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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Wolcott, Jane Allen (b. 5 Oct 1719 at Longmeadow, MA) (d. Bet 1750 and 1813)
Wolcott, Jeran (b. Abt 1176 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1214 and 1267)
Wolcott, Joanna (b. 30 Jun 1668 at Windsor, CT) (d. 10 Jan 1755 at Springfield, MA)
Wolcott, John (b. Abt 1388 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1423 and 1479)
Wolcott, John
Wolcott, John (b. 28 Feb 1677) (d. 23 Jan 1750)
Wolcott, John (b. 1 Oct 1607 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. Bet 1608 and 1697)
Wolcott, John (b. 17 Apr 1545 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. 10 Dec 1623 at Tolland, Somerset, England)
Wolcott, John (b. 10 Sep 1516 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. 7 Dec 1571 at England)
Wolcott, John (b. Abt 1368 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1392 and 1459)
Wolcott, John (b. Abt 1316 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1346 and 1407)
Wolcott, John (b. Abt 1281 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1319 and 1372)
Wolcott, John (b. Abt 1144) (d. Bet 1179 and 1235)
Wolcott, Martha (b. 17 May 1664 at Springfield, MA) (d. 7 Sep 1687)
Wolcott, Martha (b. 9 Dec 1739 at E. Windsor, CT) (d. Bet 1755 and 1833)
Wolcott, Mary (b. 1622 at Toland, Somerset, England) (d. 16 Sep 1689 at Windsor, CT)
Wolcott, Myrna (b. 20 May 1916 at Niles, Cass County, Michigan)
Wolcott, Penelope (b. 10 Dec 1724 at E. Windsor, CT) (d. 26 Jan 1816)
Wolcott, Peter (b. 21 Aug 1736 at E. Windsor, CT) (d. 7 Dec 1758)
Wolcott, Philip (b. Abt 1246 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1284 and 1337)
Wolcott, Roger (b. Abt 1420 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1444 and 1511)
Wolcott, Roger (b. Abt 1211 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1249 and 1302)
Wolcott, Roger (b. 4 Jan 1679) (d. 17 May 1767)
Wolcott, Samuel (b. 16 Apr 1656 at Windsor, CT) (d. 16 Jun 1695)
Wolcott, Samuel (b. 11 Apr 1679 at Wethersfield, CT) (d. 15 Sep 1734)
Wolcott, Sarah (b. 14 Aug 1686) (d. Bet 1687 and 1780)
Wolcott, Simon (b. 11 Sep 1625 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. 29 Apr 1687 at Windsor, CT)
Wolcott, Simon (b. 7 Aug 1733 at E. Windsor, CT) (d. 2 Jul 1784)
Wolcott, Simon (b. 24 Jun 1666) (d. Bet 1667 and 1756)
Wolcott, Thomas (b. 1 Apr 1702 at Windsor, CT) (d. Bet 1731 and 1793)
Wolcott, Thomas (b. 1487 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. 5 Jun 1554 at England)
Wolcott, Thomas (b. Abt 1342 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1372 and 1433)
Wolcott, Tryphena (b. 20 Dec 1726 at Longmeadow, MA) (d. Bet 1755 and 1820)
Wolcott, William (b. 1463 at Tolland, Somerset, England) (d. 1502 at Dalverton, Somerset, England)
Wolcott, William (b. Abt 1440 at Walcott, Norfolk, England) (d. Bet 1467 and 1531)
Wold, Arne J (b. 12 Apr 1948 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA) (d. 24 Feb 1965 at Sonoma Co, CA)
Wold, Ashley Josephine (b. 16 Dec 1986 at New Orleans, Orleans Co, LA)
