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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Helfer, Lloyd Gene
Helfer, Marni Lou
Helfer, Mary (b. Oct 1848 at , Whitley County, IN)
Helfer, Mindi Sue
Helfer, Misty Michelle
Helfer, Nicholas Paul
Helfer, Norma Cyril (b. 14 Oct 1949)
Helfer, Sandra Alfredia
Helfer, Shari Lane
Helfer, Terri Lynn
Helfferich, Emma Vera
Helffrich, Florence Elaine (b. 15 Oct 1895 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (d. 27 Jan 1978 at White Plains, New York)
Helfner, Ephrates (b. Abt 1809)
Helfreich, Count Meggau Leonhard
Helfrich, Vicky Ann (b. Abt 1939)
Helfrick, Margaret (b. Abt 1833)
Helfry, Clara (b. 1864 at IA) (d. 1 Sep 1897 at Izard Co., AR)
Helgasdatter, Yrsa (b. Abt 565 at , , , Denmark) (d. Abt 640)
Helgenburg, Charles L (b. Abt 1867)
Helgesen, Ina Louise
Helgisson, Einar Jinglescale
Helgisson, King Of Ringerike Sigurd Hart
Helgisson, Usif The Wise
Helgut, Ester Marie (b. 1904)
Helie, Michele Devilliers
Helier, Margaret
Heligass, David Lewis (b. Abt 1847 at New York) (d. 10 Feb 1930)
Heligass, Elaine Maude (b. 13 Jan 1883 at Lynxville, Crawford County, Wisconsin)
Heligass, Fred Howard (b. 7 Oct 1878 at Lynxville, Crawford County, Wisconsin)
Heligass, Mary Rosina (b. 4 Mar 1893 at Lynxville, Crawford County, Wisconsin)
Helkenn, Helen Katherine
Helkenn, Rolland
Helkenn, Verna
Helko, Ann (b. 7 Mar 1924) (d. 27 May 2007 at Columbus, St. Clair Co., MI)
Hell, Rosina
Hellams, Alfred A. (b. 1912 at Mobile, AL)
Hellams, Annie
Hellams, Hellen
Hellams, Ila (b. 30 Jun 1887) (d. 5 Jun 1969)
Hellams, James (b. 14 Mar 1843 at Laurens Co., SC) (d. 29 May 1880)
Hellams, James Edward (b. Jan 1869 at Bates Township, Greenville Co., SC)
Hellams, Jr James Edward (b. 19 Nov 1897 at Greenville, SC) (d. 8 Jul 1983 at Oklahoma City, Ok)
Hellams, Jessie Leona (b. 24 Dec 1891 at Taylors, SC) (d. Mar 1967 at Dallas, TX)
Hellams, Lola Mae (b. 14 Sep 1902)
Hellams, Lydia Aldine (b. 1906 at Mobile, AL)
Hellams, Maude (b. Aug 1894 at Greenville, SC)
Hellams, Thomas Eugene (b. 1909 at Mobile, AL)
Hellams, Virgil A. (b. 14 Feb 1841 at SC) (d. 11 Jan 1907)
Hellams, William Frank (b. 10 May 1900 at Greenville, SC) (d. 2 Dec 1988 at Oklahoma City, Ok)
Hellard, Caroline Ann (b. 25 Mar 1862 at Bath, Somerset, England) (d. 1 Jan 1953)
Hellard, James
Hellen (b. 1877 at Georgia)
Hellen, Mary Catherine (b. Abt 1806) (d. 1870)
Heller, Andrea Clarissa
Heller, Ann (b. 20 Oct 1898 at Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania) (d. 25 Apr 1979 at Summitt, New Jersey)
Heller, Cherie Carolyn
Heller, David Leroy
Heller, David Tyelor
Heller, Elizabeth (b. 11 Jan 1802 at Bethlehem, Albany County, New York) (d. 8 Feb 1886 at New Scotland, Albany County, New York)
Heller, Emanuel
Heller, Emma (d. at Y)
Heller, Eric Todd
Heller, Federick L
Heller, Hannah N.
Heller, Jill Elaine (b. 11 Apr 1958 at Marion Co., Indiana)
Heller, John H.
Heller, Maria Barbara
Heller, Paula Gaye
Heller, Stephanie Marie
Hellger, Charles
Hellgren, Leroy
Helliwell, Jane (b. <1610> at , England)
Hellman, Chancellor
Hellman, John
Hellman, Michael
Hellums, Hannah
Helm, Anna
Helm, Arlun (b. Abt 1913 at AR)
Helm, Christopher Elias (b. 1989)
Helm, Edna Ruth
Helm, Elna Ashburn
Helm, Hayden (b. Abt 1917 at AR)
Helm, Hershel (b. Abt 1909 at AR)
Beswick, Linda Lee (b. 1947)
Helm, Lydia
Helm, Mable (b. Abt 1920 at AR)
Helm, Marie (b. Abt 1918 at AR)
Helm, Mary (b. 1746 at York, Lancaster, PA)
Helm, Phillip Eugene (b. 1947)
Helm, Ruby (b. Abt 1911 at AR)
Helm, Walter (b. Abt 1880 at AR)
Helman De Willebroeck, Marie
Helmantaller, Elvis (d. 1944)
Helmburg, Anna Elisabeth Von
Helme, Margaret (b. Abt 1673 at Newport, RI) (d. Bet 1689 and 1767)
Helmenstein, Alice
Helmenstein, Barbara
Helmenstein, James

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