at Greensboro, North Carolina) (d. 12 Aug 1956 at Indian Rocks Beach, Florida)
Horry, Templer Shubrick (b. 25 Dec 1935 at Greensboro, North Carolina)
Horry, Thomas (b. 13 Jun 1748 at Santee, South Carolina) (d. 5 Jan 1820 at Charleston, South Carolina)
Horry, Thomas Lynch (b. Abt 1818)
Horry, Thomas Lynch (b. 17 May 1806) (d. 18 Jun 1871)
Horry, William Branford (b. 1799) (d. 1808)
Horry, William Branford (b. 7 Feb 1775 at South Carolina) (d. 17 Apr 1775 at South Carolina)
Horry, William Branford Shubrick (b. 20 Sep 1818)
Horry, Winona Barry (b. May 1909) (d. 15 Nov 1947 at India)
Horseman, Mary Elizabeth
Horsemanden, Mary (b. 1652 at Ham, Lenham Parish, Kent, England) (d. 9 Nov 1699 at City Of London, , London, England)
Horsemanden, Wilheim
Horsey\Harvey\, Miss (b. Abt 1628 at Clifton Mabank, England) (d. Bet 1658 and 1722)
Horsfall, Edith (d. 26 Jan 1908)
Horsfall, John
Horsford, Mary (b. 15 Feb 1691 at Windsor, CT) (d. 1 Dec 1751 at Sharon, CT)
Horsford, Mary (d. Unknown)
Horsford, Samuel
Horsington, Sarah (b. 6 Apr 1715)
Horskins, Abijah
Horskins, Abijah
Horsley, Brenda Francis
Horsley, Charlotte Philadelphia (d. 9 Mar 1852)
Horsley, Dorothy
Horsley, Emma Louise
Horsley, James Franklin
Horsley, Joseph Larry
Horsley, Linda Joyce
Horsley, Mary Emma
Horsley, Nancy Elizabeth (b. 1891) (d. 1934)
Horsley, Oscar David (b. 8 Sep 1886) (d. Nov 1964 at Cullman, AL)
Horsley, Robert
Horsley, Sir Knt Thomas
Horsley, Wanda
Horsman, Florence (b. at Of Lewis Co., MO) (d. Abt 1937)
Horspoole, Simon (b. 1518 at City Of London, , London, England)
Horspoole, William (b. 1571)
Horst, Bertha
Horst, Christine Dian
Horst, Claus
Horst, Margaretha (b. 21 Mar 1784 at Stakendorf, Probstei, Holstein, Germany) (d. 17 Mar 1876 at Stakendorf, Probstei, Holstein, Germany)
Horst, Wilhelmina ''Minnie" (b. 12 May 1860) (d. 30 Apr 1921)
Horstmar, Beatrix Von (b. Abt 1232 at Of Horstmar, Westfalen, Prussia) (d. 24 Sep 1277)
Horswell, Francis (d. 27 Feb 1717 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA)
Horswell, Mary
Horswell, Sarah
Hort, William (b. Abt 1770)
Hortense, Countess Of Furstenberg (b. 3 Apr 1569 at Of Heiligenberg, Konstanz, Baden) (d. 24 Jul 1569)
Hortenstine, Abraham (b. Abt 1769) (d. 26 Dec 1838)
Hortenstine, Catherine (b. Abt 1764)
Hortenstine, Daniel E. (b. 21 Mar 1857)
Hortenstine, Eliza Ann (b. 17 Jan 1824) (d. 15 Nov 1888)
Hortenstine, Elizabeth (D.O. Jacob Jr.) (b. 17 Dec 1781) (d. 1802)
Hortenstine, Elizabeth
Hortenstine, Francis M. (b. 26 Jun 1845 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, George (b. 1849 at Virginia)
Hortenstine, Harriet
Hortenstine, Henry (b. 17 Jul 1800 at , Washington, Virginia) (d. 27 Aug 1888 at Gays, Moultrie County, Illinois)
Hortenstine, Henry (b. 4 Feb 1842 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, Isaac (S.O. Jacob Jr.)
Hortenstine, Isaac (b. 14 Mar 1850 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, Jr. Jacob (b. 1736) (d. Aug 1803 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, Sr. Jacob (b. 1697) (d. 1753)
Hortenstine, Jacob Grant (b. 22 Dec 1983)
Hortenstine, Jacob Sevier (b. 9 Aug 1852)
Hortenstine, James Edward (b. 18 Nov 1951 at Virginia)
Hortenstine, James Wilson (b. 22 May 1826)
Hortenstine, Joel F.
Hortenstine, John (b. 15 Apr 1795 at Virginia) (d. 7 Sep 1869)
Hortenstine, John (b. 1 Jul 1828) (d. 19 Nov 1848)
Hortenstine, John B. (b. 6 Jan 1840 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, Joseph (b. 18 Jan 1861 at Illinois)
Hortenstine, Mackenzie Alexandra (b. 4 Aug 1990)
Hortenstine, Mary (D.O. Isaac)
Hortenstine, Mary K. (b. 18 Oct 1847 at Washington County, Virginia)
Hortenstine, Nathan Ellington (b. 28 Oct 1854)
Hortenstine, Rebecca E. (b. 21 Apr 1863 at Illinois)
Hortenstine, Sallie
Hortenstine, Sarah
Hortenstine, Susanna (b. 13 Feb 1798 at Virginia) (d. 10 Jun 1876)

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