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Family Sheet

Name: Nicholas Ii Alexandrovich Romanov Tsar Of Russia Note Born: 18 May 1868 at Tsarskoye Selo, Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia Married: 26 Nov 1894 at Winter Palace, Leningrad, Leningrad, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinaburg, , Ekaterinaburg, Russia Other Spouses: Mary Mathilde Feliksovna Krszesinks
Father: Tsar Alexandrovich Romanov Of Russia Mother: Tsarina Dagmar
Name: Alexandra Fedorovna "alix" Helena Tsarina Note Born: 6 Jun 1872 at Darmstadt, , , Germany Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Sverdlovsk, , Sverdlov, Russia Father: Friedrich Ludwig Grand Duke Of Hesse Mother: Princess Alice Maud Mary Wettin Of England
Name: Olga Nicholovna Romanov Grand Duchess Of Russia Born: 3 Nov 1895 at Alexander Palace, Tsarskoe Selo, Pushkin, Leningrad, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Tatyana Nicholovna Romanov Grand Duchess Russia Born: 29 Jun 1897 at Petrodvorets, , Leningrad, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Tatiana Nicholovna Romanov Grand Duchess Born: Jun 1897 at Peterhof Palace, , Petrodvorets, Russia Died: 18 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Maria Nicholovna Romanov Grand Duchess Born: May 1899 Died: 18 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Mariya Nicholovna Romanov Grand Duchess Russia Born: 14 Jun 1899 at Petrodvorets, , St Petersburg, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Anastasia Nicholovna Romanov Grand Russia Born: Jun 1901 Died: 18 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
Name: Aleksej Nicolaievich Romanov Grand Duke Of Russia Born: 12 Aug 1904 at Petrodvorets, , St Petersburg, Russia Died: 16 Jul 1918 at Ekaterinburg, , , Russia
1). royalty.ged NAME Nikolai II Czar of Russia. BIRT DATE 6 OR 18 MAY 1868 MARR DATE 14 OR 26 NOV 1894 Nikolai II Aleksandrovich the Educator 1894 1917 . A more unfortunate heir for a troubled throne can scarcely be imagined. Although determined to be autocrat, Nikolai was far more devoted to his family than to his throne. The best analysis of Nikolai IIis that of Leon Trotsky in his history of the Ruccian Revolution. Just as a side note, the reader should avoid like the plague the maudlin, inaccurate, and unscholarly Nicholas and Alexandra. Nikolai was handed a number of opportunities to save his realm, and he muffed every one of them. The high point of his reign was another attempt to pick on a weaker neighbor Japan, but he scheme backfired again and again, at Port Arthur, and Mukden, and of course at Tsushima. The consequent revolt of 1905 1906almost toppled the dynasty, but the cynical October Manifesto and the continued loyalty of a few key military units saved the Romanovs. Little, however, was done thereafter to deal with the country s incredible internal problems, so that in 1914 Russia was no more well prepared for war than in 1904. Unwisely roping herself to the aggressive ambitions of France, Russia was inveigled into World War I and was promptly trounced by Germany. Early in 1917, the defeated and discredited autocracy was faced with a spontaneous and wide spread revolt against its authority. This revolt quickly found capable leadership and in four days destroyed the Tsarist regime. Nikolai abdicated in favor of hisbrother on 15 March 1917. He is presumed to have been murdered, along with his entire family, on 6f July 1918. There is some fairly impressive, but by no means conclusive, evidence that the Imperial Family actually escaped, but in any event they disappear from history as completely as if they had been killed. 83. The Augustan, Vol XIV, No.s 5 & 6. Tsar of all the Russias Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, Tsar of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir, etc., Etc. Forced to abdicate in March 1917 and held captive by the Bolsheviks. Nicky was 5 7 tall. Coronation held in the Uspensky Cathedral inside thewalls of Moscow s ancient fortress, the Kremlin, on May 26, 1896. Birth date was May 6 according to the old Russian Calendar . The Romanovs were shot by Bolshevik soldiers in Ekaterinburg now Sverdlovsk . Various versions of the event are told. Although Nicholas s English, Franch and German were excellent, he preferred to speak Russian. He spoke Russian to his children and wrote in Russian to his mother. Only to the Empress Alexander, whose Russian was awkward, did he speak and write in English.the Russian city of Sverdlovsk Ekaterinburg was the place that the U 2 pilot, Francis Gary Powers was shot down in May, 1960. Nicholas, a slavophile, preferred the term, Tsar, over Emperor which is a far higher title.
2).  royalty.ged  NAME Aleksandra  Alix Helena Viktoria Luise Beatrix , Czarine Of  RUSSIA  Tsarina of Russia.  aka Empress  Alicky  Alix of Hesse Darmstadt  Princess of Hesse Darmstadt  Alix Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice, Princess of Hesse Darmstadt  Named Alix after her mother, Princess Alice of England, the third of Queen Victoria  s nine children.  Her mother called her,  Sunny .  Alix is the closest Germanic pronunciation of Alice.  Alexandra had red gold hair.  The Empress and her powerful influence on her husband may have contributed to the downfall of Imperial Russia.  She seldom smiled, was deeply religious and turned to a Siberian peasant monk, Gregory Rasputin  later murdered  for spiritual consultation, primarily because of the hopelessness of her son Alexis   hemophilia.  Her Russian was not very good.  She was hated by the RussianNobility and the people of Russia  who considered her too Germanic .   Then known as Ekaterinburg, Russia.  Shot to death by Bolsheviks.


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