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e-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

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This website updated on June 8, 2016.

Spurgin, Robina - Spurgin Spurgeon, Mary E. C. (Or Caroline)
Spurgin Spurgeon, Mary E. C. (Or Caroline) - Squire, Francis
Squire, Francis - Sr., Nathaniel Starbuck
Sr., Nathaniel Starbuck - St John, Elizabeth
St John, Elizabeth - St. Clair, George
St. Clair, George - St. Clair, William
St. Clair, William - St. Lawrance, Richard
St. Lawrance, Richard - Staats, Peter
Staats, Peter - Stacpoole, Mary
Stacpoole, Mary - Stafford, Don
Stafford, Don - Stafford, Louella
Stafford, Louella - Staggs, Minnie Adeline
Staggs, Minnie Adeline - Stalcil, Gail
Stalcil, Gail - Stalker, Margaret
Stalker, Margaret - Stalvey, Deanna Michelle
Stalvey, Deanna Michelle - Stamps, Judy Ann
Stamps, Judy Ann - Standage, Eda Elizabeth
Standage, Eda Elizabeth - Standish, Hugh
Standish, Hugh - Standish, William Standish
Standish, William Standish - Standridge, Willie Faye
Standridge, Willie Faye - Stanford, Moses "Rev-Sold"
Stanford, Moses "Rev-Sold" - Stanhope, Sir Michael
Stanhope, Sir Michael - Stanley, 5th Bt. Edward
Stanley, 5th Bt. Edward - Stanley, John
Stanley, John - Stanley, Nathaniel
Stanley, Nathaniel - Stanley, Thomas C.
Stanley, Thomas C. - Stansell, Calvin Hamilton "Pick"
Stansell, Calvin Hamilton "Pick" - Stansell, Geraldine
Stansell, Geraldine - Stansell, Karl Edward
Stansell, Karl Edward - Stansell, Pearl
Stansell, Pearl - Stanselll, Lucille
Stanselll, Lucille - Stanyarne, Frances
Stanyarne, Frances - Stapleton, Bryan
Stapleton, Bryan - Starbuck, Gertrude N.
Starbuck, Gertrude N. - Stark, Patrica
Stark, Patrica - Starkey, James Robert (Jim)
Starkey, James Robert (Jim) - Starks, James Louis
Starks, James Louis - Starns, Allie Mae Wicker
Starns, Allie Mae Wicker - Starr, Nancy Ann
Starr, Nancy Ann - Staton, Jerry
Staton, Jerry - Staverton, William
Staverton, William - Stearns, Frank E
Stearns, Frank E - Stebbins, Edward
Stebbins, Edward - Steed, Mary L
Steed, Mary L - Steele, Edwin
Steele, Edwin - Steele, Margaret
Steele, Margaret - Steen, Carol
Steen, Carol - Stegall, Benjamin Tillman
Stegall, Benjamin Tillman - Stegall, Fay
Stegall, Fay - Stegall, Linda
Stegall, Linda - Stegall, Ray Arnold
Stegall, Ray Arnold - Stegall, Wallace Bryson
Stegall, Wallace Bryson - Steinbacher, Mary Catherine
Steinbacher, Mary Catherine - Steinman, Mary Elizabeth
Steinman, Mary Elizabeth - Steph, Mary Pauline
Steph, Mary Pauline - Stephens, Arie Era
Stephens, Arie Era - Stephens, Christopher
Stephens, Christopher - Stephens, Earl Olin
Stephens, Earl Olin - Stephens, Freddie
Stephens, Freddie - Stephens, J Leonard
Stephens, J Leonard - Stephens, Jr John Benson
Stephens, Jr John Benson - Stephens, Leanna Marie
Stephens, Leanna Marie - Stephens, Martha
Stephens, Martha - Stephens, Milley J.
Stephens, Milley J. - Stephens, Ray
Stephens, Ray - Stephens, Sarah Ann
Stephens, Sarah Ann - Stephens, W.L.
Stephens, W.L. - Stephenson, Cyrus
Stephenson, Cyrus - Stephenson, Nancy Diane
Stephenson, Nancy Diane - Sterling
Sterling - Steuart, Sir Bart Henry
Steuart, Sir Bart Henry - Stevens, George W
Stevens, George W - Stevens, Margie
Stevens, Margie - Stevens, William G.
Stevens, William G. - Stevenson, Kari Barbara
Stevenson, Kari Barbara - Stevison, Grant Allen
Stevison, Grant Allen - Stewart, Albert Jesse
Stewart, Albert Jesse - Stewart, Ary Emilissa
Stewart, Ary Emilissa - Stewart, Catherine Laphenia
Stewart, Catherine Laphenia - Stewart, Dale A
Stewart, Dale A - Stewart, Edith
Stewart, Edith - Stewart, Ernestine
Stewart, Ernestine - Stewart, George W.
Stewart, George W. - Stewart, J Henry (Shorty)
Stewart, J Henry (Shorty) - Stewart, James Michael
Stewart, James Michael - Stewart, Joe
Stewart, Joe - Stewart, Joseph
Stewart, Joseph - Stewart, Leslie Michelle
Stewart, Leslie Michelle - Stewart, Margaret
Stewart, Margaret - Stewart, Mary Elizabeth
Stewart, Mary Elizabeth - Stewart, Nancy
Stewart, Nancy - Stewart, R. V.
Stewart, R. V. - Stewart, Robin
Stewart, Robin - Stewart, Stacy C
Stewart, Stacy C - Stewart, Viola Mae
Stewart, Viola Mae - Stewart, Willie A
Stewart, Willie A - Stickley, Emily Ann
Stickley, Emily Ann - Stiham, Daniel
Stiham, Daniel - Stiles, Randal Eugene
Stiles, Randal Eugene - Stillwell, Amy

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