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Family Sheet

Name: Tsar Alexandrovich Romanov Of Russia Note Born: 10 Mar 1845 at St Petersburg, , St Petersburg, Russia Married: 1866 at , St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg, Russia Died: 1 Nov 1894 at Livadia, Crimea, Near Yalta, Russia Father: Tsar Aleksandr Iv (ii) Nicholoevich Romanov Of Russia Mother: Czarine Mariya Maximiliane Wilhelmine Hesse Darmstadt Of Russia
Name: Tsarina Dagmar Note Born: 26 Nov 1847 at Gule Palae, Kobenhavn, Kobenhaven, Denmark Died: 13 Oct 1928 at Copenhagen, , Copenhagen, Denmark Father: Christian Ix Denmark King Of Denmark Mother: Louise Of Hesse-cassel Luise Princess
Name: Olga Grand Duchess Russia Born: at Petrodvorets, , St Petersburg, Russia Died: Dec 1960 at Toronto, , York, Ontario Husband: Nikolaj Aleksandrovich Kulikovskij
Name: Nicholas Ii Alexandrovich Romanov Tsar Of Russia Born: 18 May 1868 at Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinaburg, , Ekaterinaburg, Russia Wife: Mary Mathilde Feliksovna Krszesinks
Name: Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov Born: 1869 Died: 1870
Name: George Alexandrovich Romanov Grand Duke Russia Born: 1871 Died: Jul 1899 at Abbas Tuman, , Caucasus, Russia
Name: Kseniya Grand Duchess Russia Grand Duchess Of Russia Born: 25 Mar 1875 at St Petersburg, , St Petersburg, Russia Died: 20 Apr 1960 at Wilderness House, Hampton Court, London, England Husband: Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov Grand Duke
Name: Grand Duchess Xenia Romanov Of Russia Born: 1875 Died: 20 Apr 1960 at City Of London, , London, England Husband: Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov Grand Duke
Name: Michael "mischa" Alexandrovich Romanov Russia Born: 1878 at St Petersburg, , St Petersburg, Russia Died: 10 Jul 1918 at Perm, , Molotov, Russia Wife: Nataliya Sergeevna Countess Brassov Sheremeteva
Name: Mikhail Alexandrovitch Romanov Born: 22 Nov 1878 at St. Petersburg, , St. Petersburg, Russia Died: 10 Jul 1918 at Perm, , Molotov, Russia
Name: Olga Alexandrovna Romanov Grand Duchess Born: 1 Jun 1882 Died: 24 Nov 1960 at East Toronto, , Ontario, Canada Husband: Peter Of Oldenburg Oldenburg Prince
1). royalty.ged NAME Aleksandr III Czar of Russia. MARR DATE 28 OCT 9 NOV 1866 Aleksandr VI III Aleksandrovich 1881 1894 . His rule was devoted entirely to a policy of reaction, which was successful in pushing under the surface the social discontent which was to deal harshly with his son. This policy was supplemented by persecution of national and religious minorities and enforced Russification in the borderlands. Under the vigorous and enlightened Sergei Witte, the industrialization of Russia was belatedly undertaken. 82. The Augustan, Vol XIV, No.s 5 & 6. Emperor of Russia Reign 1881 1894 Alexander II acceded to the throne upon the assassination of his father, Alexander II in 1881. Alexander III s 13 year reign was characterized by police repression, industrial expansion, and a shift in foreign policy away from alliance eith Germany to entente with France. He was 6 4 tall. Alexander III was a giant of a man, and proud of his physical strenth. He could tear a pack of card in half, bend an iron poler over his knees and crush a silver rouble with his bare hands. His eyes were expressionless and he moved in a peculiarly ungainly way. Almost every drop of blood in his veins was German, but he had the stubborn, enigmatic look of a Russian peasant. He died at 2 30 PM of a kidney ailment, diagnosed as nephritis by his doctor. In reaction to the assassination of his father, he restored much of the absolutism of the reign of Nicholas I and sternly6 repressed all revolutionary agitation. Alexander tried to impose the Russian language on all of his subjects, persecuted the Jews, and restricted education. His foreign policy was marked by a close union with France in opposition to the Triple Alliance.
2).  royalty.ged  Dagmar of Denmark  aka Dowager Empress Maria Alexandrovna  Consort of Alexander III.  In April 1919, as the Red Army approached the Crimea, the seventy two year old Empress left on board a British Battleship, H.M.S. Marlborough.  She rejected the fact that her son, Nicholas II and his family was murdered in Ekaterinburg.  She received a pension of $48,000 a year from King George V of England  her nephew  after humiliation by her nephew, King Christian who subjected her to numerous petty financial humiliations.  In Russia known as Marie Feodorovna.


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