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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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Rogers, Benjamin Franklin
Rogers, Benjamin Franklin (b. 10 Jun 1847 at Pickens Co., SC) (d. 27 Mar 1913 at Easley, Pickens Co., SC)
Rogers, Benjamin T. (b. 14 Jun 1804 at SC) (d. 15 May 1845 at Anderson Co., SC)
Rogers, Bennie Hamilton (b. 23 May 1902)
Rogers, Beriah (b. 23 Jul 1774)
Rogers, Bernard (b. 1543 at Of, Wittenberg, Sachsen, Prussia) (d. Abt 1564)
Rogers, Bert
Rogers, Bertha (d. at Y)
Rogers, Bertha Hall (b. 13 Mar 1901 at Buncombe Co., NC)
Rogers, Bertha May (d. at Y)
Rogers, Bertie (b. 1910 at Salem, Oconee Co., SC) (d. 27 Dec 2001 at Seneca, Oconee Co., SC)
Rogers, Bertie (b. 5 Mar 1887 at Anderson Co., SC)
Rogers, Bessie
Rogers, Bessie (b. Feb 1892)
Rogers, Bessie (d. Aft 1909 at Cowan, WV)
Rogers, Bessie A (b. 15 Jun 1904) (d. 22 Mar 1956)
Rogers, Bessie Eulalia
Rogers, Bessie Mae (b. 23 Dec 1898)
Rogers, Beth
Rogers, Beth Elizbath (b. 8 Nov 1967)
Rogers, Betsey
Rogers, Betsey
Rogers, Betsey (b. Bet 1759 and 1783) (d. 12 Mar 1810)
Rogers, Bettie (b. Abt 1873)
Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Betty (d. Bef 2001)
Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Betty
Rogers, Betty Jane
Rogers, Betty Jean
Rogers, Betty Jean
Rogers, Betty Louise
Rogers, Beulah
Rogers, Bill Floyd (b. 17 Apr 1922 at Ohatchee, AL)
Rogers, Billie Daniel
Rogers, Billy
Rogers, Billy Joe (b. 19 Aug 1963 at Ozark, Franklin County, Arkansas)
Rogers, Billy Joe
Rogers, Blanche (b. 1777)
Rogers, Blanche Elizabeth
Rogers, Bobbie Lee
Rogers, Bobbie Mae (b. 1937) (d. 1937)
Rogers, Bobby Dean
Rogers, Bobby Gene (S.O. Billy Joe 1963)
Rogers, Bobby Gene (b. 6 Jul 1937 at Peter Pender, Franklin County, Arkansas)
Rogers, Boles A.
Rogers, Brad Daniel (b. 15 Feb 1960)
Rogers, Bradley Preston
Rogers, Bradley Scott (b. 10 Oct 1977 at Lillydale, Victoria, Australia)
Rogers, Brandy
Rogers, Brenda Leigh (b. 12 May 1961)
Rogers, Britt
Rogers, Britt
Rogers, Brittany
Rogers, Broadus L. (b. 8 Oct 1886 at Anderson Co., SC) (d. 14 Mar 1950 at Anderson Co., SC)
Rogers, Bruce (b. at Pickens Co., SC) (d. Bef 2002)
Rogers, Bruce Arthur (b. 29 Jun 1990)
Rogers, Bruce West
Rogers, Bryan
Rogers, Bryan Clifton
Rogers, Bryant (d. Bef 1999)
Rogers, C C (b. 1912 at , , OK)
Rogers, C. Newt
Rogers, Callie Doan (b. 4 Apr 1881 at Stewart s Mill, TX) (d. 6 May 1970 at Clovis, CA)
Rogers, Cameron
Rogers, Camille (b. 1902 at Claremore, Rogers, OK)
Rogers, Candilia
Rogers, Carey Wayne
Rogers, Carl Aaron
Rogers, Carla Darlene
Rogers, Carla Renee
Rogers, Carlisle (b. 21 Jun 1921 at Seneca, Oconee Co., SC)
Rogers, Carol
Rogers, Carol Janice
Rogers, Carolina S. (b. 14 Mar 1834)
Rogers, Caroline (b. Abt 1843) (d. 1929)
Rogers, Caroline M. (b. 23 May 1836 at Connecticut) (d. 6 Mar 1879)
Rogers, Carolyn
Rogers, Carolyn
Rogers, Carolyn Ethel
Rogers, Carrie
Rogers, Carrie
Rogers, Carrie (b. Dec 1882)
Rogers, Carrie Alsenia
Rogers, Carrie Lou (b. 27 Aug 1909) (d. 1 May 1980)
Rogers, Cary Wesley (b. 1912)
Rogers, Catherine (b. 9 Oct 1779) (d. 7 Jan 1885)
Rogers, Catherine
Rogers, Catherine (b. Abt 1857)
Rogers, Catherine Anne
Rogers, Catherine Clairene (b. 28 Sep 1907) (d. 19 Nov 1975)
Rogers, Cecil
Rogers, Cecil
Rogers, Cecil Lavone (b. 8 Sep 1919)
Rogers, Charles
Rogers, Charles (b. Abt 1660 at London, , England)
Rogers, Charles A. (b. 5 Mar 1892)
Rogers, Charles Dillard

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