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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Vosburgh, William G.
Vosburgh, William H. (b. 1804 at Mass.) (d. 1867)
Vosburgh, William Henry (b. Abt 1852) (d. 1876)
Vosburgh, William Henry (b. 20 Aug 1838)
Vosburgh, William Henry (b. Apr 1862 at Marshville, NY) (d. 27 Oct 1939)
Vosburgh, William Henry
Vosburgh, William Henry
Vosburgh, William Henry
Vosburgh, William Henry (b. Abt 1846 at New York State)
Vosburgh, William Henry Harrison (b. Oct 1837 at Huntington, Ohio) (d. 8 May 1865)
Vosburgh, William I. (b. Abt 1865 at Wisc)
Vosburgh, Of Rochester, Ny William James (b. 28 Mar 1836 at NY State) (d. 6 Nov 1905)
Vosburgh, William Laurance (b. 25 Dec 1861 at Otsego County, NY) (d. 29 Dec 1910 at Elmira, NY)
Vosburgh, William Leslie (b. 28 Oct 1878) (d. 19 Oct 1957)
Vosburgh, William M. (b. 9 Mar 1854)
Vosburgh, William Martin (b. Abt 1823 at New York State)
Vosburgh, William Mason (b. 26 Oct 1835 at Erie., PA) (d. 13 Aug 1898)
Vosburgh, William N. (b. Abt 1847 at Indiana)
Vosburgh, William Penn (b. 14 Dec 1877 at Kankakee, IL) (d. 11 Mar 1962 at Tampa, FL)
Vosburgh, William Peter (b. 1802-1803 at New York State) (d. 1 Mar 1856 at Ghent, NY)
Vosburgh, William Richardson (b. 5 Sep 1854 at Ovid, NY) (d. 7 May 1924 at Oak Park, ILL)
Vosburgh, Jr. William Richardson (b. 16 Dec 1890) (d. 25 Aug 1953)
Vosburgh, William S. (b. Abt 1872 at Mississippi)
Vosburgh, William S. Gilbert (b. 25 Aug 1812 at Germantown, NY) (d. 1899)
Vosburgh, William Samuel (b. 16 Jul 1873)
Vosburgh, William Streaver (b. 7 Jul 1849 at NY State) (d. 9 Jan 1883)
Vosburgh, Jr William Strever (b. 1878) (d. 1976)
Vosburgh, William Thomas
Vosburgh, William Vernon
Vosburgh, William W. (b. 1840 at Pa.)
Vosburgh, Of Ghent, Ny William W. (b. 14 Dec 1837 at Columbia Cnty, NY) (d. 1913)
Vosburgh, William Wallace (b. 21 May 1798)
Vosburgh, Jr. William Wesley
Vosburgh, William Wesley (b. 12 Dec 1900 at West Wyoming, PA) (d. 1 Jun 1979 at Carverton, PA)
Vosburgh, Willie (d. 1918)
Vosburgh, Willie (b. 26 Jul 1886 at Conneout, Ohio) (d. 10 Nov 1967 at Iowa)
Vosburgh, Xena Millicent (b. 30 Oct 1909 at Union City, Branch, MI) (d. Abt 27 Mar 1934 at Sturgis, MI)
Vosburgh, Yates (b. Abt 1843 at PA)
Vosburgh, Yda (d. Y)
Vosburgh, Zanarria (b. 5 Jan 1825) (d. 15 Jan 1913)
Vosburgh, Zoroda Medora (b. 5 Sep 1851 at New London, Ohio) (d. 31 May 1852)
Vosburgh, Zuray (Zeba) (Ziba) (b. 1838 at PA) (d. 1888 at Clarks Summit, Lakawanna, PA)
Vose, Deborah (b. 23 Dec 1761 at Milton, Mass.) (d. 8 Jan 1843 at Milton, Massachusetts)
Vose, Elizabeth
Vose, Josiah
Vose, Nathan
Voskuhl, Marjorie Lucile
Vosmire, Henry (b. 19 Feb 1798)
Vosmire, Jane Ann
Vosmire, John
Vosmire, John Tobias
Voss, Amalie Elisabeth Countess
Voss, George H
Voss, Robert
Voss, Robert Boggs
Voss, Robert Leland
Voss, Sonna Lee (b. 27 Nov 1968)
Voss, Susan Carol
Voss, William (S.O. Robert)
Voss, William
Voss, William
Vossler, Myrtle (b. 1 Nov 1884 at Maysville, Grant County, West Virginia)
Votaux, John (b. Abt 1745 at Hampton, Virginia)
Votaux, Jr. John Jacob (b. Abt 1713 at Dublin, Ireland)
Votaux", Rebekah (b. Abt 1715 at Loudoun County, Virginia) (d. Abt 1770 at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania)
Votaw, Aaron? (b. Abt 1809) (d. 6 Oct 1885)
Votaw, Ada L.
