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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Howell, Herbert Cecil (b. 1920 at Greenville Co., SC) (d. 11 Jan 1999)
Howell, Jr Herbert Cecil
Howell, Herbert Clare (b. 12 Jul 1929 at Wellsville, Montgomery County, Missouri) (d. 2 Apr 1974 at Wellsville, Montgomery County, Missouri)
Howell, Herman L.
Howell, Hugh Dean
Howell, Ina
Howell, Isaac Harrison
Howell, Isabel
Howell, J D
Howell, J W (S.O. Willie)
Howell, Jacob
Howell, James Madison
Howell, James Thomas
Howell, James Wade
Howell, Jamie
Howell, Jane
Howell, Janice
Howell, Jason Gary
Howell, Jason Gary
Howell, Jean Elizabeth
Howell, Jean Evelyn (b. 2 Jul 1927 at Laddonia, Audrain County, Missouri)
Howell, Jeffery
Howell, Jennie Gaybrella (b. 14 Aug 1898 at Central, Pickens Co., SC) (d. 15 Oct 1982 at Greenville Co., SC)
Howell, Jennifer Anne (b. 21 Dec 1971 at San Francisco, CA)
Howell, Jennifer Anne
Howell, Jennifer Eve (b. 11 Sep 1949)
Howell, Jesse
Howell, Jesse Malachi (b. Abt 1780) (d. 1835)
Howell, Jessica Mae (b. 2 Jun 1984 at Many, Sabine, LA)
Howell, Jessica Nicole (b. 17 Aug 1981 at Gilroy, CA)
Howell, Jessica Nicole
Howell, Jewell
Howell, Jewell Christine
Howell, Joanna
Howell, John (b. Abt 1788)
Howell, John
Howell, John (b. 1836 at Greenville District, SC)
Howell, John (b. Abt 1515)
Howell, John
Howell, John (d. 8 Mar 1692)
Howell, John (b. 1698 at Stratton Major Parish, New Kent King And Queen)
Howell, John
Howell, The Elder John
Howell, The Younger John
Howell, John
Howell, John A. (b. 1874 at WV)
Howell, John Barron (b. 31 Aug 1876 at Greenville Co., SC) (d. 10 Mar 1956 at Taylors, SC)
Howell, John C. (b. 1 Apr 1881 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 18 Mar 1974 at Cherokee Co., GA)
Howell, John J.
Howell, John Sherman (b. 2 Jul 1888 at Lincoln County, Missouri) (d. 15 Dec 1966 at Warrenton, Warren County, Missouri)
Howell, Johnnie
Howell, Jonas W. (b. 1872 at WV)
Howell, Jonathan R. (b. Abt 1790) (d. Abt 1835 at Richland County, South Carolina)
Howell, Jonathan Raef (b. 1964)
Howell, Jones T.
Howell, Jones T.
Howell, Joseph
Howell, Josephine (b. 1834 at TN)
Howell, Joshua (b. Abt 1814 at OH) (d. Abt 1865)
Howell, Joshua Errol (b. 28 Oct 1989)
Howell, Joyce Marie (b. 31 Jul 1923 at Laddonia, Audrain County, Missouri) (d. 7 Feb 1993 at St. Louis, Missouri)
Howell, Julietta (b. 1812 at , Haywood, NC)
Howell, Justin Darren
Howell, Justin Darren
Howell, Kala Lister
Howell, Kathleen
Howell, Kathryn (b. Abt 1890)
Howell, Kathy
Howell, Kelly Lynn
Howell, Kenneth
Howell, Kimberly Dell
Howell, Kins
Howell, L
Howell, Ladonia
Howell, Laura D. (b. Jul 1878 at Washington Co, OH) (d. 1959 at Washington Co, OH)
Howell, Lillian Ethel (b. 11 Apr 1887 at Irene, TX) (d. 4 Sep 1969 at Dallas, TX)
Howell, Lillie Bell
Howell, Lilly
Howell, Linda Lorraine
Howell, Lisa Irene
Howell, Lorene Alta
Howell, Lori
Howell, Lucille
Howell, Lucinda (b. 1801 at Greenville District, SC) (d. Abt 1874 at Greenville District, SC)
Howell, Lucy
Howell, Lula (b. Abt 1904)
Howell, Lula (b. 12 Sep 1870 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 5 Jun 1942 at Cherokee Co., GA)
Howell, Lynn Dianne
Howell, M E
Howell, M Edgar
Howell, Mabel (b. Abt 1900 at Forsyth Co., GA)
Howell, Malachi (b. 1754)
Howell, Mamie (b. 31 Mar 1894) (d. 9 Mar 1976)
Howell, Margaret
Howell, Margaret
Howell, Margery
Howell, Marie
Howell, Marie (b. 7 Oct 1936) (d. 4 Sep 1991)
Howell, Marvin
Howell, Mary (b. Abt 1914)

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