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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Walpole, Louisa
Walpole, Countess Of Waldegrave Maria (b. 10 Jul 1736 at St James s, Westminster, London, England) (d. 22 Aug 1807 at Oxford Lodge, Brompton, Middlesex)
Walpole, Martha (b. Abt 1843)
Walpole, Mary (d. 2 Jan 1732 at Aix En Provence, Provence, France)
Walpole, Mary (b. 8 Jun 1673 at , Houghton, Norfolk, England) (d. 28 Apr 1701 at Barsham, Suffolk, England)
Walpole, Mary
Walpole, Mr. (b. Abt 1673 at , England)
Walpole, Earl Of Orford Robert (b. 26 Aug 1676 at , Houghton, Norfolk, England) (d. 18 Mar 1745 at Piccadilly, London, Middlesex, England)
Walpole, [Earl Of Orford] Robert (d. 31 Mar 1751)
Walpole, [Esquire] Robert (b. 18 Nov 1650 at , Houghton, Norfolk, England) (d. 18 Nov 1700 at , Houghton, Norfolk, England)
Walpole, Sarah
Walpole, William
Walpurg, Countess Of Solms (b. 23 Oct 1490 at Of Lich, Obrhss, H Dr)
Walpurge, Countess Of Bentheim
Walpurge, Countess Of Wied (b. Abt 1518 at Of, Altwied, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 3 Oct 1578)
Walpurge, Countess Of Wied Runkel (b. Abt 1588 at Of, Neuwied, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 1647)
Walpurge, Countess Hohenlohe Dorothea (b. 22 Sep 1590 at Weikersheim, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg) (d. 20 Dec 1656 at Waldenburg, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Walpurgis, Countess Of Waldeck-Eisenber Adelheid (b. 11 Sep 1555 at Eisenberg Castle, Wldck, Grmn) (d. 17 Jun 1570)
Walpurgis, Count Of Erbach (b. 13 Feb 1544-1545 at Of Erbach, Starkenburg, Hesse Darmstadt) (d. 1592)
Walpurgis, Countess Of Dhaun (b. Abt 1435 at Of Kyrburg, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 28 Sep 1493)
Walpurgis, Countess Of Mors (b. Abt 1393 at Of, Mors, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 20 Apr 1453)
Walpurgis, Countess Of Rietberg
Walpurgis, Countess Leiningen Wester Johanne (b. 3 Jun 1647 at Schaumburg A. D., H Nss, Prussia) (d. 4 Nov 1687 at Dahme, Brndnb, Prussia)
Walpurgis, Countess Solms Luise (b. 27 Apr 1639 at Of, Greifenstein, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 2 Aug 1720)
Walrad, Count Of Nassau (b. 7 Nov 1656 at Saarbrucken, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 15 Jan 1705)
Walrad, Count Of Salm Dhaun (b. 26 Apr 1686 at Of Dhaun, Rheinland, Prussi) (d. 18 Sep 1730)
Walrad, Prince Of Nassau Usingen (b. 25 Feb 1635 at Of Saarbrucken, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 17 Oct 1702 at Roermond, Lmbrg, Netherlands)
Walradt, Leah
Walram, Count Of Laurenburg & Nassau (b. Abt 1146 at Of, Laurenburg, Hessen Nassau, Prussia) (d. 1 Feb 1197-1198)
Walram, Count Nassau (b. 1294) (d. Aft 15 May 1324)
Walram, Duke Limburg
Walram, Count Of Leiningen (b. Abt 1222 at Of, Alt Leiningen, Pfalz, Bavaria)
Walram, Count Of Mors (b. Abt 1382 at Of, Mors, Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 3 Oct 1456)
Walram, Count Of Nassau (b. Abt 1259) (d. Abt 1324)
Walram, Count Of Nassau (b. Abt 1426 at Of, Idstein, Hessen Nassau, Prussia)
Walram, Count Of Nassau (b. Abt 1345 at Of, Idstein, Hessen Nassau, Prussia) (d. at young)
Walram, Count Of Sponheim-Blanken (b. Abt 1258 at Of Heinsberg, Rheinland, Prussia)
Walram, Count Of Sponheim-Kreuzna
Walram, Count Of Zweibrucken (b. Abt 1442 at Of Bitche, Msll, Frnc)
Walram, Prince Of Limburg (b. Abt 1199)
Walrath, Regina M. (b. 10 Aug 1829) (d. 28 Aug 1898)
Walraven, Amanda
Walraven, Autumn
Walraven, Autumn
Walraven, Candi
Walraven, Chasity
Walraven, Della Mae (b. Abt 1915)
Walraven, Otto (b. 23 Mar 1924)
Walraven, Walter Langford (b. 15 Sep 1947)
Walravin, Amanda (b. 23 Dec 1852 at GA) (d. 18 Jan 1940 at Dallas Co., TX)
Smith, Anna Alice (Annie) (b. 1874) (d. 1947)
Walrond, Amabel
Walrond, Anne (b. 1504 at Of, Bovey, England)
Walrond, Bethell
Walrond, Charles Wills (d. 1795)
Walrond, Elizabeth (b. 1558 at Aldbourne, , Wilt, Engl)
Walrond, Frances (b. 1680 at Barbadoes) (d. 1716 at London)
Walrond, Frances
Walrond, George (d. 1688)
Walrond, Rev Henry (d. 1787)
Walrond, Henry (d. 1616)
Walrond, Humphrey
Walrond, Humphrey
Walrond, Humphrey
Walrond, John (b. 1818)
Walrond, Joseph Lyons (d. 1815)
Walrond, Main Swete
Walrond, Margaret
Walrond, Margaret Walrond Louisa
Walrond, Nathaniel
Walrond, Theodore
Walrond, Theodore (d. 1748 at Soon After.)
Walrond, Theodore
Walrond, Colonel Thomas (d. 1694)
Walrond, Thomas (b. 1532 at , , , Engl)
Walrond, William
Walrond, William Henry (d. 20 Feb 1845)
Walsby, David
Walse, Thomas (Walsh) (b. Abt 1343 at Of, Wanlip, Leicestershire, England)
Walsee, Diemut Von (b. Abt 1298 at Of Celje, Slovenija, Yugoslavi) (d. Aft 14 May 1353)
Walsee, Ulrich Von (b. Abt 1272)
Walsely, Johanna (b. Abt 1566 at Of Somersetshire, England)
Walser, Constance
Walser, Fred
Walser, George Jasper (b. 14 Nov 1878 at Payson, Utah, Utah) (d. 25 Jun 1965 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT)
Walser, Juanita
Walser, Rebecca Gail
Walsh, Adelade
Walsh, Agnes (b. Abt 1857) (d. at Y)
Walsh, Aimee (b. 19 Nov 1873) (d. 2 Apr 1962)
Walsh, Alexander
Walsh, Alexander Henry (b. 16 Aug 1877 at Truxton, , MO) (d. 6 Jun 1973 at , Fayette, MO)
Walsh, Alice Aileen
Walsh, Andrew Joseph (b. 2 Oct 1960 at Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan)
Walsh, Andrianna Josephine (b. 16 Oct 1995 at Plano, Collin County, Texas)
Walsh, Anthony Cameron
Walsh, Barbara Ann
Walsh, Bart Hamilton
Walsh, Billy Gene
Walsh, Bradley Ray

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