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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Wolf, John P (b. Abt 1853)
Wolf, Joseph (b. 1835 at MO)
Wolf, Judith R. (b. 6 Jan 1944)
Wolf, Kathleen Kaye (b. 15 Jun 1949)
Wolf, Kay Lunne
Wolf, Landon Albert (b. 25 May 1981 at Temple, Bell Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Leah (b. 24 Jun 1847) (d. 30 Oct 1919)
Wolf, Leonard Sr.
Wolf, Louie Albert (b. 1 Sep 1914 at Otto, , Texas, , ,) (d. 21 Sep 1991 at Waco, Mclennan Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Lucy Caddell
Wolf, Lydia (b. 8 Aug 1986 at Newton, Harvey County, Kansas)
Wolf, Lynn
Wolf, Margaret
Wolf, Marshall A. (b. 15 May 1864 at Claiborne County, Tennessee) (d. 1 May 1937 at Claiborne County, Tennessee)
Wolf, Martha Elizabeth (b. 30 Jan 1833 at Cape Girardeau Co, MO.) (d. 6 Jan 1846 at Cape Girardeau Co, MO.)
Wolf, Mary A. (b. Abt 1860)
Wolf, Mary Agnes (b. 1845 at MO)
Wolf, Max Richard (b. 17 Aug 1921 at Buchanan, Berrien, Michigan)
Wolf, Meghan Alice (b. Abt 1981)
Wolf, Merri Lou (b. 18 Nov 1946 at Benton Harbor, Berrien, Michigan)
Wolf, Michael
Wolf, Michelle Dawn (b. 6 Mar 1962)
Wolf, Nelda Susan (b. 6 Aug 1955 at Waco, Mclennan Co., Texas, , ,)
WOLF, Nellie Elfriede (b. 1 Sep 1918 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah) (d. 5 Dec 1969 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah)
Wolf, Oliver
Wolf, Peggy Sue Chaney (b. 28 Nov 1954 at Temple, Bell Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Phillip J (b. 17 Jan 1918)
Wolf, Randall (b. 26 Apr 1960)
Wolf, Richard Mcdonald (b. 21 Aug 1949 at Battle Creek, Allegan, Michigan)
Wolf, Robert (b. 1840)
Wolf, Rose Leona
Wolf, Sandra Joyce
Wolf, Sarah J
Wolf, Steven Kyle (b. 18 May 1984 at Temple, Bell Co., Texas, , ,)
Wolf, Susannah
Wolf, Thurman Robert
Wolf, W. Lamar
Wolf, William
Wolf, William J. (b. 1898)
Wolf Clan, Quatsy (b. Abt 1698 at Tellico, Cherokee Nation, East Tennessee)
Wolf*, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1837)
Wolfall, Thomas
Wolfe, Amanda
Wolfe, Arminda (b. 1859) (d. Jul 1915)
Wolfe, Bette Rose
Wolfe, Beverly Dawn (b. 2 Nov 1953 at Rock Hill, York, SC)
Wolfe, Billy
Wolfe, Brian
Wolfe, Carolyn (b. 11 Aug 1982 at Huntington Woods, Oakland County, Michigan)
Wolfe, Cody
Wolfe, Cornelius (b. 7 Dec 1911 at Indiana) (d. 23 Feb 1989 at Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio)
Wolfe, Craig S. (b. 22 Aug 1946 at South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana)
Wolfe, Deborah Ann (b. 20 Nov 1951 at Rock Hill, York, SC)
Wolfe, Donna Kaye (b. 1 Mar 1966 at Cheraw, , SC)
Wolfe, Eliza
Wolfe, Eliza J. (b. Jan 1888 at Tennessee) (d. 19 Nov 1992 at Decatur County, Tennessee)
Wolfe, Florence
Wolfe, Frank
Wolfe, Freeborn (b. 1632 at Of Salem, Essex, Ma) (d. 30 Jan 1681 at Beverly, Essex, MA)
Wolfe, G F (d. 1938)
Wolfe, General Houston (b. 10 Jun 1904 at , Sevier, AR) (d. 18 Nov 1992 at Sherman, , TX)
Wolfe, Glen Edgar (b. 15 Aug 1939 at York, York, SC)
Wolfe, Grace (b. 22 Nov 1889)
Wolfe, Guy David (b. 10 Aug 1892) (d. 24 Sep 1978 at Anamosa, Jones Co., Iowa)
Wolfe, Hannah (b. Abt 1628)
Wolfe, Hazel Irene (b. 1911) (d. 1990)
WOLFE, Holleigh
Wolfe, Isaac
Wolfe, Jack Lynel
Wolfe, James J. (b. 13 Oct 1807 at Virginia) (d. 14 Sep 1869 at Tiffin, Ohio)
Wolfe, Joan Irene
Wolfe, John Adam (b. 14 Feb 1972)
WOLFE, John Burdette
Wolfe, John Dale (b. 20 Dec 1947)
Wolfe, John Tyler (b. 27 May 1904 at Lodi, Washington County, Virginia) (d. 24 May 1947)
Wolfe, Lauryn Susanne (b. 23 Jun 1981 at Arlington, TX)
Wolfe, Leslie Michelle (b. 15 Feb 1979 at Arlington, TX)
Wolfe, Louisa M. (b. 1848) (d. Jun 1959)
Wolfe, Lydia M. (b. Aug 1839 at Pennsylvania) (d. 1915 at Chamberlain, Brule Co., South Dakota tombstone info.)
WOLFE, Martha Ann (b. 31 Jul 1922 at Springfield, Clark, Ohio) (d. 26 Feb 1992 at Arcadia, California)
Wolfe, Martha Hazel (b. 18 Jun 1926 at Chester, Chester, SC) (d. 5 Nov 1985 at Rock Hill, York, SC)
Wolfe, Martha Josephine
Wolfe, Mary
Wolfe, Mary Ann (b. 22 Mar 1839 at Wayne County, Ohio) (d. 6 Oct 1890 at Brinkhaven, Ohio)
Wolfe, Mary Jane
Wolfe, Mary Mazilla
Wolfe, Matthew Kurt (b. 3 Aug 1974)
Wolfe, Melcenia (b. 1838 at VA)
Wolfe, Michael
Wolfe, Michelle (b. 19 Dec 1965)
Wolfe, Mrs. Martha (b. 1610 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts)
Wolfe, Nancy (b. 23 Oct 1940 at South Bend, St. Joseph County, Indiana)
Wolfe, Niki
Wolfe, Patricia Fay (b. 18 Feb 1938 at Graham, Young, TX)
Wolfe, Peter (b. 1606 at Salem, Essex, Massachusetts) (d. 6 Dec 1675 at Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts)
Wolfe, Richard
Wolfe, Robert
Wolfe, Robert Daniel (b. 22 Oct 1949 at Rock Hill, York, SC)
Wolfe, Robert Harold (b. 29 Nov 1929 at Chester, Chester, SC)
Wolfe, Robert Lee (b. 5 Jan 1898 at Morristown, , TN) (d. 21 Dec 1952 at Rock Hill, York, SC)

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