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It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

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Y, Phebe VotawC born 22 Nov 1799
Y____, LetaC
Yadon, AnnS,C born 3 Aug 1825, Claiborne County, Tennessee died 25 Jun 1850, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Yadon, ArtieC born 4 Apr 1832, East Tennessee died After 1880, Claiborne County, Tennessee
Yager, August CarlC,P,P,P died 13 Jul 1900, Boonville, , NY
Yager, Catherine AnnC born 29 Oct 1903, Fiddletown, Amador County, California died 1982, San Jose, Santa Clara County, California
Yager, Charles FrederickC born 18 Nov 1906, Plymouth, Amador County, California died 10 May 1975, San Francisco Maritime Hospital
Yager, Dwight H.C
Yager, EarnestC
Yager, FredC
Yager, James AllenC
Yager, John LC
Yager, John P.C
Yager, Louis FrankS,C born 7 Aug 1887
Yager, Lydia MaudeS,C born 11 Jul 1879 died 3 Dec 1900
Yager, Mary Or PollyC,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1810, , NY
Yager, Nathanael SargentS,C born 7 Aug 1881
Yalanzon, Sam C.S,C
Yale, AnneC
Yale, DorothyC,C,P born 23 Jan 1650
Yale, HannahP
Yale, LucretiaS,C,P,P,P died 24 May 1800, At Age 22
Yale, MaryC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 26 Oct 1650, New Haven, New Haven County, CT
Yale, NathanielC
Yale, RachelC,P,P died 14 Jul 1949, Chickasha, OK
Yale, ThomasP
Yale, ThomasP
Yamagishi, Alice KazueC
Yamamoto, FumieC
Yanaga, ConsueloC,P,P,P died 1909
Yancey, Benjamin FranklinC born 2 Dec 1848 died 22 May 1910
Yancey, C. A.C died Y
Yancey, CatherineC born 10 Mar 1841 died Y
Yancey, Charles BernardC
Yancey, DavidC
Yancey, DavidC,C,P,P
Yancey, David Jr.C,P,P born 26 Jul 1835, Marshall, TN died 22 Jun 1917
Yancey, David M.C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 19 Dec 1808, Olgethorpe City, , GA died Y
Yancey, ElizabethC
Yancey, ElizabethS,C
Yancey, Elizabeth VileyC,P born 12 Aug 1882, Roanoak, , MO died 11 Jun 1959, , Fayette, MO bur. Roanoak, , MO
Yancey, FrankS,S,C
Yancey, James HenryS,C born 31 Oct 1851 died 8 Mar 1932
Yancey, JechoniasC,C,P
Yancey, JeremiahP born Abt 1748 died Abt 1788
Yancey, John MedearisC born 21 Feb 1833, Marshall, TN died 16 Dec 1909
Yancey, Larrry EugeneC
Yancey, Mary C.C born 22 Nov 1843 died 13 Aug 1890
Yancey, Rachel A.S,C born 18 Sep 1858 died 18 Sep 1858
Yancey, Sarah ArmandaC,C,P,P,P,P born Abt 1819, Glasgow, KY died 4 Dec 1879, MO
Yancey, Sarah EC,P born 28 Jun 1829 died 1904
Yancey, Sarah ElizabethS,C born 28 Sep 1837, Marshall, TN died 9 May 1911
Yancey, ThomasC,P
Yancey, Thomas WashingtonC born Abt 1839 died 1898
Yancey, WilliamS,C,P,P born Abt 1745 died Y
Yancey, William Hines CrawfordS,C born 19 Aug 1831, Marshall, TN died 22 Jun 1911
Yancy, BaylissS,C born 1822, Pickens Co., SC
Yancy, ElizabethS,C born 1822, Pickens Co., SC
Yancy, Infant DaughterS,C born 16 Dec 1914 died 16 Dec 1914 bur. Forest Cemetery, Near Meeker, , OK
Yancy, James E.C
Yancy, Lucy ElizabethS,C born 18 Dec 1858, Marshal, TN died Y
Yancy, LydiaP born 1862, Ark.
