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It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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Qarais, Ismail Ibn Imam Of SevilleC,P born Abt 0959, Seville, Spain
Qasi, Musa Ibn Musa IbnC,C,P,P,P,P born Bef 0789
Qays, Al-Ash'ath IbnP
Quackenbush, CatherineS,C born 1769
Quackenbush, David JC,C,P,P chr. 3 Jun 1770, Rdc Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery County, NY
Quackenbush, David N.S,C born 1766 died Bef 1786
Quackenbush, Jeremia DP
Quackenbush, Jeremiah DS,C born 4 Dec 1804 chr. 12 Jan 1805, Rpdc, Middletown, Montgomery County, NY
Quackenbush, LoriC
Quackenbush, MachteldC,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1752, Columbia County, NY
Quackenbush, MariaS,C,P,P born Abt 1784, Montgomery County, NY
Quackenbush, MariaS,C born 17 Dec 1800 chr. 18 Jan 1801, Rdc Stone Arabia, Palatine, Montgomery County, NY
Quade Der Brunswick GottingenS,C,C,C,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1340, Of Gottingen, Hannover, Prussia died 13 Dec 1394, Hardegsen, Hannover, Prussia bur. Wibrechtshausen
Quails, Anna H.S,C born After 1814
Quails, BailusS,C,C born 1844
Quails, DavidS,C born 1835
Quails, HattieC,P,P,P,P born 28 Jan 1866, Stone Mountain, GA died 1967, Bowman, GA
Quails, I. A.S,C born 1833
Quails, JamesS,C born 1846
Quails, JaneC
Quails, John BailusP,P,P,P,P,P,P died 1828
Quails, John Bailus JrC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1804 died Between 1850 and 1860
Quails, LinenaS,C born 1830
Quails, MarionS,C born 1851
Quails, Mary A.C born 1805
Quails, Mary JaneS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P born 5 Mar 1843, SC died 3 Oct 1904 bur. Wolf Stake Baptist Church, Oconee Co., SC
Quails, RobertS,C born After 1814
Quails, SerenaS,C born After 1814
Quails, TelithaS,C born After 1814
Quails, William BrewsterS,C,P,P,P,P born 1838
Quaite, C
Quake, MargaretC
Qualen, Anna Helvig VonS,C
Qualen, Gertrud VonC
Qualies, WilliamS,C
Qualls, AlbertC,P
Qualls, Alexander A.P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 23 Oct 1840, Overton Co., TN died 26 Nov 1918, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, AlfonzoC,P,P born 4 Jun 1897, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 7 Dec 1958, Jamestown, TN
Qualls, Bonnie MargaretC
Qualls, Bowen B.C
Qualls, Carrie AlmaC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 6 Dec 1890, Livingston, TN died 2 Feb 1979, Livingston, TN
Qualls, CassieC,P
Qualls, Charles GleenC
Qualls, Charles OttoC
Qualls, Clara LouiseC
Qualls, ClarenceC,P born 7 Aug 1902, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 19 Mar 1972, Jamestown, TN
Qualls, Comella RuthC
Qualls, CoraS,C
Qualls, CoraS,C born 11 Mar 1881, Overton Co., TN died 24 Nov 1911, TN
Qualls, Cora LeeC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 26 Sep 1891, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 1 Sep 1982, Monterey, TN
Qualls, Cora MaeC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 27 Oct 1885, TN died May 1964, Tulsa, OK
Qualls, D. W.C
Qualls, Dorcas MindyS,C,C died Overton Co., TN
Qualls, DoyleC
Qualls, ElizabethC
Qualls, Elmer EstesC
Qualls, EmmaS,C born TN
Qualls, EthelC,P,P,P
Qualls, EvieC,P
Qualls, FlorenceS,C born 25 Oct 1878, Overton Co., TN died 3 Dec 1966
Qualls, Gatewood SensabaughC,C,P,P,P born 20 Nov 1847, Overton Co., TN died 31 Jan 1921, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, George WP,P born 11 Feb 1838, Overton Co., TN died 12 Dec 1917, Overton Co., TN bur. Qualls Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Guy MoranC
Qualls, Harold GreyC
Qualls, Harvey LeeC
Qualls, Henry D.S,C born 1856
Qualls, Jackson HarrisonS,C born May 1869, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, JamesS,C born Nov 1858, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, James D.C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 3 Nov 1857, Overton Co., TN died 4 Mar 1906, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Jesse CarlyleS,C
Qualls, Jesse L.C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1854, Overton Co., TN died 1942, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, JewelS,C born 19 Feb 1924, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 16 Mar 1945
Qualls, Joe WheelerC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Qualls, JohnC
Qualls, Josiah H.P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 24 Aug 1827, TN died 25 Oct 1898, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Julia Nancy AnnC,C,P,P born 16 May 1881, Overton Co., TN died 5 May 1956, Livingston, TN
