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Family Sheet

Name: Aaron Pierce Feagin Note Born: 1 Jan 1853 at Conecuh County, , , AL Married: 14 Dec 1871 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: 4 Jul 1920 at Polk County, , , Texas Father: Aaron Feagin Mother: Sarah Ann Merrill
Name: Mary Elizabeth Rodgers Born: 5 Dec 1853 at Montgomery County, , , AL Died: 12 Oct 1937 at Polk County, , , Texas
Name: Aurie Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Bertie Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Ellie Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Luther W. Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Martin M. Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Rodger Feagin Born: Died:
Name: Arrie Estelle Feagin Born: 4 Feb 1877 at Hortense, , Polk County, Texas Died: 5 May 1965 at Polk County, , , Texas Husband: B. W. Allbritton
Name: Luther Wesley Feagin Born: 29 Jan 1879 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: Wife: Sadie Slaughter
Name: Martin Marion Feagin Born: Bef 1880 at TX, , , Died: Wife: Mary Josephine Sayers
Name: Ernest P. Feagin Born: 22 Jan 1881 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: 28 Sep 1889 at Polk County, , , Texas
Name: Roger Mills Feagin Born: 10 Apr 1883 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: 22 Mar 1961 at Polk County, , , Texas Wife: Emmaline Fenley
Name: Bertie Eunice Feagin Born: 13 Dec 1886 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: 21 Sep 1938 at Polk County, , , Texas Husband: Archibald Edward Percy
Name: Mary Ettie Feagin Born: 20 May 1888 at Lufkin, , , Texas Died: 20 Oct 1952 at TX, , , Husband: Clarence White Falvey
Name: Martha Alma Feagin Born: 8 Aug 1890 at Polk County, , , Texas Died: 16 Jun 1892 at Polk County, , , Texas
1). Aaron Pierce Feagin Family Bible A. P. Aaron Pierce Feagin was bor in Conecuh Co., A L . M a r y E. Rogers Feagin born in Montgomery Co., AL. A. P. Feagin was born in the year of our Lord, Jan. 1, 1854 Mary E. Feagin was born in the year of our Lord, De c . 5 , 1 8 53. Martin Marion Feagin was born March 26, 1874 at Trin i t y , T X. Arrie Estelle Feagin was born in the year of our Lor d , F e b . 4, 1877. at Hortense, Polk Co., TX Luther Wesley Feagin was born Jan. 29, 1879 Polk Co., TX Ernest P. Feagin was born Jan. 22, A.D. 1881 Polk Co., TX Roger Mills Feagin was born April 10 A.D. 1883 Pol k C o . , T X Bertie Eunice Feagin was born Dec. 13, 1886 Polk Co., TX Mary Ettie Feagin was born in the year of our Lor d M a y 2 0 , 1888 Lufkin, Angelina Co., TX Martha Alma Feagin was born Aug. 8, 1890 Lufkin, Ang e l i n a Co., TX Marriages Daughter, Arrie Estelle and B.W. Allbritton was mar r i e d i n the year of our Lord, July 2, 1893 Martin M. Feagin and Mary Josephine Sayers, Sept. 8, 1897 Bertie Eunice Feagin and Arcibald Edward Percy, 1906 Mary Ettie Feagin and Clarence White Falvey, 1908 Luther W. Feagin and Sadie Slaughter, 1914 Roger M. Feagin and Emmaline Fenley, 1918 Deaths Aaron Feagin died in the year ofour Lord Sept. 1, 1863 Sarah Ann Merrill Feagin died in the year of our Lord , M a r c h 10, 1869 Ernest P. Feagin died Sept. 28, 1889 Martha Alma Feagin died June 16, 1892 A. P. Feagin died July 4, 1920 Mary E. Feagin died Oct. 12, 1937 Bertie Feagin Percy died Sept. 21, 1938 Mary Ettie Feagin Falvey died Oct.20, 1952 Luther W. Feagin died March 24, 1960 Roger Mills Feagin died March 22, 1961 Arrie Estelle Feagin Allbritton died May 5, 1965 End of Bible Notes If this is connected to your Family Contact Clarence Porter at to exchange information Return to Pam Smith s Index Page !BIRTH Family Group Sheet, Clarence F. Porter T., onl y m y friends and family call me T . 1321 7 Bly the Street Houston, Texas 77015 5019 713 450 2999


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