Yancy, MilesC,P,P
Yancy, MineolaS,C born Apr 1875, Mt. Pleasant, Maury, TN died Y
Yancy, Minnie L.C,P
Yancy, William L.C,P
Yancy, Willie ZeeC
Yandell, KatieC
Yandell, Timothy DaleC
Yandle, Annie VelmaC,P,P,P,P,P born 14 Aug 1907, Union Co., NC died 26 Jan 1983, Charlotte, NC bur. 28 Jan 1983, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Charlotte, NC
Yandle, Thomas Bruce IIIC
Yang, Edward CedricS,C
Yankee, HelenC
Yankovich, Joseph AndrewC
Yansey, Marshall PC died Y
Yanson, RogerC
Yarber, Eugene JohnC
Yarber, MaeC
Yarber, Willie MaeC,P born 1898 died 1975
Yarborough, FaithC,C,P
Yarborough, FayC
Yarborough, JoanC
Yarborough, Julia StoneC born Abt 1882
Yarborough, Lila VirginiaC
Yarborough, MaryC,P,P,P,P
Yarborough, Mary JC
Yarborough, Minerva AnnC,P,P,P born 1825, NC died Y
Yarborough, Minnie NevaP born Abt 1875
Yarborough, N. SirP
Yarborough, Odis M.S,C
Yarborough, RebaC
Yarbourgh, AdelaideC died Y
Yarbourgh, AliceC born <, , NC> died Y
Yarbourgh, EmilyC died Y
Yarbourgh, EuphremiaC born 1820, <, , NC> died 1898
Yarbourgh, HerbertS,S,C
Yarbourgh, JimmieS,C died Y
Yarbourgh, MillieS,C died Y
Yarbourgh, Samuel H.C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P died Y
Yarbourgh, WilliamS,C died Y
Yarbourgh, YowellS,C died Y
Yarbrough, Irwin E.C
Yarbrough, Jack HendersonS,C,P born 10 Oct 1905, Atlanta, GA died 4 Jun 1937, Savannah, GA
Yarbrough, JohnC born 9 Jul 1848
Yarbrough, JohnC
Yarbrough, JohnC
Yarbrough, MariahC
Yarbrough, MarthaS,C born 1850
Yarbrough, Peggy LouiseC
Yarbrough, ReubenC born 1805, GA died 1866, AL
Yarbrough, Robert PotterC
Yarbrough, SallyP
Yarbrough, SamuelC,P
Yarburgh, CharlesC,P,P died 1788
Yarburgh, James Lieut Col GuardC,P died 1728
Yarburgh, SarahC,P,P died 21 Oct 1785
Yarde, Arthur LeroyC,P,P,P born 27 Jun 1918, Keyser Township, Dekalb County, Indiana(Or June 6, 1918) died 29 Aug 1996, Foote Hospital, Jackson, Michigan bur. Farmer
Yarde, CaroleC chr. 11 Feb 1997, Auburn, Indiana died After 11 Feb 1997
Yarde, Claude DavidC,P,P,P,P born 23 Jan 1898 chr. Garett, Indiana died Jun 1974
Yarde, ConnieC,P chr. 11 Feb 1997, Urbana, Illinois? died After 11 Feb 1997
Yarde, Dau.S,C
Yarde, DorisC chr. Garett, Indiana died After Jun 1998
Yarde, Elsie ReginaC
Yarde, FrankC,P,P,P,P,P born 1861 died 1922, Died After Falling From Barn bur. Farmer
Yarde, HenryC,P,P,P
Yarde, Ida M.S,C,P,P,P,P,P born 1901, Twin died 1961
Yarde, Jay O.C born 1892 died 1920
Yarde, Jay RaymondC,P,P born 6 Jun 1924, Keyser Township, Dekalb County, Indiana chr. Avilla, Mich. died 11 Feb 1997, Rehabilitation Hospital, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana bur. Construction Supervisor;Farmer, Jackson Township
Yarde, JohnS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 31 Oct 1901, Twin chr. Garrett, Indiana;Came From England died 13 Aug 1995 bur. Farmer-Lived On Home Place-Farm Of Frank & Alice
