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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Seay, Martha (b. Abt 1786) (d. 8 Aug 1855)
Seay, Martha
Seay, Martha Bagley (b. 10 Feb 1880)
Seay, Martha E. (b. 1867)
Seay, Mary (b. 1760 at VA) (d. 1848)
Seay, Mary
Seay, Mary A. C. (b. Abt 1848)
Seay, Mary Adams (b. 25 Sep 1903) (d. 1918)
Seay, Mary Ann (b. 22 Apr 1780 at VA)
Seay, Mary Ann (b. 1724 at VA) (d. 1814 at VA)
Seay, Mary Elizabeth (b. 29 Sep 1889) (d. 29 Dec 1892)
Seay, Mary Jane
Seay, Mary M (b. 15 Nov 1785)
Seay, Mary M. (b. 1869)
Seay, Mary S.
Seay, Mary V. (b. 31 Jan 1866 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 6 Mar 1944 at Pickens Co., GA)
Seay, Matthew (b. 1763 at VA) (d. 1856)
Seay, Matthew (b. Abt 1790) (d. 5 Mar 1851 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, Myrtle (b. 1909 at AL)
Seay, Nancy
Seay, Osbern (b. 1804 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, Parthenia A. (b. 2 Feb 1837 at Dekalb, GA) (d. 3 May 1906 at Summerville, GA)
Seay, Paula
Seay, Pearl (b. 12 Jun 1913 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 23 Oct 1913 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Phoebe (b. 1721 at VA)
Seay, Ranson (b. 1809 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, Rebecca (b. 20 Jan 1778 at VA)
Seay, Reuben
Seay, Reubin (b. 1762 at Amelia Co., VA) (d. 19 Mar 1833 at Spartanburg, SC)
Seay, Robert A. (b. 13 Aug 1888 at Dawsonville, GA) (d. 10 Aug 1962 at Nashville, TN)
Seay, Robert W. (b. 1866 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Rodney Allen
Seay, Roy
Seay, Ruth Rhodes (b. 5 Jul 1905)
Seay, Sam (b. 29 May 1903 at Dalton, GA) (d. 13 Mar 1993 at Dalton, GA)
Seay, Samuel
Seay, Samuel M. (b. Abt 1791)
Seay, Sandra Anne
Seay, Sarah
Seay, Sarah (b. 26 Feb 1782 at VA)
Seay, Sarah (b. 21 Apr 1866)
Seay, Sarah Ann (b. 20 Apr 1866) (d. 6 Apr 1957)
Seay, Sarah Jane (b. Aug 1886 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 1930 at Dawson Co., GA)
Seay, Sarah L. (b. 16 Feb 1863 at Dawson Co., GA) (d. 4 Jul 1942)
Seay, Sarah Lou Mendy (b. 6 Dec 1897 at Dalton, GA) (d. 28 Oct 1947 at Milledgeville, GA)
Seay, Sophrona Ann (b. 19 Dec 1855) (d. 28 Dec 1926)
Seay, Susan Epes
Seay, Thomas Grey (b. 13 Aug 1871)
Seay, Thomas Grey
Seay, Thomas Ivy (b. 6 May 1892 at MS) (d. 28 Apr 1973 at AR)
Seay, Thomas James
Seay, Thomas Milton (b. 20 Dec 1912 at Dalton, GA) (d. at Rocky Face, GA)
Seay, Urisa (b. 1832)
Seay, Vernon Hillard (b. at Dalton, GA) (d. Abt 1970 at Dalton, GA)
Seay, Wilbur Stack (b. 1869) (d. 1911)
Seay, Wilbur Stack (b. 1908)
Seay, William (b. 1838 at GA)
Seay, William Barnett (b. 2 Jun 1850 at MS) (d. 22 Apr 1926)
Seay, William M
Seay, William Mack (b. 30 Jan 1907 at Dalton, GA) (d. 14 May 1992 at Dalton, GA)
Seay, Willie Lee (b. 22 Nov 1900)
Seay, Woodson
Seay, Woodson Henry (b. 1858 at MS) (d. at Milam Co., TX)
Sebastian, Count Schlik (b. Abt 1481 at Of Loket, Loket, Czechoslovakia) (d. 1528)
Sebastian, Allison Joy
Sebastian, Catherine Olivia
Sebastian, Donna Gail
Sebastian, Margaret Elizabeth
Sebastian, Mark Justin
Sebastian, Jr. Mark Justin
Sebastian, Michael David
Sebastian, Mildred Bowen
Sebastian, Rhonda Sue
Sebastian, Robert Edward (d. 16 Apr 1961 at Fredericksburg, VA)
Sebastian, Jr Robert Edward
Sebastian, III Robert Edward
Sebastian, Roland Earl
Sebastian, Sidney Earl (b. 20 Feb 1920 at Plano, TX)
Sebastian, Terrill Joe
Sebastian, Virginia Olivia
Sebastian, William Mcgowan (b. 23 Jan 1932 at Fredericksburg, VA) (d. 28 Dec 1986 at VA)
Sebolt, Louise (b. 23 Oct 1913)
Sebright, Edward
Sebright, Jr Edward (b. 1645) (d. 1679)
Sebright, III Edward (b. 1668) (d. 1702)
Sebright, Eleanor
Sebright, Henrietta (d. 15 Feb 1840)
Sebright, Sir, Bt. John (b. 1725) (d. 1794)
Sebright, Thomas (b. 1692) (d. 1736)
Sebring, Grace (b. 1 May 1951)
Sebring, Jan Roelofse
Sebrosky, Jean Marie
Seburn, Golda Eloise (b. 31 Jul 1892 at Mt. Grove, Wright, MO) (d. 14 Sep 1979 at Nyssa, Malheur, OR)
Seburn, Polly (d. at Y)
Secherchak, Gloria
Secherchak, Gloria
Sechler, Anna Barbara
Sechler, Elizabeth (b. 29 Aug 1905 at Chilhowie, , VA) (d. 14 Dec 1989 at , Los Angeles, CA)
Sechler, Hezekiah A.
Secor, James (b. Abt 1852)

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