Votaw, Adaline (b. 5 May 1835 at Columbiana County, Ohio) (d. 11 Feb 1899 at Wabash County, Indiana)
Votaw, Ann (b. Abt 1794)
Votaw, Ann (b. 1799) (d. 31 May 1865)
Votaw, Ann (b. 13 Jun 1810 at Near Salem, Columbiana Co., Ohio) (d. 10 Aug 1858 at Jerico, Indiana)
Votaw, Ann (b. 16 Feb 1811)
Votaw, Arthur (b. 1 Apr 1857) (d. 16 Mar 1859)
Votaw, Austin (b. 1858 at El Dorado County, Califonia) (d. Aft 1892)
Votaw, Ayra A.
Votaw, Benjamin (b. 15 Apr 1804)
Votaw, Benjamin (b. 28 Jun 1803 at Harrison County, Virginia) (d. Abt 1892)
Votaw, Carleton Knott (b. 29 May 1908 at Indiana) (d. 17 Jul 1922)
Votaw, Catherine Mabel (b. 3 Mar 1844 at Wabash, Wabash Co., Indiana) (d. 10 Nov 1881 at Sylvan Grove Or Vesper, Lincoln Co., Kansas)
Votaw, Catherine Marie (b. 26 May 1915 at Sacramento, Califormia)
Votaw, Charles Edward
Votaw, Charles Henry (b. 17 Jan 1877 at Fairplay, El Dorado County, California) (d. 6 Aug 1949 at Mercy Hospital, Sacramento, California)
Votaw, Charles J. (b. 26 Feb 1852 at Missouri) (d. at California)
Votaw, Charles Stratton (b. 8 Sep 1819 at Near Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio) (d. 14 Jan 1911 at Enid, Oklahoma)
Votaw, Clarence E.
Votaw, Daniel (b. Abt 1805)
Votaw, Daniel (b. Abt 1783 at Loudoun County, Virginia)
Votaw, David (b. 26 Jul 1810)
Votaw, Della Agnes (b. 22 Jan 1883 at Plymouth, Amador County, Rnia) (d. 17 May 1951 at California)
Votaw, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1794)
Votaw, Elizabeth (b. 22 Mar 1814)
Votaw, Elvin R.
Votaw, Emma Helen
Votaw, Ernest Paul (b. 14 Jan 1890 at Plymouth, Amador County, California) (d. 27 Mar 1974)
Votaw, Esther (b. 2 Feb 1818) (d. 16 Sep 1891)
Votaw, Eugene (b. 1 Sep 1859 at El Dorado County, California) (d. 28 May 1863 at El Dorado County, California)
Votaw, Florence Anna (b. 7 Oct 1906 at Noble Township, Wabash County, Indiana) (d. 7 Apr 1987 at Wabash, Wabash County, Indiana)
Votaw, Florence Louise (b. 24 Jul 1906 at Indiana) (d. 27 Mar 1970 at Michigan)
Votaw, George (b. 5 Jun 1808) (d. 3 Jul 1831)
Votaw, Gertrude (b. at Indiana) (d. at Kokomo, Howard County, Indiana)

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