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I'm Rob Salzman of 8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133 Beaverton, OR, 97008 USA.

E-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been shared with me.

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at e-familytree dot net.
This website updated on May 24th, 2013.

Richardson, Ann (b. 1771)
Richardson, Ann Carlton (b. 29 Apr 1954)
Richardson, Anna (b. 19 Aug 1794 at Greenville Co., SC) (d. 28 Aug 1850 at Chattooga Co., GA)
Richardson, Anna (b. 26 Apr 1814 at Anderson Co., SC) (d. Bef 1861)
Richardson, Anna Caroline (b. 2 Mar 1875 at Pendleton, Anderson Co., SC) (d. 22 Nov 1969 at Pickens Co., SC)
Richardson, Anna Elizabeth Pate
Richardson, Anna Marie
Richardson, Anne
Richardson, Annie Pearl (b. 2 Sep 1891 at Dalton, GA)
Richardson, Archibald (Archie) (b. 1814 at Scotland) (d. May 1886 at Near Fairfield Co, Iowa Home Of David King)
Richardson, Artemas
Richardson, Arthur
Richardson, Asa (b. 1720) (d. 1764)
Richardson, Audra Estella (b. 17 Jan 1906 at Stark Co., OH) (d. 24 Mar 1978 at Canton, OH)
Richardson, Audrey
Richardson, Augustus Phelps
Richardson, Bailey Elaine
Richardson, Barbara (b. 16 Oct 1892 at Greenwood, SC)
Richardson, Barbara E.
Richardson, Barbara Gail
Richardson, Barry (b. 25 Jul 1937 at Winchester, Hampshire, England)
Richardson, Bazil
Richardson, Bella Louisa (b. 16 Dec 1887 at Waltham, , MA)
Richardson, Benjamin (b. 27 Aug 1700 at Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts) (d. 5 Sep 1700 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA)
Richardson, Benjamin
Richardson, Benjamin
Richardson, Benjamin Bass (b. Jul 1841 at Whitfield Co., GA) (d. 27 Nov 1929)
Richardson, Benjamin Lee (b. 27 Dec 1896 at Chattooga Co., GA)
Richardson, Bernice
Richardson, Bertram E. (b. 18 Mar 1898 at Dalton, GA)
Richardson, Beryl (b. Jan 1881 at CA)
Richardson, Bethiah
Richardson, Bethiah (b. 1 Nov 1728 at Woburn, MA) (d. 9 Jun 1738)
Richardson, Bethiah (b. 5 Jan 1739 at Woburn, MA)
Richardson, Betsey (b. 1773) (d. 1852)
Richardson, Bettie Sue
Richardson, Beulah
Richardson, Bill
Richardson, Billy (b. Abt 1920)
Richardson, Billy Charles
Richardson, Bobby Eugene
Richardson, Bobby Eugene
Richardson, Bonnie Nell
Richardson, Boyce S (b. 29 Oct 1896) (d. 17 Aug 1913)
Richardson, Brad
Richardson, Brenna Grace (b. 5 Apr 1988 at Sharon, , VT)
Richardson, Bruce
Richardson, Bruce
Richardson, Bruce
Richardson, Bruce James
Richardson, Calvin R. (b. Dec 1944) (d. 3 Oct 1977)
Richardson, Camilla C. (b. 21 Mar 1833) (d. 10 Feb 1907)
Richardson, Camilla Cantey (b. 21 Jul 1856 at Clarendon County, South Carolina) (d. 1905 at Camden, South Carolina)
Richardson, Camille Floride (b. 30 Jul 1798) (d. 19 Dec 1866)
Richardson, Carla Cheline
Richardson, Carol (b. 22 Dec 1939 at Winchester, Hampshire, England)
Richardson, Caroline (b. Abt 1758) (d. 21 Feb 1829 at Athol, Massachusetts)
Richardson, Caroline V
Richardson, Carolyn Anne (b. 21 Jan 1952 at , , , England)
Richardson, Carolyn Melinda
Richardson, Carrie
Richardson, Catherine (b. 17 Jan 1775 at Surry Co., NC) (d. 7 Mar 1849 at Summerville, GA)
Richardson, Catherine (b. 19 Apr 1845 at , NY) (d. 31 Mar 1922 at , Stephenson County, IL)
Richardson, Celia Sue
Richardson, Charity (b. 18 Jun 1772 at Surry Co., NC) (d. Abt 1845 at Simpson Co., KY)
Richardson, Charity Emmaline (b. 15 Dec 1859) (d. 11 Apr 1930)
Richardson, Charles (b. 13 Jul 1886 at Lebanon, Anderson Co., SC) (d. 1 Oct 1887)
Richardson, Charles (b. Abt 1770) (d. 22 May 1825)
Richardson, Charles F (b. Sep 1852 at IL)
Richardson, Charles F (b. Dec 1883 at NM)
Richardson, Charles Pickney (b. 7 May 1837 at Anderson Co., SC) (d. 30 Apr 1864 at Pickensville, SC)
Richardson, Charlie
Richardson, Charlotte Irene (b. 22 Nov 1927)
Richardson, Chesley Clark (b. 31 Aug 1880 at Anderson Co., TX) (d. 30 Sep 1881 at Anderson Co., TX)
Richardson, Christian Zackery
Richardson, Christina Nancy (b. Abt 1834) (d. 1860)
Richardson, Christine
Richardson, Clarabelle "Maud" (b. 27 Sep 1878 at Athens, TX) (d. 27 Feb 1964 at Sherman, TX)
Richardson, Clarence Madison (b. 8 Sep 1895) (d. 1 Sep 1955)
Richardson, Dr Clark E.B. (b. 24 Feb 1849 at Anderson Co., SC) (d. 18 Apr 1902 at Anderson Co., TX)
Richardson, Clive (b. Abt 1947 at Winchester, Hampshire, England)
Richardson, Connie Sue (b. 12 Jun 1953)
Richardson, Cora Effie (b. Bef 1886)
Richardson, Cynthia (b. 1842 at NC)
Richardson, Cynthia
Richardson, Cynthia Alice
Richardson, Cynthia Anne (b. 2 Aug 1956 at Kansas City, Jackson, MO)
Richardson, Daffodil Y.
Richardson, Daisy B. (b. 14 Dec 1879 at Dalton, GA)
Richardson, Dan
Richardson, Daniel Hardy (b. 1996)
Richardson, Daniel Saxton (b. 19 Oct 1941)
Richardson, Danny
Richardson, Dave (b. at Elk City, OK)
Richardson, David
Richardson, David (b. 24 May 1797 at Lisbon, NH) (d. 22 Dec 1869 at Lisbon, NH)
Richardson, David Leon
Richardson, David Madison (b. 15 Oct 1852 at Jefferson, Huntington, IN) (d. Abt Nov 1932 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK)
Richardson, David Wayne (b. 12 Feb 1958 at Lawrence, , KS)
Richardson, Debbere Lee? (b. 26 Jan 1949)

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