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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on October 24, 2016.

Robinette, Elmer Isaac
Robinette, Elva Mary (b. 17 Aug 1906 at Wise Virginia) (d. 7 May 1952)
Robinette, Emory Hagan (b. 1930)
Robinette, Ernest Lee (b. 12 Jan 1932)
Robinette, Ernest Roby (b. 24 Sep 1936 at Jenkins, Kentucky)
Robinette, Ethel Marie (b. 24 Sep 1914 at Big Stone Gap, Wise County, Virginia) (d. 21 Jan 1971 at Pennville, Jay County, Indiana)
Robinette, Eulah (b. 1938)
Robinette, Euseabus
Robinette, Eva Kohlas (b. 23 Jan 1916 at Harold, Floyd County, Kentucky)
Robinette, Evelyn
Robinette, Everett Arland (b. 13 Jul 1917) (d. 4 Sep 1981)
Robinette, Ewell H. (b. 17 Mar 1910)
Robinette, Fannie (b. Abt 1903 at Lawrence Co., Kentucky)
Robinette, Fanny Frances (b. 1927)
Robinette, Fleming (b. Abt 1882 at Lawrence County, Kentucky)
Robinette, Floyd Franklin (b. 27 Jan 1930) (d. 28 Sep 1977)
Robinette, Frank
Robinette, Fred
Robinette, Geneva (b. 7 Nov 1915 at Wise County, Virginia)
Robinette, George Preston (b. 9 Jul 1881 at Harold, Floyd County, Kentucky) (d. 2 Apr 1968 at Harold, Floyd County, Kentucky)
Robinette, George Washington (b. Abt 1850 at GA)
Robinette, Georgia Dale (b. 6 Aug 1918 at Harold, Floyd County, Kentucky)
Robinette, Gerald Warren (b. 27 Jul 1935 at Aurora, Dearborn County, Indiana)
Robinette, Gerald Warren III (b. 28 Jul 1979 at Logan, Ohio)
Robinette, Gerald Warren Jr. (b. 18 May 1957 at Nelsonville, Athens County, Ohio)
Robinette, Geraldine L. (b. 18 Sep 1928)
Robinette, Geralidine (b. 29 Jun 1941)
Robinette, Gilbert J. (b. 31 Mar 1907) (d. 24 Dec 1967)
Robinette, Gladys (b. 22 Jun 1913 at Wise County, Virginia)
Robinette, Glenn Dalton (b. 13 Nov 1925 at Betsy Layne, Floyd County, Kentucky) (d. 15 Apr 1981 at Banner, Floyd County, Kentucky)
Robinette, Glenn Eugene (b. 30 Jun 1926)
Robinette, Grace
Robinette, Grover Paul (b. 14 Jan 1952 at Kingsport, Tennessee)
Robinette, Gustava (b. 1920)
Robinette, Harold Lee (b. 20 May 1942 at Jenkins, Kentucky)
Robinette, Harold William (b. 7 Sep 1925) (d. 15 May 1971)
Robinette, Harry
Robinette, Helen Elian (b. 13 Sep 1925 at Big Stone Gap, Virginia)
Robinette, Helen Louise (Sid) (b. 4 May 1930) (d. Aft Jan 1998)
Robinette, Inez
Robinette, Infant Boy (b. 1936) (d. 1936)
Robinette, Ira
Robinette, Jack E. (b. 17 Apr 1927 at East Clayton, Athens County, Ohio) (d. 1 Oct 1994 at Pomeroy, Meigs County, Ohio)
Robinette, Jackie
Robinette, James (Jimmy) (b. 7 Nov 1935) (d. 18 Jul 1960)
Robinette, James Allen (b. Aft 1800 at Cherokee Co., GA) (d. 21 Apr 1926)
Robinette, James Anderson (b. 13 Apr 1932 at Benham, Kentucky) (d. 26 Feb 1934 at Benham, Kentucky)
Robinette, James Carlton (b. 28 Oct 1954 at Richlands, Virginia)
