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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Scott, Richard
Scott, Richard (b. 1770)
Scott, Richard
Scott, Richard Hawkins (b. Abt 8 May 1742)
Scott, Richard Neil (b. 1 Jan 1963 at Melton)
Scott, Richard Oren (b. 1929)
Scott, Rita Kaye
Scott, Rl
Scott, Robert (Bob) (b. 12 Oct 1916 at Clinton County, Indiana) (d. 10 Feb 2000 at St. Elizabeth Health Care, Delphi, Carroll County, Indiana)
Scott, Robert (b. Oct 1853) (d. 1933)
Scott, Robert (b. 1829)
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert (b. Abt 1815 at Anderson, SC)
Scott, Robert (b. Abt 1846 at Pendleton District, SC)
Scott, Robert
Scott, Robert (b. 1866 at AL)
Scott, Robert Claude (b. 18 Oct 1890 at GA) (d. 21 Mar 1928)
Scott, Jr Robert Claude (d. Bef 2000)
Scott, Robert Joe (b. 6 May 1933 at Hillsdale, Indiana)
Scott, Robert Keith (b. 20 Feb 1917)
Scott, Robert Kevin (b. 23 May 1958 at Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana)
Scott, Robert Lee (b. 11 Sep 1958)
Scott, Robert Matthew (b. 11 Jan 1985 at Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Scott, Robert Paul
Scott, Robert Roy
Scott, Robert Todd
Scott, Roberta Kathalene (b. 16 Apr 1919)
Scott, Robin
Scott, Rocky
Scott, Rocky
Scott, Rogene Almira (b. 6 Apr 1840 at Fairfax, Vermont)
Scott, Rollo Eugene (b. 2 Jun 1902) (d. 2 Feb 1914)
Scott, Ronald James
Scott, Ronald? Lee?
Scott, Rosa K. (b. 1897) (d. 1985)
Scott, Rosanna (b. Abt 1765 at Of Bolton, Warren, New York) (d. 1820)
Scott, Ruby
Scott, Ruby Clara (b. 24 Jul 1876 at Dekalb Co., AL)
Scott, Ruby Rose
Scott, Rueben
Scott, Rueben
Scott, Rufe (b. Abt 1861 at Kerrville, TX) (d. Feb 1931 at Phoenix, AZ)
Scott, Rufus
Scott, Ruth (D.O. Artlissa (Artie)) (b. 3 Oct 1898) (d. 6 Nov 1986)
Scott, Ruth
Scott, Ruth (b. 1742)
Scott, Ruth I. (b. Abt 1890)
Scott, Ryan Alexander
Scott, Sally Ann (b. 30 Jul 1974)
Scott, Saloma Loraine (b. 10 Nov 1896 at Riverside, Washington, Iowa) (d. 1 Oct 1988 at Philip, Haakon, South Dakota)
Scott, Samantha (b. 11 Jun 1970)
Scott, Samuel
Scott, Samuel
Scott, Samuel (d. 20 Apr 1842)
Scott, Samuel (b. 3 Nov 1829)
Scott, Samuel (b. Abt 1869 at Scotland)
Scott, Samuel (b. 1776) (d. 1821 at Richland County, South Carolina)
Scott, Samuel Elder (b. Abt 1790 at Robertville, Beaufort District, South Carolina)
Scott, Sandra Kay
Scott, Sanford (d. Mar 1903)
Scott, Sara Louise (b. 11 Nov 1971)
Scott, Sara Suzanne
Scott, Sarah (d. at Estate Settled Dec 26, 1879)
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah (b. 25 Jul 1690 at Yorkshire, England) (d. 2 Dec 1776 at Plumstead Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah (b. 19 Oct 1663 at Springfield, Hampden, MA) (d. 2 Dec 1751 at Springfield, Hampden, MA)
Scott, Sarah (b. 1916)
Scott, Sarah (b. Abt 1750)
Scott, Sarah (d. 11 Apr 1933)
Scott, Sarah (b. Abt 1760)
Scott, Sarah
Scott, Sarah Ann (b. 21 Jan 1841) (d. 20 Dec 1867)
Scott, Sarah E (b. Abt 1830) (d. 2 Jun 1910 at St. Joe, Searcy, AR)
Scott, Sarah E.
Scott, Sarah Edna
Scott, Sarah Ellen
Scott, Sarah Frances
Scott, Sarah Jane (b. 17 Oct 1865) (d. 20 Sep 1936 at Steubenville, Ohio)
Scott, Sarah M. (b. 5 Oct 1849 at Grafton, WV) (d. at Y)
Scott, Seely Jane (b. 1901) (d. 1 Feb 1963 at Chowchilla, , CA)
Scott, Selby O.
Scott, Shannon
Scott, Sharon Ann (b. 8 Dec 1947)
Scott, Sharon Anne (b. 24 Jun 1961 at Melton)
Scott, Sharon Lynn (b. 11 Feb 1969)
Scott, Sharon Sue
Scott, Sherie Rene (b. 8 Feb 1967)
Scott, Sherine Rachel
Scott, Sherlene
Scott, Sheron Marie
Scott, Sherri
Scott, Sherri Ann
Scott, Sherri Lynn (b. 8 Dec 1975)

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