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Welcome to e-familytree.net - the genealogy of 700,000 people connected to European Royalty!

I'm Rob Salzman of 8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133 Beaverton, OR, 97008 USA.

E-familytree.net is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been shared with me.

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at e-familytree dot net.
This website updated on May 24th, 2013.

Sisson, Joseph - Sitton, Doris Lanelle
Sitton, Doris Lanelle - Sitton, Samuel Monroe
Sitton, Samuel Monroe - Sixby, Lucy
Sixby, Lucy - Skaggs, Lucretia
Skaggs, Lucretia - Skeer, Henrietta
Skeer, Henrietta - Skeers, Jennifer Nicole
Skeers, Jennifer Nicole - Skelton, Bessie Lucia
Skelton, Bessie Lucia - Skelton, James Madison "Mat"
Skelton, James Madison "Mat" - Skelton, Samuel Oscar
Skelton, Samuel Oscar - Skidmore, Laura Ellen
Skidmore, Laura Ellen - Skinner, Frances
Skinner, Frances - Skinner, Sarah Pearl
Skinner, Sarah Pearl - Skoptisson, Thord
Skoptisson, Thord - Slagle, Emily
Slagle, Emily - Slater, Henry
Slater, Henry - Slaughter, Charlie W.
Slaughter, Charlie W. - Slawson
Slawson - Slingsby, Marmaduke
Slingsby, Marmaduke - Sloan, Bertie Christeen
Sloan, Bertie Christeen - Sloan, Furman Paul
Sloan, Furman Paul - Sloan, John T
Sloan, John T - Sloan, Patricia (Patsy) Mylene
Sloan, Patricia (Patsy) Mylene - Sloan, William J
Sloan, William J - Sluder, Jason Bradley
Sluder, Jason Bradley - Small, Zachariah
Small, Zachariah - Smarr, Rachel
Smarr, Rachel - Smedley, Joann
Smedley, Joann - Smillie, Catherine
Smillie, Catherine - Smith, ---
Smith, --- - Smith, Adam Wesley
Smith, Adam Wesley - Smith, Alice
Smith, Alice - Smith, Amanda Ellen
Smith, Amanda Ellen - Smith, Ann
Smith, Ann - Smith, Annie Naomi
Smith, Annie Naomi - Smith, Augustine Prestwood
Smith, Augustine Prestwood - Smith, Jr Ben Perry
Smith, Jr Ben Perry - Smith, Bessie Melvina
Smith, Bessie Melvina - Smith, Bobby Jean
Smith, Bobby Jean - Smith, Burean
Smith, Burean - Smith, Carolyn Joyce
Smith, Carolyn Joyce - Smith, Charles
Smith, Charles - Smith, Charles Wilton
Smith, Charles Wilton - Smith, Cindy Marie
Smith, Cindy Marie - Smith, Clyde Nicholson
Smith, Clyde Nicholson - Smith, Dale Eugene
Smith, Dale Eugene - Smith, David Brent
Smith, David Brent - Smith, Della V.
Smith, Della V. - Smith, Donnie Alvin
Smith, Donnie Alvin - Smith, Drayton Manacar
Smith, Drayton Manacar - Smith, Edna
Smith, Edna - Smith, Elijah
Smith, Elijah - Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Elizabeth - Smith, Elizabeth Maryanne
Smith, Elizabeth Maryanne - Smith, Emma
Smith, Emma - Smith, Ethel
Smith, Ethel - Smith, Sr. Ezekiel
Smith, Sr. Ezekiel - Smith, Frances
Smith, Frances - Smith, Frank Watson
Smith, Frank Watson - Smith, George
Smith, George - Smith, Georgia Pauline
Smith, Georgia Pauline - Smith, Grady Elbert
Smith, Grady Elbert - Smith, Hannah Kristen
Smith, Hannah Kristen - Smith, Hattie Lee
Smith, Hattie Lee - Smith, Henry Clifton
Smith, Henry Clifton - Smith, Howard J.
Smith, Howard J. - Smith, Isaac Henry
Smith, Isaac Henry - Smith, Jackson Tilton
Smith, Jackson Tilton - Smith, James Benson
Smith, James Benson - Smith, James M.
Smith, James M. - Smith, Jane
Smith, Jane - Smith, Jenna
Smith, Jenna - Smith, Jimmy
Smith, Jimmy - Smith, III John
Smith, III John - Smith, John
Smith, John - Smith, John K.
Smith, John K. - Smith, Johnny Mack
Smith, Johnny Mack - Smith, Joseph Frederick
Smith, Joseph Frederick - Smith, Judy Elizabeth
Smith, Judy Elizabeth - Smith, Kathleen Ann
Smith, Kathleen Ann - Smith, Kimberly
Smith, Kimberly - Smith, Laurie Jean
Smith, Laurie Jean - Smith, Levi C.
Smith, Levi C. - Smith, Lloyd Webster
Smith, Lloyd Webster - Smith, Lucas Nathan
Smith, Lucas Nathan - Smith, Lydia Jane
Smith, Lydia Jane - Smith, Marcus Astor
Smith, Marcus Astor - Smith, Marian
Smith, Marian - Smith, Martha
Smith, Martha - Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary - Smith, Mary
Smith, Mary - Smith, Mary Elizabeth
Smith, Mary Elizabeth - Sullins, Mary Missouri (Polly)
Sullins, Mary Missouri (Polly) - Smith, Medie Bee
Smith, Medie Bee - Smith, Mickey Ann
Smith, Mickey Ann - Smith, Moses
Smith, Moses - Smith, Nancy Caroline
Smith, Nancy Caroline - Smith, Nettie
Smith, Nettie - Smith, Olivia
Smith, Olivia - Smith, Paul Gantt
Smith, Paul Gantt - Smith, Phillipa

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