Robinette, James Curtis (b. 12 Jul 1976 at Pikeville, Kentucky)
Robinette, James L. (b. Bef 25 Apr 1902 at Athens County, Ohio)
Robinette, James L. (b. 8 Apr 1943)
Robinette, James Wilson
Robinette, , Jr. James Wilson
Robinette, Janet
Robinette, Jason Paul (b. 11 Jun 1980 at Kingsport, Tennessee)
Robinette, Jasper (b. 29 Nov 1787 at Hooks Corner, Allegany County, Maryland) (d. 16 Jul 1871 at Flintstone District, Allegany County, Maryland)
Robinette, Jean Carol (b. 29 Jan 1948 at Hocking Valley Hospital, Logan, Defiance County, Ohio)
Robinette, Jeffery (b. 15 May 1985)
Robinette, Jeffrey (b. 19 Mar 1965)
Robinette, Jeffrey Wayne
Robinette, Jennifer Diana (b. 2 Mar 1980 at Logan, Ohio)
Robinette, Jeremiah (b. 1788 at Flintstone, Allegany County, Maryland) (d. 4 Nov 1842 at Flintstone, Allegany County, Maryland)
Robinette, Jerome Loren (b. 22 Apr 1935)
Robinette, Jerry Wayne (b. 11 Mar 1949 at Kingsport, Tennessee)
Robinette, Jerry Wayne (b. 23 Dec 1948 at Portsmouth General Hospital, Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Portsmouth City , Virginia)
Robinette, Jerry Wayne II (b. 3 Mar 1969 at Pikeville, Kentucky)
Robinette, Jessica Dawn (b. 19 Dec 1977 at Pikeville, Kentucky)
Robinette, Jessie Tilford (b. 3 Feb 1906) (d. 31 Mar 1984 at Jefferson Co., AL)
Robinette, Joan Elizabeth
Robinette, Joe
Robinette, John (b. Abt 1899 at Lawrence Co., Kentucky)
Robinette, Jonathan Dwayne (b. 11 Oct 1985)
Robinette, Joseph David (b. 26 Apr 1982 at Logan, Ohio)
Robinette, Josephus
Robinette, Joshua 1Tyson (b. 11 Sep 1978 at Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio)
Robinette, Joy Christine (b. 12 Apr 1980 at Galion, Crawford Co., Ohio)
Robinette, Joy Elizabeth (b. 8 Jun 1965 at Mobile, Alabama)
Robinette, Joyce (b. 29 Aug 1941)
Robinette, Juanita
Robinette, Judy
Robinette, Julie Katherine (b. 12 Jun 1975 at Kingsport, Tennrssee)
Robinette, Julius Henry (b. 24 Aug 1927 at Rock, West Virginia)
Robinette, Justin Michael (b. 14 Feb 1985 at Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio)
Robinette, Kathleen (b. 26 Jul 1948)
Robinette, Kelley (b. Abt 1888)
Robinette, Kenneth Carl (b. 16 Dec 1955)
Robinette, Kenneth Patrick (b. 21 Aug 1923 at Big Stone Gap, Virginia)
Robinette, Larry
Robinette, Larry Joe (b. 23 Dec 1958)
Robinette, Larry Joe (b. 19 Sep 1978)
Robinette, Lee Roy
Robinette, Leon (b. 1 May 1924 at Floyd County, Kentucky)
Robinette, Leonora
Robinette, Lewis Martin (b. 1856 at Tazewell County, Virginia)
Robinette, Lillie (b. 26 Dec 1900)
Robinette, Lillie Mae (b. 3 Apr 1922) (d. 14 Jan 1996 at Washington County, Ohio)
Robinette, Lisa Diane (b. 3 Dec 1971 at Radford, Virginia)
Robinette, Lizzie (b. Abt 1886)
Robinette, Lloyd Clifton (b. 5 Sep 1903) (d. at Waco, GA)
Robinette, Lola

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