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I'm Rob Salzman of 8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133 Beaverton, OR, 97008 USA.

E-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been shared with me.

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at e-familytree dot net.
This website updated on May 24th, 2013.

Roper-Curzon, 16th B. Teynham George Henry (b. 27 May 1798 at Waterperry, , Oxford, England) (d. 26 Oct 1889 at Tower House, Shooters Hill, Kent, England)
Roper-Curzon, George Henry (b. 10 Mar 1891) (d. 24 Oct 1891)
Roper-Curzon, Gerald Milner
Roper-Curzon, Gertrude Harrietta (d. 23 Jul 1953)
Roper-Curzon, Gertrude Percy (d. 18 Oct 1865)
Roper-Curzon, Harriet Anne Lovell (b. 1865 at Linsted, , Kent, England)
Roper-Curzon, Henrietta
Roper-Curzon, Henrietta Margaret (b. 25 Aug 1955)
Roper-Curzon, Henrietta Maria (d. 27 Apr 1876)
Roper-Curzon, 15th B. Teynham Henry (b. 20 Mar 1789 at St. Marylebone, Oxford, , England) (d. 23 Sep 1842 at Upper Bagot St., Dublin, , Ireland)
Roper-Curzon, 17th B. Teynham Henry George (b. 27 Dec 1822 at Sevenoaks, , Kent, England) (d. 22 Jul 1892 at Sidcup, , Kent, England)
Roper-Curzon, 18th B. Teynham Henry John Philip (b. 27 May 1867 at Argyll Road, , London, England) (d. 19 Dec 1936)
Roper-Curzon, Hermione Marie Hilda Edith (b. 27 Apr 1973 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Holly Anne-Marie (b. 1963)
Roper-Curzon, Jack (b. 1990) (d. 1990)
Roper-Curzon, James Gerald (b. 10 Jan 1837) (d. 27 Jan 1881)
Roper-Curzon, Jana (b. 17 Nov 1832)
Roper-Curzon, Jane (b. 9 Sep 1838)
Roper-Curzon, Joan (b. 19 Apr 1826)
Roper-Curzon, John (b. 14 Aug 1792 at Waterperry, Oxford, , England) (d. 22 Dec 1792 at Waterperry, Oxford, , England)
Roper-Curzon, 20th B. Teynham John Christopher Ingham (b. 25 Dec 1928 at London, , , England)
Roper-Curzon, John Henry (b. 13 Feb 1802 at , , Oxford, England) (d. 7 Apr 1829 at Linsted, , Kent, England)
Roper-Curzon, Jonathan Christopher James (b. 27 Apr 1973 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Julia (b. 4 Feb 1796) (d. 30 Sep 1886)
Roper-Curzon, Kate Elly (d. 22 May 1918)
Roper-Curzon, Laura Sybil
Roper-Curzon, Lucy Elspeth (b. 23 Jul 1969 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Mabel Frances Maud (b. 18 Jun 1876 at Nobiton Place, , Surrey, England) (d. 14 Oct 1895)
Roper-Curzon, Margaret Sidney (d. 1887)
Roper-Curzon, Maria (b. 2 Nov 1820)
Roper-Curzon, Mary Isabella (d. 1947)
Roper-Curzon, Matilda (b. 1 Jun 1835)
Roper-Curzon, Michael Henry (b. 19 Apr 1931 at , , , England)
Roper-Curzon, Peter Michael Alexander (b. 20 Nov 1977 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Ralph Henry (b. 6 Aug 1899)
Roper-Curzon, Richard Henry (b. 26 Jan 1840 at Waterperry, , Derby, England) (d. 20 Apr 1924)
Roper-Curzon, Sarah (b. 28 Apr 1823)
Roper-Curzon, Sidney Campbell Henry (b. 12 Dec 1810) (d. 13 Jul 1882)
Roper-Curzon, Sidney Doddridge (b. 22 Sep 1870 at Nobiton Place, , Surrey, England) (d. 17 May 1932)
Roper-Curzon, Sophie Patricia (b. 30 Nov 1967 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Thomas (b. 25 Nov 1790 at Waterperry, Oxford, , England) (d. 15 Jun 1833 at Cumberland St., Marylebone, , England)
Roper-Curzon, Tommy (d. 1992)
Roper-Curzon, William Thomas (b. 27 Jul 1980 at Oxford, , Oxford, England)
