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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Howard, ---
Howard, ---
Howard, A Coat (d. Feb 1939 at Pickens Co., SC)
Howard, A F
Howard, Abiel (b. 6 Nov 1704 at Bridgewater, MA)
Howard, Abigail (b. Bet 1724 and 1744) (d. Bet 1745 and 1828)
Howard, Abigail (b. Abt 1803)
Howard, Abigail (b. 5 Jul 1798 at Milford, Massachusetts)
Howard, Absalom (b. Abt 1779 at , Greene, PA) (d. 1843 at , , WV)
Howard, Adam Rainey
Howard, Adeliza Maria
Howard, Afhitillus (b. Abt 1217 at Of, Wiggenhall, Norfolk, England)
Howard, Agnes (Anne)
Howard, Agnes (b. Abt 1865)
Howard, Agnes Isabel (b. 30 Jun 1874)
Howard, Al
Howard, Albert (b. 20 May 1833 at Hingham, Mass.)
Howard, Albert
Howard, Albert (b. 2 Feb 1822 at ME) (d. 6 Apr 1907)
Howard, Albert
Howard, Alcesta (b. 1 Oct 1865 at Milford, Worcester, Mass)
Howard, Alcesta (b. 11 Nov 1831 at Milford, Worcester., Mass) (d. 10 Oct 1843)
Howard, Alexander (b. Abt 1710 at VA) (d. 25 Jun 1752 at Amelia Co., VA)
Howard, Alexander (b. Abt 1729 at VA) (d. 1760 at NC)
Howard, Alexander Daniel
Howard, Alfred John (b. 14 Oct 1848)
Howard, Sir Algar Henry Stafford (b. 7 Aug 1880) (d. 1970)
Howard, Algernon (b. 1623)
Howard, Capt. Algernon George Mowbray (b. 15 Sep 1874)
Howard, Alianore Rachel (b. 25 May 1886)
Howard, Alice (b. 22 Jul 1895 at Pickens Co., SC) (d. 9 Apr 1931 at Pickens Co., SC)
Howard, Allen (b. 1874)
Howard, Almira Hoskins (b. 23 Mar 1804 at Winchester, NH) (d. 16 Mar 1853 at West Swanzey, NH)
Howard, Almire (b. 2 Feb 1822 at ME)
Howard, Alvoid L. (b. 30 Jul 1935 at Laurens Co., SC) (d. 1 Jun 1938 at Laurens Co., SC)
Howard, Amanda (b. 1833)
Howard, Amanda
Howard, Amanda (b. 1875 at Dawson Co., GA)
Howard, Amanda Louisa (b. Abt 1813)
Howard, Amanda Nicole Feagin (b. 11 Oct 1989)
Howard, Amanda Susan Diana (b. 8 Jul 1943)
Howard, Amie Clarissa
Howard, Amos (b. Abt 1696 at Prob. Lynn, MA)
Howard, Amos (b. 1 Jan 1827 at , Rush, IN) (d. 9 Aug 1914 at Greeley, , NE)
Howard, Amy
Howard, Andrew Jackson (b. 1837)
Howard, Andy
Howard, Angela Renae
Howard, Ankaret Cecilia Caroline (b. 23 Apr 1900) (d. 9 Apr 1945 at Riding Accident)
Howard, Ann (d. 2 Aug 1784)
Howard, Ann (b. Abt 1631 at Walton, Suffolk, England)
Howard, Ann
Howard, Ann
Howard, Ann (b. Abt 1801)
Howard, Ann Moriah
Howard, Anna (b. Abt 1446 at Of, Tendring, Essex, England) (d. Aft 1483 at Wraxall, Somersetshire, England)
Howard, Anna (b. Abt 1708 at Springfield, MA) (d. Abt 1752)
Howard, Anna Maria (b. Abt 1802 at , Baltimore, MD)
Howard, Anna Matilda (b. 1857)
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne (d. Sep 1703)
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Lady Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne
Howard, Anne (b. Abt 1793)
Howard, Anne (b. 5 Jan 1806 at , Frederick, MD)
Howard, Anne (d. 5 Jan 1787)
Howard, Anne Violet (b. 21 Mar 1923)
Howard, Annie Cummie (b. 9 May 1895 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 3 Aug 1933 at Cherokee Co., GA)
Howard, Annie Laura (b. 18 Jun 1912 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 10 Jan 1980 at Dekalb Co., GA)
Howard, Annie Lois
Howard, Anthony Richard (b. 1947)
Howard, Arabella (d. 1746)
Howard, Arabella Georgina (b. 25 Jan 1809) (d. 10 Dec 1884)
Howard, Aratha
Howard, Archer (b. Abt 1754)
Howard, Archibald K. (b. Aug 1827 at Milford, Worcester., Mass) (d. 16 Jul 1829)
Howard, Archibald Kennedy (b. 1 Aug 1854 at Milford, Worcester, Mass) (d. 1 Aug 1854)
Howard, Ardeth
Howard, Arnold (b. 13 Mar 1920) (d. 31 Oct 1988 at Pickens Co., SC)
Howard, Audrey Elizabeth (b. 25 Jan 1916)
Howard, Augustus Beauregard (b. 8 May 1862 at SC) (d. 28 Oct 1931 at Laurens Co., SC)
Howard, Aurea Fredeswyde
Howard, Avis (b. Abt 1785)
Howard, Avis
Howard, Barbara (b. 15 Feb 1824 at Starr, Anderson Co., SC) (d. 4 Oct 1912 at Starr, Anderson Co., SC)
Howard, Barbara
Howard, Barbara Dean
Howard, Barbara E. (b. 1868 at Dawson Co., GA)
Howard, Barnabas (b. 19 Jun 1730) (d. 8 Nov 1813)

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