Wold, Curtis Lynn (b. 16 May 1955 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Danielle (b. 17 Aug 1980)
Wold, Jason Davis (b. 23 Jun 1986 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Jennifer Lynn (b. 15 May 1986 at New Orleans, Orleans Co, LA)
Wold, Katherine Lynn (b. 22 Jun 1988 at New Orleans, Orleans, LA)
Wold, Le Roy Peter (b. 30 Nov 1921 at WI) (d. 21 Mar 1960 at Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Rachel Layne (b. 21 Mar 1984 at Eureka, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Rick Layne (b. 25 Oct 1957 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Rolf Christian
Wold, Roy Lee (b. 18 Aug 1946 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Sarah Rene (b. 10 Aug 1976 at Portland, Multnomah Co, OR)
Wold, Terry Dean (b. 9 Dec 1953 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Timothy Allen (b. 14 Nov 1951 at Arcata, Humboldt Co, CA)
Wold, Treasa Marie (b. 6 Jan 1979 at Crescent City, Del Norte Co, CA)
Wold, Treasa Marie (b. 6 Jan 1978)
Wolenhaupt, Chad
Wolenhaupt, Marc
Wolf, Adam (b. 1784) (d. Aft 1860)
Wolf, Alva
Wolf, Alvin (b. 21 Jul 1919)
Wolf, Amanda
Wolf, Amanda Lee (b. 11 Dec 1969 at Beaudette, Mahnomen, Minnesota)
Wolf, Anna Catharine (b. 18 Nov 1659 at Rhodt, Pfalt, Bayera, Germany) (d. at Germany)
Wolf, Archibald (b. 18 Oct 1859 at Claiborne County, Tennessee) (d. 26 Oct 1939 at Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Wolf, Barbara (b. Abt 1937)
Wolf, Barbara Ann
Wolf, Benjamin (b. 25 Nov 1807 at VA) (d. 5 Sep 1882)
Wolf, Bernard Melbourne (b. 26 Dec 1921)
Wolf, Bessie Irene Maricle (b. 11 Dec 1922 at Eddy, Falls Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Bethaney Ann (b. 2 Nov 1987 at Temple, Bell Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Brian Mark (b. 9 Mar 1952)
Wolf, Brian Michael (b. Abt 1978)
Wolf, Carolyn Elizabeth (b. 1824 at Beaverdam, NC) (d. 1864 at Leicester, NC)
Wolf, Catherine (b. 16 Mar 1814) (d. 16 Mar 1892)
Wolf, Catherine (b. at 1865)
Wolf, Catherine (b. Abt 1810) (d. Aft 1860)
Wolf, Charity (b. 1840)
Wolf, Charles (b. Abt 1800) (d. Aft 1850)
Wolf, Charles Lester
Wolf, Christina
Wolf, Clarinda
Wolf, Clinton Josiah (b. 4 Oct 1879 at Bethel, Berks, PA)
Wolf, Dana Monroe (b. 7 Feb 1953 at Waco, Mclennan Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Dennis Phillip
Wolf, Dorothy Lee (b. 15 Sep 1922)
Wolf, Dwaine Hillman (b. 6 Jul 1954 at Waco, Mclennan Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Elizabeth Ann (b. 11 May 1977 at Independence, Jackson, Missouri)
Wolf, Ezra (b. Abt 1805)
Wolf, Ferdinand
Wolf, Frederick C. (b. 16 Aug 1919 at Wisconsin) (d. 7 Oct 2002)
Wolf, George (b. 1803) (d. Aft 1860)
Wolf, Hans Jacob (b. 20 Jul 1629 at Germany)
Wolf, Helen (b. Abt 1911)
Wolf, Jr Henry
Wolf, Jackie Ann Nobles (b. 2 Jan 1955 at Waco, Mclennan Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Jacob ''Jake'' Dwaine (b. 23 Dec 1980 at Temple, Bell Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Jacob
Wolf, Jacob Albert
Wolf, Jacob Allen (b. 14 Mar 1989 at Newton, Harvey County, Kansas)
Wolf, Joanne Love
Wolf, John (b. 1835 at MO)
Wolf, John (b. Abt 1858)
Wolf, John G

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