Roper-Curzon, Wyndham Henry Heathcote (b. 12 Nov 1868 at Linsted, , Kent, England) (d. 8 Oct 1927)
Ropes, Elizabeth
Ropes, Jeanine Marie
Ropes, Priscilla C. (b. at Salem, Massachusetts)
Ropp, Faye (b. 15 Mar 1921 at El Reno, OK) (d. 26 Sep 1959 at Muskogee, OK)
Ropp, Mary Jane (b. 1907 at Gray Court, , SC) (d. 22 Oct 1996)
Roquelaure, Francoise De
Roraback, George
Roraback, John H
Rorick, Joyce (b. 6 Oct 1938)
Rorick, Leo (b. 26 May 1915) (d. 31 May 1974)
Roricus, Prince Of The Franks (b. Abt 126) (d. at Y)
Ros, Alexander (b. Abt 1231 at Youlton, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Alexander
Ros, Alice De (b. Abt 1310 at Of Helmsley, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Elizabeth
Ros, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1367 at Of, Hamlake, , England) (d. 26 Mar 1424)
Ros, Elizabeth De (b. Abt 1325 at Of, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England) (d. Aft 16 May 1380 at Of, Harringworth, Northamptonshire, England)
Ros, Everard (b. 1153 at Helmsley, Yorkshire, England) (d. Abt 1186)
Ros, Everard (b. Abt 1120 at Helmsley, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Ivetta (Juetta) De (b. Abt 1290 at Of, Igmanthorp, Yorkshire, England) (d. Bef 1331)
Ros, Joan De (b. 1309 at Of, Youlton, Yorkshire, England) (d. at Y)
Ros, John De
Ros, John De (b. Abt 1287 at Of, Watton, Norfolk, England) (d. at Beyond The Sea, Sp)
Ros, John De (b. Abt 1364 at Of, Stoke Albany, Northamptonshire, England)
Ros, De Molton Julian (b. 1201 at Steeton, Yorkshire, Eng.)
Ros, Julian de
Ros, Lucia (b. Abt 1270 at Ingmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Margaret (b. Abt 1272 at Ingmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Margaret De (b. Abt 1298 at Of, Kendal, Yorkshire, England) (d. 17 Oct 1357)
Ros, Margaret De (b. Abt 1361 at Of, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England) (d. Bef 1414)
Ros, Margaret De (b. Abt 1323 at Of, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Mary (b. Abt 1274 at Ingmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England) (d. 1310)
Ros, Maud De (b. Abt 1328 at Of, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England) (d. 1399)
Ros, Peter (b. Abt 1233 at Bottesford, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Peter (b. Abt 1088 at Ros, Holderness, Yorkshire, England) (d. 1157)
Ros, Robert (b. Abt 1194 at Wark, Northumberland, England) (d. 20 Apr 1274)
Ros, Robert (b. Abt 1124 at Helmsley, Yorkshire, England)
Ros, Thomas
Ros, Thomas (b. 1427)
Ros, Thomas (b. Abt 1276 at Dowsby, Lincolnshire, England)
Ros, Thomas De (b. 26 Sep 1406 at Belvoir, , England) (d. 18 Aug 1430)
Ros, Lord William (b. Abt 1295 at London, Middlesex County, England) (d. 3 Feb 1342-1343 at Holy Land)
Ros, Sir Knight William De (b. Abt 1365 at Of Belvoir, England) (d. 1 Sep 1414 at England)
Ros, William De (b. 1244 at Ingmanthorpe)
Ros, William De (b. 19 May 1329 at , Frieston, Lincolnshire, England) (d. Bef 3 Dec 1352 at Sp Overseas)
Ros Or Rosse, Margaret De (b. Abt 1305 at Of, Youlton, Yorkshire, England) (d. Bef 1345 at , Great Musgrave, Westmoreland, England)
Rosa, Deborah Luisa (b. 20 Aug 1960)
Rosa, Eveline
Rosa, Joseph (b. 24 Mar 1963)
Rosa, Levi
Rosa, Nellie (b. 1856 at Fulton, Oswego Co., NY) (d. 23 Jun 1933)

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