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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Seay, Benjamin (b. 1 Apr 1858 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 29 May 1889 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Bessie Louise (b. 19 Apr 1903)
Seay, Betty
Seay, Brooke Haley
Seay, Buford Fred (b. 11 Oct 1914 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 30 Jun 1989 at Forsyth Co., GA)
Seay, Callie (b. 31 Jan 1892) (d. 7 Apr 1928)
Seay, Calvin A. (b. 8 Aug 1860 at Dawsonville, GA) (d. 8 Apr 1863)
Seay, Cameron Cadoza
Seay, Carley Michelle
Seay, Caroline E.
Seay, Carrie Lee (b. 1900 at , Caroline, VA)
Seay, Centhia A. (b. 1862)
Gent, Christina
Seay, Clarinda (b. 17 Aug 1904 at Dalton, GA) (d. 20 Oct 1993 at Dalton, GA)
Seay, Cynthia (b. 1759 at VA) (d. 1839)
Seay, Cynthia Karen (b. 1958 at Pickens Co., SC) (d. 28 Oct 2000 at Easley, Pickens Co., SC)
Seay, Cyrus (b. 1765 at VA) (d. 1856 at Gilmer Co., GA)
Seay, Jr Cyrus (b. 1803 at Spartanburg, SC) (d. at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Cyrus Taburiaux (b. Dec 1882)
Seay, Daniel (b. 16 Sep 1851 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 9 Mar 1918)
Seay, Dot
Seay, Efford (b. Abt 1833 at GA) (d. 1870 at Luka, MS)
Seay, Elizabeth
Seay, Elizabeth (b. 23 Jan 1775 at VA) (d. 23 Jan 1775 at VA)
Seay, Elwood (b. Abt 1875)
Seay, Emily A. (b. 1873)
Seay, Emma (b. 16 Feb 1886 at Greene Co., AR) (d. 17 Jul 1907 at Greene Co., AR)
Seay, Ethel Era (b. 23 Jul 1915 at Rosalie, AL)
Seay, Floy (b. 29 May 1911 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Frances Caroline (b. 1865)
Seay, Frank Sullivan (b. Feb 1888) (d. Dec 1888)
Seay, Garlinda (b. 3 Jan 1836 at GA) (d. 25 Sep 1901 at Piedmont, AL)
Seay, Gaynelle
Seay, Gene
Seay, Genevieve
Seay, George A.
Seay, George Baldwin
Seay, George Edward (b. 5 Nov 1875) (d. 8 Feb 1949)
Seay, George Edward
Seay, Jr Gideon (b. Abt 1740 at VA) (d. 1807 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, Gideon (b. 1720 at VA)
Seay, Hanna (b. 4 Apr 1872)
Seay, Harry Liston (b. 12 Dec 1898 at Beaverdam, Hanover, VA) (d. 29 Jan 1970 at Richmond, Henrico, VA)
Seay, Heather Danielle
Seay, Henry Clay
Seay, Hezekiah
Seay, Huey
Seay, Isaac
Seay, James (b. Abt 1696 at Manikintown, Goochland Co., VA)
Seay, James (b. 28 Feb 1761 at VA)
Seay, James (b. 1846 at GA)
Seay, Jr James (b. 1719 at VA) (d. Abt 1774 at Amelia Co., VA)
Seay, James
Seay, James (b. 1769)
Seay, James E. (b. 1875)
Seay, James Irby (b. 16 Sep 1894) (d. 19 Sep 1981)
Seay, James Jefferson (b. 1919) (d. 9 Sep 1999 at Greenville, SC)
Seay, James K (b. 1870 at Luka, MS)
Seay, James Madison (b. 22 Jan 1822) (d. 13 Jul 1901 at Chickasaw Co., MS)
Seay, James Osborn (b. 26 Jan 1868 at Gravette, AR)
Seay, James Oscar (b. 20 Feb 1882 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 30 Jan 1948 at Dalton, GA)
Seay, James Ransom
Seay, James Ransom Dempsey (b. 21 Nov 1838 at SC) (d. 10 Jun 1877 at Benton, AR)
Seay, James William (b. 12 Apr 1874 at Coon Valley, AL) (d. 4 Dec 1952 at Georgetown, TN)
Seay, Janie
Seay, Jeanie (b. at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 1919 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Jesse (b. 1718 at VA) (d. Aft 1807 at VA)
Seay, Joella Rachael (b. 20 Aug 1911)
Seay, John (b. 1810 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, John (b. Jan 1836 at NC) (d. Aft 1900 at Rome, GA)
Seay, John (b. 1802)
Seay, John Berry (b. 31 Dec 1883 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 6 Sep 1964 at Hall Co., GA)
Seay, John Calvin (b. 1858 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, John Dempsey (b. 7 Mar 1870) (d. 28 Jul 1930)
Seay, John J.
Seay, John William (b. 2 Oct 1877) (d. at NB)
Seay, John Winston (b. 31 Dec 1919 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Jonathan Gene
Seay, Joseph
Seay, Joseph Brian
Seay, Rev Joseph Daniel (b. 2 Aug 1920 at Westminster, Oconee Co., SC)
Seay, Joseph Daniel
Seay, Josiah (b. 1880)
Seay, Josiah (b. 1758 at VA)
Seay, Judith (b. 15 Apr 1795)
Seay, Kate Rice (b. 26 Jul 1897)
Seay, Kiziah (b. 1762 at VA) (d. 1 Jun 1867 at VA)
Seay, Larry Edmund
Seay, Leah (b. 1843 at GA)
Seay, Leah C. (b. 1871)
Seay, Leander Franklin (b. 9 Nov 1863)
Seay, Lemma Lora (b. 16 Jun 1917 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Lewis
Seay, Linda Marie
Seay, Lorinda Jessie (b. 12 Oct 1875) (d. 30 Jan 1882)
Seay, Louisa Evaline (b. 1847 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 7 Apr 1917 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Lucy (b. 10 Dec 1803 at Spartanburg, SC) (d. 16 May 1885 at Hall Co., GA)
Seay, Luvenia (b. Apr 1885 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Mark Edward
Seay, Marshall

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