This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

(none), 'abd Al-Jabbar - Abee, Ronald
Abee, Ronald - Alexander, Rebecca Kay
Alexander, Rebecca Kay - Arrington, Phillip
Arrington, Phillip - Ball, James Barry
Ball, James Barry - Beach, Almira Elizabeth
Beach, Almira Elizabeth - Bellew, Guendaline Ada
Bellew, Guendaline Ada - Blevins, Alfred
Blevins, Alfred - Bowman, Bonnie L.
Bowman, Bonnie L. - Brock, John Erwin
Brock, John Erwin - Bulkely, Henry
Bulkely, Henry - Calkins, Hannah
Calkins, Hannah - Case, Mary
Case, Mary - Chelardston, Johannes
Chelardston, Johannes - Clifton, James Nolan
Clifton, James Nolan - Coombs, III Anthony
Coombs, III Anthony - Cranford, Gregory
Cranford, Gregory - Dalton, Eunice
Dalton, Eunice - De Nyse, Hilligond
De Nyse, Hilligond - Dodd, Gladys
Dodd, Gladys - Dunn, Sarah Edith
Dunn, Sarah Edith - Ellis, Dennis
Ellis, Dennis - Ewing, Jane B
Ewing, Jane B - Fitzpatrick, Mary Margaret
Fitzpatrick, Mary Margaret - Freeman, Sarah "Sally"
Freeman, Sarah "Sally" - Garrett, Judith Rae
Garrett, Judith Rae - Gilstrap, Morris Faben
Gilstrap, Morris Faben - Gravlee, William Hardy
Gravlee, William Hardy - Hackett, Lucy P
Hackett, Lucy P - Hargis, Vickie Lynn
Hargis, Vickie Lynn - Hawkins, David Lanier
Hawkins, David Lanier - Herron, Larry Clifton
Herron, Larry Clifton - Holbrook, Harriet Eliza
Holbrook, Harriet Eliza - Howard, Ardeth
Howard, Ardeth - Hurren, Isaac
Hurren, Isaac - Johnson, Brittany Susanne
Johnson, Brittany Susanne - Kay, John Wyatt
Kay, John Wyatt - King, Robert William
King, Robert William - Langford, Luada
Langford, Luada - Lesley, George W
Lesley, George W - Looper, Brenda Joyce
Looper, Brenda Joyce - Maddux, Randy H.
Maddux, Randy H. - Massengale, Carroll Lee
Massengale, Carroll Lee - McClure, Child
McClure, Child - McMullen
McMullen - Miller, Robert
Miller, Robert - Moree, Jr Jimmy
Moree, Jr Jimmy - Nairn, Jr Theodore Martin
Nairn, Jr Theodore Martin - Norris, Walter
Norris, Walter - Packer, James
Packer, James - Peifer, Mary Elizabeth
Peifer, Mary Elizabeth - Piper, Brian Gregory
Piper, Brian Gregory - Price, Homer H.
Price, Homer H. - Rea, Ruth
Rea, Ruth - Ridley, Charlotte
Ridley, Charlotte - Rogers, Sarah
Rogers, Sarah - Rousey, Kate
Rousey, Kate - Schmidt, Laurin J.
Schmidt, Laurin J. - Sherrill, William
Sherrill, William - Smith, Ada I
Smith, Ada I - Snook, Peter Gillian
Snook, Peter Gillian - Stanhope, James
Stanhope, James - Storrs, Martha
Storrs, Martha - Swayngham, William Paul
Swayngham, William Paul - Thomas, Allen
Thomas, Allen - Townsend, Zaccheus
Townsend, Zaccheus - Van Valkenburg, Clare Edwin
Van Valkenburg, Clare Edwin - Vosburgh, Jacob
Vosburgh, Jacob - Waters, David Leorin
Waters, David Leorin - Wheelock, Ruth
Wheelock, Ruth - Campbell, Lassie
Campbell, Lassie - Wood, Ada E.
Wood, Ada E. - Zysko, Michael James

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