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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Schram, Barthalomeus
Schram, Cathrina
Schram, David Carl
Schram, Frederick Augustus
Schram, Hendrick
Schram, Isaak
Schram, Johannes (b. Abt 1732 at Kinderhook, Columbia County, NY)
Schram, Johannes (b. Abt 1743 at Columbia County, NY)
Schram, John Frederick
Schram, Karl
Schram, Nancy Or Hannah
Schram, Rykert
Schramling, Emma Jane (b. 27 Nov 1848 at , Kalamazoo County, MI) (d. 7 Jan 1928 at Wayland, Allegan County, MI)
Schramm, Friedrich (b. 1789)
Schramm, Regina-Juliana (b. 4 Jan 1829 at Warsaw, Poland) (d. 28 Mar 1894 at Michalowo, Near Bialystok, Russia)
Schrapelau, Luitgard Von
Schraub, Anna Margaretha (b. Abt 1752 at Oppach, Bavaria) (d. 16 Mar 1807 at Thuengen, Bavaria)
Schraub, Antonius (b. Abt 1722 at Oppach, Bavaria) (d. Aft 1779)
Schray, Diane
Schray, Duane
Schreiber, Carol Ann
Schreiber, Christian (b. Abt 1745 at Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany)
Schreiber, Fred
Schreiber, Frederick Christian
Schreiber, Jacob (b. Abt 1740)
Schreiber, John Charles (d. 6 Feb 1910)
Schreiber, Margarete Luise (b. 9 Apr 1768 at Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany) (d. 24 Nov 1844 at Frankenberg, Hessen, Germany)
Schreiber, Mary Christian (b. 14 Apr 1923)
Schreiber, Maxine
Schreiner, Orval
Schreiner, Ronald
Schreiner, Shelly Rose (b. 13 Jun 1966 at Saskatoon, Sask, Canada)
Schreiner, Yvonne (b. Feb 1964)
Schrems, Barbara (b. 21 Feb 1945 at Buffalo, Erie Co., NY)
Schreyer, Carl
Schriber, Adam Eric
Schriber, Candice Eileen
Schriber, Clifford Dean
Schriber, Diana Estella
Schriber, Edward Jay
Schriber, Jacob Eli
Schriber, Jennifer
Schriber, Kimberly Erin
Schriber, Matthew Will (b. at Cleveland, OH)
Schriber, Meagan Elizabeth
Schriber, Michelle Lee (b. at Cleveland, OH)
Schriber, Paul Evan
Schriber, Richard Edward
Schriber, Sheryl Emily
Schriber, Tamara Jo (b. at Lakewood, OH)
Schrieber, Charles
Schriever, Jack
Schriever, Kelsea (b. Nov 1992)
Schriever, Kimberly Ann (b. Apr 1989)
Schriever, Matthew Allen (b. 27 Nov 1993)
Schrimsher, Emma Lee (b. 30 Mar 1891 at Paul s Valley, OK)
Schriner, Margaret
Schriner, Mollie
Schriver, Lincoln (b. Abt 1866 at Cass Dist., Monongalia Co., WV)
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, ---
Schrivner, Riley (b. 3 Mar 1889) (d. WFT Est 1930-1980)
Schroder, Duretta (b. 1845 at SC)
Schroder, Edward
Schroder, Jacob (b. 7 Aug 1807 at Hanover, Germany) (d. 20 Dec 1881)
Schroder, Jr Jacob (b. 1848 at SC)
Schroder, Janette Elizabeth (b. 1956 at Toronto, New South Wales, Australia)
Schroder, Julia Inez (b. Abt 1879 at SC)
Schroder, Juliana (b. 1859 at SC)
Schroder, Lena (b. 1855 at SC)
Schroder, M. Edward (b. 13 Nov 1852) (d. 4 Jul 1881)
Schroder, Margaret (b. 1857 at SC)
Schroder, Margrethe (b. 1543 at Of, Flensborg, Slesvig Holstein, Prussia) (d. 9 Mar 1597)
Schroder, William Jacob (b. Abt 1876 at SC) (d. 5 Feb 1962)
Schroeder, Benjamin Walter (b. 3 Apr 1903 at Waco, Mclennan, TX) (d. 22 May 1978 at Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX)
Schroeder, Billie Beryl
Schroeder, Emil
Schroeder, Ernest
Schroeder, Friedrich Jr. (b. 17 Jan 1883 at Nurenberg, Germany) (d. at World War I, 1914 1918 Missi)
Schroeder, Friedrich Wilhelm (b. 1859) (d. 1 Mar 1884)
Schroeder, Henry A.
Schroeder, Marie
Schroeder, Marjorie (b. 16 Sep 1920 at Cottonwood ID USA)
Schroeder, Minnie Bell (b. 29 Apr 1899) (d. 24 Sep 1973 at Burbank, California)
Schroeter, Christoph
Schroeter, Jacob
Schronski, Jamie Denise
Schronski, Sean Michael
Schronski, Shawna Jaye (b. 7 Oct 1985 at Tampa, FL) (d. 7 Oct 1985 at Tampa, FL)
Schropsher, Lillian Kyle
Schropshire, Sophia A.
Schroth, Teresia N
Schroyer, Henrietta
Schrum, Robert Dale
Schrum, Stephen Dale
Schrupp, Jerry Leroy

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