Qualls, JulieS,C died Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Kanady ReeceC,C born 10 Sep 1878 died 14 Mar 1953 bur. Hampton Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, KathleenC
Qualls, L. P.C,P born 15 Apr 1914, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 10 Jul 1990
Qualls, Lafayette W.C born 15 Mar 1873 died 5 Sep 1901, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Laura E.S,C
Qualls, Lenora B.C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 8 Sep 1871, Overton Co., TN died 12 Dec 1954, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, LeroyS,S,C
Qualls, Lou MayC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 23 Mar 1891, Overton Co., TN died 3 Jul 1969, Livingston, TN
Qualls, LutherS,C
Qualls, Luther CarsonC,P,P born 29 Aug 1893, Crawford, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Martha CatherineC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 14 Nov 1861 died 3 Nov 1931 bur. Rushing Springs Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, MaryC,P
Qualls, MaryS,C born 1862
Qualls, Mary OllieS,C born 2 Apr 1875 died 13 May 1903 bur. Archibal Qualls Cemetery, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Nancy AnnC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P born 14 May 1852, Overton Co., TN died 16 Nov 1927
Qualls, Nancy JaneC,P,P,P,P born Abt 1861
Qualls, NobleS,C born 19 Dec 1918, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 22 Jun 1923, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, ObedienceS,C born 1866
Qualls, Rasie Q.S,C,P born 20 Dec 1900, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Rebecca M.S,C born 1849
Qualls, Rosella LoreneC,C,P,P born 2 May 1915, Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri died 14 Jan 1997
Qualls, SarahC,P,P,P,P died Abt 1849, Floyd Co., GA
Qualls, Sarah AliceS,C born Overton Co., TN
Qualls, SisC,P,P,P
Qualls, Stella JuliaC,C,P,P born 4 Apr 1895, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 6 Jun 1986, Fentress Co., TN
Qualls, Tilden HoraceC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 22 Mar 1888, Three Forks, Overton Co., TN died 26 Apr 1963, Overton Co., TN
Qualls, Viola Evert BellC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 29 Apr 1889, Crawford, Overton Co., TN died 29 Jun 1972, Livingston, TN
Qualls, Walter L.S,C born 14 Sep 1887, Overton Co., TN died 14 Apr 1967, TN
Qualls, William Carson SrC,P,P born 9 Oct 1885, Overton Co., TN died 4 Oct 1923, White Co., TN
Qualls, William EugeneC,P,P born 18 Jul 1926, Overton Co., TN died 29 Sep 1986, Monterey, TN
Qualls, William HarrisonC,C,P,P,P,P,P born Jan 1878, Qualls, TN died 17 Jul 1958, Livingston, TN
Qualls, William HoustonS,C born 1864
Qualls, William JenningsC,P born 11 Apr 1916, Decherd, Franklin Co., TN died 25 Dec 1968, Dearborn, MI
Qualls, ZenobiaC,P,P born 13 Dec 1905, Qualls, TN died 16 Jul 1966, Cowan, TN
Quaney, Sara JudgeC,P
Quantock, John CaptainC,P
Quantz, A. TheodoreC born Abt 1875
Quaries, EleanorC,P
Quarles, AnnC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1715
Quarles, Charles HarrisonC,C,P,P,P,P,P born 17 Jul 1932, Abbeville Co., SC died 29 Mar 1989, McCormick, SC
Quarles, Charles WilliamC
Quarles, ErnestC,P,P,P born 2 Jul 1910, Gilmer Co., GA died 2 Nov 1989, Tunnel Hill, GA
Quarles, ErnestineS,C born 14 Jun 1931, Murray Co., GA died 8 Sep 1931, Murray Co., GA
Quarles, EverettS,C born 25 Aug 1911, Gilmer Co., GA died 21 Oct 1968, Chattanooga, TN
Quarles, FannieS,C
Quarles, Fannie E.C born 22 May 1852 died 23 Dec 1909, Mountain Rest, SC
Quarles, FrancesC
Quarles, George ChristopherS,C born 19 Jan 1964 died 1968, North Augusta, SC
Quarles, GlendaC
Quarles, Harrison GleenC,P,P,P born 7 Oct 1913, Gilmer Co., GA died May 1980
Quarles, Hazel LamarrC
Quarles, HudieC
Quarles, Ida MarieC
Quarles, J WesleyC
Quarles, James MichaelC
Quarles, James RobertC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 27 Apr 1888, Gilmer Co., GA died 26 Apr 1974, Dalton, GA
Quarles, James TheronS,C
Quarles, Jessie CharlesS,C born 29 Jul 1915 died 5 Feb 1916, Gilmer Co., GA
Quarles, JohnC
Quarles, John DavidC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 18 Jan 1890, Gilmer Co., GA died 3 Mar 1972, Dalton, GA
Quarles, John HenryC,P,P,P born 19 Aug 1871, Gilmer Co., GA died 9 Aug 1951, Gilmer Co., GA
Quarles, Joseph JamesC,P,P,P,P born 10 Sep 1874 died 12 Sep 1961 bur. Poplar Springs Baptist Church, Oconee Co., SC

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