Yarde, Mary June (June)C born 25 Jun 1928 died Abt Jul 1999, Dekalb Memorial Hospital, Garrett, Dekalb County, Indiana bur. Stenographer At Medical Protective, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana- 24 Years
Yarde, NancyC chr. Ft. Wayne, Indiana died After Jun 1998
Yarde, NellieC,P
Yarde, NettieS,C
Yarde, Robert Dale (Dale)C chr. Garett, Indiana died After Jun 1998
Yarde, Roy LongshoreC,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 16 Oct 1896 chr. Garrett, Indiana died 1973, Whitley County Hospital, Columbia City, Indiana bur. Kept House At Eagles Lodge In Garrett, Indiana
Yarde, Viola Thelma (Goldie)C,P,P,P born 15 Jul 1922 chr. Kendallville, Indiana died After 11 Feb 1997
Yarde, AliceC chr. Garett, Indiana died After Jun 1998
Yarde, IdaC,P,P,P
Yarde, Lydia A.S,C,P,P,P,P,P,P
Yarde-Buller, Joan Hon.C
Yarde-Buller, JohnC,P born 1873 died 1930
Yarde-Buller, Louisa MaudS,S,C
Yarger, David LawrenceS,C
Yarn, Bessie OpheliaC,P,P,P born 5 Feb 1890, Winterville, Madison Co., GA died 2 Nov 1973, Augusta, GA bur. 4 Nov 1973, Hillcrest Cemetery, Augusta, GA
Yarnall, Lola JS,C born 1901 died 1922
Yarnall, MaryS,C
Yarnall, WilliamC,P born 25 Aug 1867 died 23 Feb 1944
Yarnell, Anita JuneC
Yarnell, AsenathS,S,S,C,P,P born 1752
Yarnell, EliC
Yarnell, MarthaC,P,P born Abt 1872, California
Yarnell, Ray G.C,P,P,P,P,P died 22 Oct 1988, Fayette, Greene County, Illinois
Yarner, JaneP,P
Yarobough, ClarenceC
Yaroslav, Duke Of GalichS,C
Yaroslav, Duke Vladimir VolynskC
Yaroslavich, Daniil Prince VladimirS,C born Abt 1226, Of, Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia died Bef 1256
Yaroslavich, Fedor Duke VladimirS,C born 1219, Of, Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia died 5 Jun 1233
Yaroslavich, Igor Volynsk/SmolenskS,C born Abt 1036, Of Vladimir, Volynskij, Volyn, Ukraine died 1059, Of Vladimir, Volynskij, Volyn, Ukraine
Yaroslavich, Konstantin Duke GalichS,C born Abt 1230, Of, Novgorod, Novgorod, Russia died Mar 1254-1255
Yaroslavich, Vladimir Galich (Duke )S,C,C,P,P born 1151, Of, Galich, Stanislav, Ukraine died Abt 1199
Yaroslavich, Vyacheslav Duke Of SmolenskS,C born Between 1034 and 1036, Of Smolensk, Smolensk, Russia died 1056
Yaroslavna, Anastasia Agmunda Of Kiev (Princess )S,C,C,P,P,P,P born Abt 1023, Kiev, Ukraine died After 1074
Yaroslavna, Anastasiya Agmunda Princess Of KievS,C born Abt 1035, Of Kiev, Ukraine died After 1074
Yaroslavna, Anna Agnesa Of France (Queen )S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1024, Of Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine died Bef 1044, France bur. Villiers Abbey, La-Ferte-Alais, Essonne, France

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