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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Shaw, Charles William (b. 8 Nov 1935 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR)
Shaw, Christopher Scott
Shaw, Clara
Shaw, Clarence Clayfield (b. 16 Jul 1892 at Airmount, Yalobusha County, MS) (d. Aug 1892 at Airmount, Yalobusha County, MS)
Shaw, Clarissa Lattia (b. Abt 1835) (d. 1860)
Shaw, Clarke Coleman
Shaw, Cliff
Shaw, Clinton Travis
Shaw, Clyde
Shaw, Crandall (b. Abt 1820 at St Joseph, Berrian, MI) (d. Aft 1846)
Shaw, Dale Robert (b. 18 Aug 1946)
Shaw, Dana
Shaw, Daniel Joseph
Shaw, Darren Tyler
Shaw, David M.
Shaw, David Preston
Shaw, Debbie Lynn
Shaw, Deborah (b. 15 Jul 1711 at Little Compton, Bristol, RI) (d. 1766 at Dartmouth, MA)
Shaw, Dee Dee
Shaw, Delia
Shaw, Dennis W.
Shaw, Dessie (b. 6 Oct 1899) (d. 17 Dec 1958 at Anderson Co., SC)
Shaw, Dewey Denzel
Sullins, Dianna Lynn (b. 14 Jul 1944 at Fairfield ? , , California, , ,)
Shaw, Donna
Shaw, Donna
Shaw, Donna Elaine (b. 8 Aug 1960 at KY)
Shaw, Dorcas
Shaw, Dorothy
Shaw, Dorothy Diane
Shaw, Douglas Allen (b. 16 Jul 1947 at Canton, Fulton County, Illinois)
Shaw, E. N. (b. Abt 1860)
Shaw, Earley Milam (b. 1 Aug 1896 at Yorktown, Dewitt County, Texas) (d. 12 Jan 1968 at San Saba, Texas)
Shaw, Ebenezer (b. 13 Jul 1706 at Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA) (d. 24 May 1776 at Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA)
Shaw, Ebenezer (b. 24 Apr 1674 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA) (d. 11 Mar 1706)
Shaw, Edith
Shaw, Edwin
Shaw, Elenor T. (Shug) (b. 2 Nov 1856 at Walker Co., GA) (d. 13 Mar 1934)
Shaw, Elijah
Shaw, Eliza (b. Abt 1815)
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. 19 Apr 1818) (d. 31 Jul 1905)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1512 at Sauchie, St. Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1912 at , Fulton, KY)
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. 4 Mar 1833) (d. 17 Nov 1913 at Blount Co., AL)
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. 26 Sep 1687 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA)
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. 26 Feb 1655 at Weymouth, MA) (d. 6 Jul 1748 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA)
Shaw, Elizabeth (b. 5 May 1701 at Plymouth, MA) (d. 6 Jun 1727 at Carver, MA)
Shaw, Ellen (b. Abt 1545 at Standish, Lancashire, England)
Shaw, Ellen Arleene
Sweet, Emily J. (Emma) (b. 1859 at Illinois, , ,)
Shaw, Emily Louise (b. 1839) (d. 1907)
Shaw, Emma L. (b. 6 Oct 1846 at St Joseph, Berrian, MI) (d. Aft 1880 at California)
Shaw, Ethel Mildred (d. 2 Jun 1945)
Shaw, Eugenia Elizabeth (b. 22 Dec 1858) (d. 4 Mar 1941)
Shaw, Eunice (Glabsey)
Shaw, Eva
Shaw, Fanny (b. Abt 1800 at Pennsylvania) (d. Bef 1850)
Shaw, Frances Ann (b. 20 Feb 1935 at Gillette, Campbell, WY)
Shaw, Gaines Preston
Shaw, Gary
Shaw, George (b. Abt 1777)
Shaw, George Alan (b. 18 Aug 1950)
Shaw, George Andrew (b. 6 Jun 1868 at Walker Co., GA) (d. 12 Nov 1926 at Chattanooga, TN)
Shaw, Jr. George Clyde (b. 11 Mar 1949 at Eureka Humbolt Co, CA) (d. 11 Mar 1949 at Eureka CA)
Shaw, George F. (d. Abt 1993)
Shaw, George Sessions (b. 27 Oct 1921)
Shaw, Gert
Shaw, Gertrude (b. 23 Sep 1893 at Weesatchee, Goliad County, Texas) (d. 19 Mar 1959 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas)
Shaw, Gilbert (b. 1803 at Georgia) (d. Aft 1850)
Shaw, Gilbert Bruce (b. Abt 1886 at Jollytown, Greene Co., PA)
Shaw, Ginevra B (b. 22 Feb 1893 at Russiaville, Howard, IN)
Shaw, Gladys (b. Abt 1910 at , Fulton, KY)
Shaw, Grace (b. 15 Aug 1621 at Northowram, Halifax, Yorkshire, Eng) (d. 1682 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA)
Shaw, Granville (b. 1845 at WV)
Shaw, Hamilton (b. Abt 1744)
Shaw, Hannah (b. 1662 at Eastham, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, Us) (d. 24 Jul 1713 at Truro, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, Us)
Shaw, Hannah (b. 31 Jul 1704 at Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA) (d. 30 Mar 1762 at Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA)
Shaw, Hannah (b. 7 Apr 1668 at Weymouth, Norfolk, MA)
Shaw, Hannah (b. 27 May 1699 at Plymouth, MA) (d. 17 Oct 1747 at Plympton, MA)
Shaw, Hannah
Shaw, Hazel (b. Abt 1914)
Shaw, Hazel
Shaw, Helen Catherine
Shaw, Helen May (b. 9 Oct 1911 at Westhoff, Dewitt County, Texas) (d. 8 Mar 1912)
Shaw, Henderson (b. Abt 1822 at NC)
Shaw, Henderson D. (b. Nov 1859)
Shaw, Henrietta (b. Abt 1830) (d. 2 Oct 1865 at South Carolina)
Shaw, Henry (b. 30 Nov 1855 at Winnsboro South Carolina) (d. 4 Jul 1856 at Winnsboro South Carolina)
Shaw, Herbert Barton (b. 13 Jun 1924 at Portland, Multnomah Co., OR) (d. Jul 1948)
Shaw, Herbert Montgomery (b. 17 Oct 1893 at Girard, Crawford, KS) (d. 19 Jun 1969 at Gillette, Campbell, WY)
Shaw, Hopestill (b. Abt 1735) (d. 16 Oct 1810 at Pittsford, VT)
Shaw, Horatio
Shaw, Hugh
Shaw, Irene (b. Abt 1898)
Shaw, Irene Opal (b. 1 Dec 1921 at , Campbell, WY)
Shaw, Isla Jean
Shaw, James

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